Things I’ve been doing lately:

-thinking about sex
-cutting (DSH)
-eating a lot
-then not eating at all
-abusing alcohol
-spending crazy hours on skype / online
-going back and forth
-not sleeping enough
-then forcing myself to sleep alot
-being at hospitals
-hanging out with strangers
-avoiding friends
-going to karaokes and weird parties
-postponing important meetings
-being a catastrophe in real life
-disappointing people and get disappointed
-being happy
-being extremely sad
-missing the old times
-being self-suficient
-being cruel and kind at the same time
-reading more books
-falling asleep while watching movies
-watching to a bunch of different Tv Shows
-downloading stuff
-playing video game
-enjoying porn
-baking and cooking
-spending crazy hours at the gym
-then avoiding to go to the gym
-smoking pot
-listening to music
-posting on Tumblr
-skiping terapy sessions
-telling always the truth (even if it hurts)
-taking pictures
-spending nights out
-gaining weight and then losing it
-get inked
-drinking liters of water
-smoking cigars
-using my credit card more than I should
-tracking and stalking people
-approacing people in a clumsy way
-writing but not publishing
-banning people online
-being lazy
-planning vacations
-changing my plans
-talking alot
-then not saying a word
-posting on private mode
-driking tea and coffee without sugar
-forgeting to set alarms
-drawing on walls
-dealing with assholes
-swearing more than the usual
-lying to myself
-counting down the days
-basically nothing really important…

.:don’t chase anything but drinks and dreams:.


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2 Responses to “Things I’ve been doing lately:”

  1. Broken Light: A Photography Collective Says:

    Wow, really sounds like you’re a match for our photography collective. There are many people who can relate, including myself to many. It’s a supportive group of talented photographers. Come by when you can and be in touch.

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      That sounds awesome, thanks for the “invitation” and surely I will give a look and send you a feedback.

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