Happy as hell

Have you seen her?
She doesn’t look sad does she?
That’s because she’s not.
She doesn’t look like someone who got her heart broken and her life torn dozens of times does she?
She had… It doesn’t look like it now, but she got it badly, by almost all the “good people” she met.
That’s all okay now, because she’s happy.
Who cares if she’s more happier than she was with them, or less.
She doesn’t bother that at all.
Though, just for the record she is far happier than she ever was.
She lives fully for the moment.
She lives with no regrets.
She knows what she had with them was great by that time, something no one could feel except for the two of them.
Though they probably showed her more things when they actually walked out of her life…
She thank all of them.
She learned to be independent and even more determined; to only trust a few; to take the time to cherish others, and she finally learned how to be strong.
Nobody expected that she would turn into a fascinating happy and more beautiful lady because of the scars they left her with…
Now all she hopes for is for them to become better men, to show the world the goodness in their hearts that still left instead of this conflicted soul they insist in display to others.
Now look at her.
She doesn’t look sad, does she?
That’s because she’s not!
And the best part is to know that after all, she will never be sad again because she is now complete.

I was born to be HAPPY!

I was born to be LOVED!


P.S: Thanks Fra for being everything I always dreamed of. Thank you for taking me as I am.


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