From yesterday

Being single doesn’t mean being lonely and I guess I couldn’t be happier with the choices I’ve made.
Last night was far above my expectations (literally and figuratively).
This guy I met on a blind date was great, very talkative, open minded, new in town, completely cute, fucking handsome and hyper funny (yes, he made my cheeks hurt as I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing not even for a second).
His green-light-blue eyes wow caught me at first sight! It was indescribable, stronger than butterflies I guess… And it’s interesting because I risk saying that I already feel myself alive once again, which is all I needed.
Yeah, for some unknown reason this guy brought me back a part of my being that I’d thought was dead.
I have only reasons to thank him so far for his patience, for being himself surprising me in such a positive way, for being a gentleman despite his age but mainly for accepting this common agreement of “zero commitment”.
Indeed we just want someone to say things to, someone to kiss and hug and cuddle, someone to mimimi and all that teen stuff you know…
It’s a fresh feeling!
We are young, wild and we just want to have fun.
And to me all this sound like music to my ears… it’s now carnival in my heart.
So in order to enjoy life as much as possible I am going to live life in the fast lane, celebrating every single day till the day we decide to stop seeing each other. It can happens within a week, a month, a year who knows, who cares…
It’s simple, we have no strings attached and this is the beauty of us.

Presenting the guy

on the way back home


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