Letters to Myself… | part IV

Dear future me,

Good luck with dating.
I hope when you have read this you aren’t feeling downtrodden, guilty or lonely anymore just because some asshole mucked things up in your past.
You’re better than that so don’t give a shit for what people’s saying and just carry on distracting yourself.
Do whatever you want to do and with whom you judge worthy of a piece of you!
You know, it might sound rough but I always knew that “monogamy and commitment” wasn’t quite for you…
However I am truly happy to see you taking your chances.
But more than that, I content and proud to see that you leave the past in the past.

– Forgive.
– Forget.
– Move on.

Yeah babe, that’s the way we rule!

the old you



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2 Responses to “Letters to Myself… | part IV”

  1. The Nate Gatsby Says:

    There is definitely some things I wish I could just snap my fingers and forget. Rejection being a big one.

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Well certain things are hard to forget for a lot of reasons my dear…it’s natural but it’s senseless to stick with memories that only hurt us don’t you agree? There’s nothing better than the present. Anyway try to do as I say and live for the moment… Hope you find your own way. Xx

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