Letters to Myself… | part III

Dear future me,

I must say that in general I’m really proud of you.
I’m proud that you finally got the guts to spit out that lump in your throat and that you’ve cleaned your heart so well.
I’m proud that no matter the situation you find yourself, we always find a way to turning tables.
I’m proud to notice how strong you became.
You’d your heart broken and still you managed to change the both of us for better.
Thank you!
I wonder what we will be feeling in a few months from now…
I hope you are not kinda broken hearted anymore, because I am not!
I hope you have overcome the hurt and your heart is mended.
I hope you are playing around and having fun (lots of fun).
I hope you’ve learned once for all to do not handle out our heart so easily.
I hope you keep enjoying your life as much as I’m doing now.
I hope you stay true, seriously don’t bother about critics. People will end up judging us anyway, so please keep always saying out loud whatever comes to our minds.
I hope you don’t have so much sorrow or regrets.
(I know you’ll not but as usual I want to make sure you don’t forget it).
I want to believe that you have learned to love yourself and to put your wishes and desires in the first place.
By the way I’m glad you are NOT going to stick on with our plans about London, you deserve better of course you do!
I hope that after all you still live in Europe somewhere, but if not, Canada sounds also a great option to you and me and I will support you whatever the place you take us.
Remember LOVE YOURSELF and just enjoy life! You are young, smart and goooorgeous and nothing or nobody can’t stop you from getting what you want or being happy.
I love you!

– See you soon.





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No Responses to “Letters to Myself… | part III”

  1. Kadry Says:

    Love this. Thank you for sharing. I hope you keep writing interesting posts.

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