Cutting the bullshit out

     A friend of a good friend recently shared her vision of commitment with the following statement: “the committed should be committed.” Indeed and as a matter of fact, we all have got to take care of our individual life. We’ve got to know long term who we really want as a life companion, lover, best friend, soul and house mate… And finally we’ve got to know how we want to be treated, we’ve to have the control of our own life to then find and/or keep around that special person we care about and that in our opinion just fit in a box regardless of what the others say.

         It took me ages to realise what was wrong but one thing is sure, nobody needs to be 100% attached to someone else to be happy. It’s masochism to suffering or causing pain by this insane idea of happiness is a 24/7 love-attention-care. It’s seriously wrong! So once again I’m enjoying and loving myself at first and this is not a sign of selfishness. It’s a strong sign of self-improvement and maturity instead. Above of all I guess it is me backing to my old-self.  Amen!

      Right now I risk to say I find myself into some kind of “healthy devotion relationship” instead of a “needy sticky one”.  Yes I’m still in a relationship, the same one I’ve been in since the beginning of 2010. People might be wondering and even asking around if G.N.B. and I had split up. Nice try but NO! WE DID NOT SPLIT UP! We’re still as a couple, being boyfriend and girlfriend, and of course into an exclusive relationship! The only thing that’s changed is the fact that now we are living our lives without being so paranoid or jealous with each other. So yes, we go out with other people still we are faithful to each other. We don’t speak everyday still we keep sharing our news regularly. So for the record we are fine, TOGETHER and looking forward to our future plans to become true.

        And despite the distance and sporadic pain in the ass this long distance relationship is I stand where I say: be committed is one of the best things in the world if we are committed to ourselves in first place because nobody can really love someone who doesn’t love yourself starting from that. So in the end I learnt that it is totally fine to sometimes take a step back, slow down a bit and miss the other person, realise what’s wrong and work to fix it. It allow us to make the best decisions for the future. And to me G.N.B. is still perfectly fitting in a box!

Waiting sometimes is necessary. I kinda miss you.

…though nothing best than dedicate myself to being the person I’ve always wanted to be, before I forget who I was.

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12 Responses to “Cutting the bullshit out”

  1. Bailey Mikell Says:

    I love this. You’re so right. I am in a long distance relationship as well, and I think it really teaches you a lot about yourself. And strengthens your relationship. xoxo

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Hi dear Bailey! Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked my words 🙂 Yeah it teache us A LOT and sometimes in a tough way though. However no matter how hard it’s if we believe so it’s worth the risk and all the pain in the ass. Btw thanks for following me! Stay in touch Xx

  2. itsnotaboutthelabel Says:

    Long Distance Relationships are the hardest.

  3. No real name Says:

    très inspirant, puissant, absolument fantastique. J’aime votre écriture! Natelie

  4. Duncan Bogel Says:


  5. Platero Says:

    I like this internet site so considerably, saved to favorites.

  6. Liza Joshi Says:

    Very well written information. It will be useful to anyone who employess it :). Keep doing what you are doing – can’t wait to read more posts. Liza

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Hi Liza, tks for your lovely comment! Glad it applies for more ppl too. More posts soon! Take care Xx

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