The sound beyond a song

No matter what you go through in your life, there’ s always a song to match perfectly to a situation.
Not seldom a song makes you go back in time and relive in your head those moments over and over again.
It’s amazing how a song can trigger so many things at once… Some brings you back bad experiences waiting to be forgotten, others leaving a blissed smile on your face instead.
I love the song played on the video bellow. I really do, particularly now that it has a special meaning in my life.

And I am not going to deny that since yesterday I’ve this song stuck in my head. It’s stuck right there because it is a lovely song. It’s stuck because to me it was quite impossible to do not instinctively link this song to what I’ve been experimenting with this “wow” guy I am with. It is stuck in my head because this guy has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen!!! It is stuck there because I still have that vivid sensation of melody and lyrics silently filling the space between everything that wasn’t us – and it was indescribably magical in all meanings…
So these days was without a doubt remarkable and important for both of us. It was the longest weekend spent together – the first one of so many others that are to come… I’m so happy to now have a better understanding of the entire situation I am in. I love the way we communicate to each other. Also I’m totally comfortable and satisfied with life in general and so with the rest of the world. Because I know that every time this guy look and smile at me he does that from his heart to the girl I am, not to the one that everyone else sees. Every time he took me by my hands or whenever he say “hey honey” he truly save me from madness perhaps without even fully realise the good he does to me.
Now it’s all far bigger than simply find and being found and I only have reason to thank.


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5 Responses to “The sound beyond a song”

  1. bornattwentyfive Says:

    Feeling that way about someone is a truly beautiful thing. Good luck!

  2. Austin Ocejo Says:

    hey, i enjoyed your blog. keep up the fantastic work!

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