Breaking walls

Seems that now she is finally and absolutely ready to start whatever happens!
No more lies or half-stories, no more hide and seek or silly games in her love-life…
She trust him as she fully trust her own self.
And so for this reason she told him things she never told anyone else.
She told him about her fears, insecurities and the very things she was so ashamed of and yet made up who she is.
She revealed to this unique and already so special guy the whole truth as it is and yet his choice, for her astonishment, was to remain; to stick by her side as insanely as it could seems.
So young and so open minded…
Believe me, she couldn’t be happier and in peace with her life as she is. Now she has no walls.
The truth nothing but the truth is all that this guy deserve from her. Because one things is sure, he is far above than anyone else ever did!
So instead of just walk on her surface, she allowed him to go deeper in all meanings.
Awesomely he’s now able to fully take her from what and who she actually is.
He is taking her with her whole crap all in once.
And without any doubt or hesitation he wants her as the same way she wants him:



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