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August 29, 2010

If I had the opportunity, would I erase someone from my memory?
I always thought the answer was a simple ‘no’. Obviously. Why on earth would I erase someone from my memory?
Why would I want all traces of someone in my life to be perished?
Reconsidering this question, I wonder what I would chose if given the opportunity.
It’s unbearable, and at times, unrealistic for me to believe that people affect one another so greatly that their whole lives revolve around one another.
Sometimes I wonder if there is this thing people call “true love” or just people unaware of the fact of how pathetic they are that they cannot be alone.
Of course, I’ve digressed. Returning to the subject at hand, I don’t know what I would choose. It feels like erasing someone would be the hardest decision that anyone could ever make, complete absence from their life. Unfortunately, sometimes the hardest decisions are the right ones.
Who would I choose? Now I already know …





Se eu tivesse a oportunidade, eu apagaria alguém da minha memória?
Eu sempre pensei que a resposta seria um simples ‘não’…
Obviamente por que diabos eu iria apagar alguém da minha memória?
Porque eu iria querer que todos os traços de alguém na minha vida perecesse?
Repensando a esta pergunta, eu me pergunto quem eu escolheria, se tivesse a oportunidade.
É insuportável e, às vezes, irreal para mim acreditar que as pessoas afetam uns aos outros de tal modo que toda a sua vida gira em torno disso.
Às vezes eu me pergunto se existe mesmo essa coisa que as pessoas chamam de “amor verdadeiro” ou se seria apenas as pessoas desconhecendo o fato de que eles são tão patéticos que não podem ficar sozinhos.
Claro, eu discordei… Voltando ao assunto de antes, eu não sei o que eu iria escolher. Parece que poder apagar alguém seria a decisão mais difícil que qualquer um podia fazer, sumir completamente de suas vidas. Infelizmente, as vezes, as decisões mais difíceis são as mais corretas a serem feitas…
Quem eu escolheria? Agora eu ja sei…

Falling in love vs. Staying in love

July 3, 2010

Short Manual | part XII

We all know that falling in love can be very easy sometimes; especially if you find someone whose has some of common points by your personality; and this could be the first step to start a relationship. But usually after a while people forget  about to ‘fall in love everyday’ by the same person and then things starts to complicate… so that’s the time to learn how to staying in love.
Between falling love and staying in love there is a abyss and sometimes we just cannot see that is two different situations, two different stages of feelings into the relationship…
Anyway what I’m trying to say is that knowing how to fall in love, and stay in love is not something that most people really understand, but is one of the most rewarding experiences that you get to enjoy in life!
Staying in love is something that takes work. Sometimes takes really hard-work for many different reasons… but it worth to!
Staying in love is only possible when you’ve find the person that is willing to accept you regardless of your flaws.
Staying in love is when you trust and care about your partner no matter happens.
Staying in love is when you do your best without request anything except ‘love’ in return; is when you wait for the something that you don’t know, and you still smiling without a reason!

Some useful tips to renew often your relationship and staying in love longer:

– First of all, throw away all the baggage of previous relationships! Moving forward and falling in love is impossible if you are not emotionally ready.
– Stay positive about the other person. This is not to say that you will ignore major problems. However, if you constantly complain about your significant other it will start to wear on the relationship. Negativity breeds unhappiness and resentment. It will not fix your partner. But if you focus on the positive things, the smaller annoyances about your partner will not eat away your love and will make sure him/her continue to feel loved.
– Do something where you are paying attention to each other. You both don’t need to properly being talking or hanging out; take a moment to just stay together just you and him/her like: lying on a bed (sofa), pick-nick on a park, watching movies… doesn’t matter.
– Be spontaneous. Be yourself! Show up at their place, surprise him/her with something new as much as possible. Keeping things interesting is the best way to keep your love alive.
– Don’t keep secrets or skeletons in your closet before you get serious with anyone. If you have a past problem, it will eventually come out. If you are not up front about it, it can kill your trust with one another. Be clear about everything with your partner, if he/she loves you there is nothing to afraid.
– Laugh together. Be silly. Love doesn’t have to be serious! Do something random that will make your partner laugh. You will be surprised how much these funny little things grow your love.
– Stay connected both physically and emotionally. Make a point to talk to your partner. Know what goes on in their lives. Also, use physical affirmation like kissing, making love and hugging… Without these connections love will slowly die. So go out of your way to connect.
– Spend quality time with your partner every single day that you can. It doesn’t mean stay together all the time but when you do that do with praise. Remember that also into relationships quality is better than quantity!
– Try to find out where your partner’s mind is, and support them in every way possible.
– Hold each other on a regular basis. Intimacy grows when you have emotional closeness. Even if you are not having sex, holding hands or kissing true love goes a long way towards safe.
– Finally but not last, encourage independence and individuality. Having a great relationship does not mean shedding your own identity. Be confident enough to be happy even when you are apart.

To make things work out perfectly, is better to keep in your mind: nobody is perfect! But apart from that is important to have someone who shares the same beliefs as you or, that will support you on yours. There is nothing better than be into a balanced relationship, founded on similar principles and intentions! Seriously, I think that people should stop to play around as we don’t want to have our hearts broken once again or just losing time with fail stories.

I’m pleased to have found someone else to shares my interests…someone who trust me and is totally able to make me happy even from faraway (when he wants to). I’m happy for has been found by someone who is able to handle my worst and make me laugh all the time.  Definitly is always a good thing when I’m with him, as we can have fun all the time. And babe, I cannot wait to see you again!

PS: If you are also willing to put forth some effort you can keep our love strong through the years,
and make part of this could be awesome for both of us!

Love is somewhere between cherries and miles away...

Do you like to Blog?

July 2, 2010

To those ones who love to typing compulsively, have a Blog it’s ‘awesome-great’ solution to escape the real world!
(Ops, I was going to talking about me…sorry).
Ok, back to the main subject today:
You know, there’s lots of people who may write posts easily, but the difficult to have a Blog starts when you don’t get readers to your page… and this is the most common cause of death by many Blogs out there (after all, who wants to write to nobody, isn’t it?!)
Need some help to revive your page?
So pls. give a look right below at some useful tips (original source by Sterling Camden):

Are you just blogging for your own edification, for kill your time or would you like to have more readers?  Yeah, I thought so.  Me too.  Whether you’re blogging for money, for your ego, popularity, or for a cause — you wouldn’t be putting it out on the web  if you didn’t want people to read it.  But even among your subscribers, most posts will not garner more than a quick skim unless you can grab their attention and convince them to sit down and take their virtual shoes off.  Here are a few pointers:

1. Choose a subject that you care about. The best writers can make even the mundane interesting, but why make things hard for yourself?  Your own enthusiasm for the topic will animate your writing style better than any studied approach to writing.

2. Read up on it. Check out what others have said on the subject, so you don’t miss any key perspectives.  More importantly, the “conversation” up to this point will often spark new ideas of your own upon which to build your post.

3. Think of a catchy title. Many bloggers seem to think this is the most important step, and lots of posts have been devoted to this one facet of composition.   For readers who are skimming at warp factor 9, the title is your only chance to lock on tractor beam and pull them in.

4. Provoke your readers. If you want to get them off their RSS horses, then you’ve got to make them say ‘whoa!’. Right at the top, make an assertion or ask a question that (at least seemingly) challenges some cherished belief or hits one of their own hot buttons.  They’ll read another sentence or two to see if you’re really saying what they thought you said.

5. Be funny. No topic is so serious that it can’t benefit from a well-placed verbal ‘whoopie’ cushion.  If you don’t know how to be funny, then sorry, you are the joke.  Seriously, you can almost always find something humorous to say by drawing unexpected associations between elements of your subject and unrelated but universal domains such as food, sex, and extraterrestrials.  [Insert “Spock and the cucumber” joke here].

6. Use examples. I almost left this one out, because I was too lazy to come up with any.  So you can judge whether this post serves as a negative example or a counterexample.

7. Engage with your sources. Make sure you discuss what others have said on the subject (refer to step 2) and link unto them as you would have them link unto you.  This isn’t just being nice.  The holy trinity of Pingback, Google, and Technocratic will direct interested readers to your post.  If the blog you’re linking to doesn’t support pingback, then make sure you add a trackback.

8. Add your own insights. Sometimes you can get away with just rehashing what everyone else said, but the best posts introduce a new way of looking at some facet of the subject.  That’s what brings readers back the next day.  That’s what makes them link to you, too.

9. Choose your conclusions wisely. You don’t have to decide on every point you discuss.  When you can leave the question open, end with an evocative ambiguity, and/or ask your readers what they think.  On the other hand, if you feel strongly about your conclusions, state them boldly and then suit up for the ensuing flamestorm.

10. Don’t go on too long. I think I’d better stop here.

Of course, there are many SEO-related tasks (besides linking) that you can undertake to help get your posts noticed.  The points I’ve outlined above concentrate more on the content itself.  What would you add to this list?

Yes, I would!

11- The more you read, more you have a good vocabulary to write catching the attention of your potentials readers. Try to be ‘IN’ on topics that interest you and someone else.

12- If you found something cool on internet and publish it on your page, be honest with yourself, with your readers and especially whit the one who does that working on it. So mention the source as it is the most correct to do it ensures also some visibility but mainly protects you before the law! Now I think that is a little better.

Btw, don’t forget as I’ve said, the text above was rebloged, follow the link to check out the original:

Short Manual | part XI

July 1, 2010

First of all I’m very pleased to start July updating my Short Manual About Boys and Girls’, uniting on this two subjects that interest me enough: theories regarding relationships and nerds stuff (although it was Brian idea, if you liked it, please thank him, not to me okay?!)
And btw before I forget, thank you so much Brian once again (whoever you are), for those genial words rebloged right below. Talking seriously, his Blog grabbed my attention at the first saw, so my compliments strange! You seem a nice person.



Of Startups and Girlfriends (by Brian Krausz)

I’ve often heard the saying ‘being married to your work’, and I frequently consider the similarities between startups and relationships. For one, on any given day I’m mulling around a few ideas for startups, and most days my thoughts also lead to my lack of a girlfriend and possibly solutions to that situation. There are many things that are nearly identical when it comes to the ‘game’ (as so many, excluding myself, like to call it) of dating and the process of forming a startup. Allow me to elaborate:

his idea, just with a 'small correction'

All joking aside, I do think that this is a notable thing: if you expect to have a steady relationship while working on a startup, 9 times out of 10 one of the two will fail. You need to have an amazing devotion to both, very understanding co-founders/significant other and full acceptance of the fact that your sleep will suffer double the amount it normally would. I do have a possible solution, though it takes a certain type: date your co-founder (or co-found with your significant other). This only works with 2 founders (being the 3rd+ wheel is never fun…). It seems to be a wonderful test of a relationship. If two people can spend nearly all day together with very little sleep working on what has been called ‘an emotional rollercoaster’ by many and not end up killing each other (sounds like a reality TV show…) it must speak volumes of their bond. Don’t we look for similar qualities from our co-founders and our significant others, trust, honesty, devotion, ability to put up with them for long periods of time, sense of humor.
The only difference from my point of view is whether or not gender plays a role. I even submit that there must be a certain chemistry between co-founders, similar to romance but without the lust. This does create a whole new slew of problems though. Double the stress, emotion, and time spent together, add a touch of competitiveness. Hell, while we’re at it, throw in some romance and programming. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘late night at the office’. So, any young entrepreneurial women looking for a good time co-founder?

Disclaimer for those looking to form a startup: The above was written with a strong sense of humor and mild sarcasm in mind. If you are offended by anything I say, or even consider, for a moment, taking me seriously, how can you ever expect to survive months working day and night with the same people (dating or otherwise)? Really, laugh a little, you’ll live longer.

Note: As I said, I do not own this post,
it belongs to its rightful owner! Yeah,  I was too lazy this time
to write my own one, so you can give a look if you want,
at the original source right here:

XO, Me and Myself

What are you?

June 29, 2010

This morning I received a email from Greg, that was simply awesome! Give a look at what he sent me (yes, he knows “how much” I’m obsessed with charts/information).


And to be honest the email get me very inspired for my next post, so this is the reason why I decide to rebblog it here as a “preview” of.
Is pretty good to live with information around…
Enjoy and try “to find” yourself!

P.s: Ouiii thank you so much babe, I loved it.


What are you?

Note 1: this first chart is originally hosted at
SwissMiss Blog (and there it was also reblogged).


Note 2: the chart bellow is not so new, but it is also very interesting
(and the original source of, you can find at xkcd)

Geeks & Nerds

The art of Arguing

June 26, 2010

First of all:

Dear Daddy and dear Bf, in case you
were reading this stupid post, stop right now! Seriously, I don’t want that you discover about my ‘secret sport’, or even worst,
I don’t want that you become better than me, on our arguments.
And will be not fair have you guys using
‘my material of study’ against of me!
Hello?! I said STOP NOW!
Or jump directly to LESSON 4!


Well, living life as ‘bon vivant’ is nice (hang out with friends, stay up all night without need to wake up early on the next day, traveling around, 7 Sundays a week, parties etc.) but there are days when I miss my old routine (follow/break rules, plain a schedule, weeks with Mondays to Fridays… blablabla… and the thing I most miss: to have a ‘boss’!)
Yes, I miss to have it for one simple reason: I take ‘argue’ as a sport; and I love to prove to them all that sometimes do different work better than be old fashioned… Do different means also doing a difference at the end!
Well, I’m still doing that, but not so often as before…

Anyway, have you also a natural tendency for ‘ARGUMENTS’?
Are you a stubborn gracious?
Do you like it as much as I do?
If yes, I think that those tips bellow are for you too, hope you enjoy it!


Lesson 1: How to Argue Safely (by dazedaze)

Arguing is part of many relationships and people come across arguments when not agreeing with others points of view. Arguing often can have a negative impact on your relationships. Knowing how to argue will save you the grief of having to replace your loved ones every time you disagree with them without having to hold back what you want to say to them.

Step 1:
When arguing, be aware of your voice level. People tend to over react and start raising their voice when trying to make their point. This only makes the argument a hot tempered one, and people will react in an aggressive way to an aggressive tone of voice. Watch how you speak. If you were texting pay attention on the words you write, try to don’t be rude.

Step 2:
When arguing, make sure to speak/type clearly. Talk at a normal pace so people can understand you. You shouldn’t rush your speech. This also comes off as aggressive behavior. When texting try to don’t throw all you angry… go slow!

Step 3:
When in personally look at the person’s eyes. Don’t allow yourself to let your eyes wander, and stand or sit at eye level. This could be interpreted as intimidation or you not caring about the argument. The person you are having an argument with, should be looked at directly.

Step 4:
Do not allow yourself to be at a lower or higher level than the one you arguing with in any case. Again, it could become intimidating to be looking up at someone disagreeing with you.

Step 5:
Give each other time to state his opinion and think about what the other person is trying to tell you. Just like you want a chance to argue your point, he should have the chance to argue his. Don’t assume he has nothing to say without giving him a chance to explain himself.

Step 6:
Focus on the present issue and don’t bring any older or past troubles into the argument.

Step 7:
When in personally, try to pay attention to your body language. Don’t appear to be ready to start a boxing match. Don’t cross your legs, arms or clench fists. Stand in a relaxed position and give each other your personal space. Don’t raise your hands or start pointing at each other.

Lesson 2: How to Win an Argument on the Internet
(by Pam Hartley)

Engaging in arguments on the internet has been a favorite American pastime ever since the Internet started. You can win your argument with facts, with logic, with common sense, and you can even have a little fun and use humor to win an argument on the internet. There’s a great internet cartoon that shows a guy sitting at his computer typing away frantically. His wife is in the background, saying, “Honey? Are you coming to bed?” and he replies, “I can’t! Someone is WRONG on the Internet!”

Step 1:
Keep your emotional distance. One of the keys to winning any argument is to prevent the other guy from getting to you. If you stay calm, cool, and collected, you’ll drive your opponent crazy.

Step 2:
Stick with the original argument. It’s a common tactic for those coming from weak positions to try to change the argument parameters in mid-discussion. Don’t fall for it. Firmly refuse to follow the tangent and hammer away at your original point.

Step 3:
Use humor to win an argument. Gentle teasing, especially combined with keeping your emotional distance as outlined in Step One, is extremely effective. Nobody likes to feel foolish, and many people do not take well to being teased and will simply blow up, which destroys their credibility.
By the same token, if you are the one teased, roll with it and stay calm. Meeting humor with humor will make that tactic a draw when your opponent tries to use teasing against you.

Step 4:
Let your opponent get in the last word – if you have to. The last person to post isn’t necessarily the winner in an argument on the internet, so don’t fall into the trap of feeling you must have the last word. If you have made all your points, you can leave your opponent’s last (and possibly foolish) remarks just sitting there and the result will be his loss, not yours.

Lesson 3: How to Win Every Time (by drking)

Tired of yelling and screaming in an argument just to end up losing? If you are like most people, you get into arguments all the time. Your arguments probably are over some of the most ridiculous subjects, such as whether or not you took out the trash; whose turn it is to walk the dog; why you wasn’t there at time or whatever… Take a look at these few tips  and have fun!

Step 1:
Stay focused on the person and their feelings, not yours. While this seems to be against every arguing technique you have ever heard, it works. Repeat their points back to them and how it makes them feel. People usually argue from an emotional standpoint. By reiterating what a person says, you will find that they become less defensive and more open to questioning their view. People like to feel like they have been heard and understood.

Step 2:
Don’t try to be right but instead aim to win. You don’t have to be right to win an argument. All you have to do is show that you are being fair and have a stronger, more supported argument than the other side.

Step 3:
Don’t attack. Attacking someone during an argument will only make them more defensive. The only thing that this will accomplish is the person not listening to you. When someone attacks you, just try to deflect it. By not reacting to their argument you can cause them to question their stance on the topic.

Step 4:
Live with resistance. You are bound to experience resistance when you argue. This is due to the other person believing that they can attack you until you either back down, or attack them back. Don’t get baited into these arguments. They are simply looking for an emotional response. Arguing against a person is who is emotional and irrational is pointless.
Whether you are right or not doesn’t make any difference to the person arguing with you. Tell them to get therapy and move along. Ok, don’t do that but you get my point.

Step 5:
You now have more tools in your arsenal that will help you to win more arguments. Just remember not every battle is worth fighting, nor is every argument worth arguing over.

Lesson 4: How to Diffuse an Argument (by lilvani)

Everyone argues, it’s the outcome of the argument that makes the difference on whether there will continue to be a relationship or not. How do you diffuse an argument? Here is how!

Things You’ll Need:

*to be humble
*consideration for the other person

Step 1:
You cannot get over an argument if you are still upset. Take some time to yourself and ask the other person to do the same.

Step 2:
Once you feel calm and are able to think clearly think about what it is that you were arguing about, what points you want to get across, how that person hurt you or upset you and how can you express yourself without attacking the other person or coming across as judgmental or offensive.

Step 3:
Give the other person a chance to explain themselves as well, without interrupting. Allow them to go first and ask for the same respect in return.

Step 4:
If one of you starts to get upset again STOP talking and take another break until you are ready to continue. If you are the one who lit the spark then try to reword what you said so that you do not offend the person again. If they are the one who upset you then explain that it was offensive and ask that they find another way of putting it.

Step 5:
Find common ground. You may not agree with each others opinions but agree to disagree and move on.

Step 6:
Forgive and forget. Learn from this experience and don’t make the same mistake twice.

Lesson 5: How to Diffuse an Argument, part II
(by Janet Jord)

Nobody likes an argument… well, near nobody likes in fact to lose on an argument. Feeding into the argument never pays off and neither does ignoring it. These arguments are particularly awful when they are with someone you love.

Step 1:
Try to hear out what the other person has to say. Don’t interrupt them or roll your eyes. Listen! Even if you don’t like what you’re hearing.

Step 2:
Explain your views on the subject in a respectable way with a calm voice. This may be incredibly difficult but if you feel strongly enough to argue, then you obviously want to be heard. It’s in your best interest to behave maturely when you wish to be heard.

Step 3:
End the argument with “I’m really sorry”, “I Love You”, “Ok, maybe we can try at your way” etc. And mean it! Saying it sweetly, showing that you care about the other. Look them in the eyes when you say it. Maybe even apologize for not agreeing but let them know you love them. They may still stammer and seem grumpy but something inside is guaranteed to melt. Not just in them, either. In you as well.

Lesson 6: How to Use Humor to Stop an Argument
(by anonymous)

Sometimes the air gets so tense you feel uncomfortable. In these awkward moments, you can use your humor to diffuse the situation and stop an argument in progress.

Step 1:
Use sarcastic humor to stop an argument. If you find yourself in a heated debate about a sensitive topic, say something outlandish that’ll be taken as a joke. If you bring some light-hearted humor to the subject, you can continue the debate, but leave out the arguing.

Step 2:
Wait for a break in the argument, and bring up a silly story or anecdote from your day. It’ll throw the arguers off, and it may bring some laughs. Either way, it’ll help to diffuse the uncomfortable tension.

Step 3:
Go back to your younger days. Throw out popular phrases from the school yard. Use phrases like “nuh-uh”, “I know you are, but what am I?” and everyone’s favorite, “I’m rubber you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you”.

Step 4:
Laugh at yourself, and use that as the subject of a joke or humor to stop the argument. When you find yourself arguing tooth and nail about something ridiculous, like your wife burning the toast, call yourself on it.

Step 5:
Know your audiences before you try to use humor to stop an argument. If you are surrounded by your stodgy in-laws, you may want to steer clear of base humor. On the other hand, if you know everyone present would enjoy a little bathroom humor or fifth grade humor, and then let it rip.

Step 6:
Try physical humor to stop an argument. Drop something, fall, spill food or drinks on or throw something to lighten the mood.


Note: those tips coming from articles
published on “How To Do Just About Everything
its a interesting website, be curious and
take a look there you too.

Different ‘types’ of Boys | Short manual part X:

June 21, 2010

Mr. awesome: he is always in good humor and everything most part of the time is simply ‘awesome’. – Started to rain, he says ‘awesome’, – being stucked in traffic jam for him is ‘awesome’, – has bills to pay ‘awesome’

Mr. bounce: He often speaks quickly and walks fast. His catchphrase is, “Hello! Goodbye!”

Mr. bump: can’t help himself having accidents. Simple things become a nightmare and he is all the time repeating to himself “You’ll never learn.”

Mr. busy: he can’t stop rushing around, always up to something, never sitting still. He is not only always up to something but he has no time for nobody.

Mr. cheeky: he has a sassy attitude what is ‘interesting’…

Mr. cheerful: he is always happy and his happiness is contagious.

Mr. clever: he is one of the smartest people in the world and he is conscientious about himself and the others.

Mr. clumsy: always breaks things or knocks things over. He is a disaster in everything and with everyone!

Mr. cool: is the coolest person in the world; he is almost the perfect guy except for his ‘intelligence’…

Mr. daydream: he is a nice boy, and he likes to daydream a lot. He says has been daydreaming all the time, then he realized daydreaming is more fun than the real life

Mr. dizzy: he believes in everything, cheat him is easy as everybody is clever except him.

Mr. expert: he knows almost about everything and he does that very well!

Mr. extreme: he rox, he goes till the end, he has no limits he might doesn’t know he just do.

Mr. forgetful: he has a short memory, and ppl usually get upset with him for a reasonable reason!

Mr funny: no one has a sense of humour like him and ppl loves him easily as he is able to make them feels good.

Mr. fussy: is a perfectionist. He would not tolerate anything imperfect. He is also very clean and will not tolerate anything dirty as well as being fussy about details.

Mr geek: he is the new nerds, he is cool, such clever, love geek stuff and have always a good argument.

Mr. good: well he is good in general meanings, he is a big big heart.

Mr. greedy: he loves money and for him everything must to be in overstatement.

Mr. grumble: he is the grumpiest guy in the world. Bah! he hates laughter, talking and he hates singing he hates everything and he is all the time complaining! Grrrrr he sucks!

Mr. grumpy: is the grouchiest person in the world. He’s always in a bad mood, hating anyone or anything he comes across he is practically the Mr. Grumble a little worst. His catchphrase: “Go Away!”

Mr. happy: he is smilling lots, full of joy always. He knows how to easily motivate people around. His catchphrase is: “wonderful”. He is similar the Mr. Awesome but without the ‘irony’.

Mr. impossible: nothing is impossible to him. He can do anything. He proves he can do anything in some amazing ways!

Mr. jelly: is afraid of everything, such as the snapping of a twig. He often hides under the covers. He doesn’t face the real world. His catchphrases: “Oh, no no no no no no!”

Mr. lazy: he needs to sleep more than every other guy. He is tired even before start to do things. His catchprase is “tomorrow I will do”

Mr. meaning: he needs a reason for everything!

Mr. messy: is not only messy but unclean and unhygienic also, notably more than he is messy.

Mr. mischief: he plays tricks on everybody, he doesn’t know the limit at the others what make him a kind of cruel.

Mr. miserable: he sucks! He complains lots about everything and everyone…

Mr. muddle: he gets the simplest things messed up.

Mr. no: always disagrees with everyone and everything.

Mr. noisy: he is always loud. He doesn’t talk he scream all the time… and it’s annoying.

Mr. nonsense: he will gives you the most random answers for your questions. He will do things completely unexpected.

Mr. opposite: he does everything the wrong way around.

Mr. perfect: everything about him is just perfect. He never has a bad day or anything.

Mr. quiet: he doesn’t speak that much, he is shy and scared.

Mr. rude: as his name suggests, is rude to everyone. He insults a man with a big nose or an overweight woman without even care about their feelings. He doesn’t take care about anything or anyone. He is very selfish.

Mr. rush: is always in a rush but he never does anything properly.

Mr. scatterbrain: he lives on his own world he concerns about it but he cannot be changed; this is the reason why instead of apologize himself he just saying “Where’s my head?”

Mr. silly: he is such goofy, happy but too immature at the same time.

Mr. slow: takes so long to do everything. It took him until New Year to open his Christmas presents, and until Easter to write his thank-yous.

Mr. stubborn: he often assumes others are wrong, even when it is obvious that he is wrong.

Mr. stupid: he is goofy, rude, sarcastic, nonsense and practical at the same time.

Mr. tickle: he has a simplistic character and he is determined to tickle everyone he interacts with. He enjoy this ‘fight’ as heis very ticklish, usually he is smiling all the time.

Mr. uppity: he is rude to everybody and is always challenging with ppl around.

Mr. valiant: he has a lot of courage for everything, if there is something that must to be done, he goes there and get done.

Mr. worry: he worries about everything. If it rains, he worries that his roof will leak, if there is no rain, he worries that all of his plants will die. When there is nothing to worry about, Mr. worry start to worried about not having anything to worry about.

Mr. wrong: he does everything wrong. He tends to do everything in his life the wrong way.

Different ‘types’ of Girls | Short manual part IX:

June 20, 2010

Miss all-goes-well: she has a perfect life according to the others.

Miss bad: she is a naughty and mischievous, you won’t believe at things she can do.

Miss bossy: she is very bossy hence her name; but she is just very ‘practical’ which often is taking as ‘being rude’.

Miss brainy: she always has something smart to say.

Miss brilliant: she is very intelligent see yes, obviously she is! By the way, she find ‘solutions’ where nobody can see.

Miss busy: she is very hyperactive, and she is always doing something, literally. She is too hectic to calm down herself.

Miss careful: she is always cautious, she always looks before she leaps.

Miss chatterbox: she talks a lot, she never shuts up and for some ‘weird’ reason she annoys every one with her talking.

Miss chaos: she comes and goes as a hurricane!

Miss contrary: she always says the opposite of what she really means.

Miss curious: she wants to know about everything and she is all the time asking ‘why’.

Miss danger: she is almost always in danger. Usually, the danger starts with some normal activity but invariably something goes terribly wrong.

Miss daredevil: she loves to go to the extreme, she doesn’t know or have any limits, and she loves those three little words: “I Dare You!

Miss dotty: she is just dotty, she has often some pretty dotty ideas of her own, she is non-sense of herself at all.

Miss excess: she is always too much!

Miss excuse: she is apologizing all the time.

Miss fickle: she always has troubles making up her mind as her change all the time her opinion.

Miss fun: she loves to have fun, all night, every day. For her life is a big big party.

Miss giggles: she is funny and she can’t stop giggling. In fact, she giggles so much that when she’s around, everyone else starts giggling too!

Miss helpful: she tries to help everyone but ends up making everything worse. She actually can give helpful information, but the problem is sometimes misleading or told at the wrong time.

Miss independent: she is self-sufficient, she is almost all the time alone and it seems not bores her.

Miss index: she is more complete than an encyclopedia, she knows how to talk about everything.

Miss jealous: she is very jealous with everything and everyone.

Miss late: she is late for everything, she don’t use a wrist watch, and every clock in her house have a different hour.

Miss loud: she talks, laugh, complain and do everything else very loud, indeed everyone can hear her from faraway.

Miss mess: she can’t find anything as she putting everything back in the wrong place.

Miss naughty: she awakens one day just thinking it looks like a good day for being naughty, she loves to play practical jokes and one of her catchphrases is: “Sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

Miss no: before you finish what you were saying, she says NO.

Miss prim: she is always proper. She is never out of character.

Miss perfect: she does everything perfectly, she looks perfect all the time, she always says the right things at the right time.

Miss quick: she is always in a hurry. She didn’t even have time to finish the simplest thing.

Miss red: she blushes for any reason, she is very shy.

Miss scary: she loves fear and enjoys scaring people.

Miss scatterbrain: she is the least intelligent woman in the world, even less intelligent than a blank page; well she is blond and I didn’t said anything!

Miss selfish: she doesn’t like to share anything with anyone. The only thing she ever thinks about is ‘self’.

Miss splendid: she thinks she is better than everyone else, she is wrong! When she believes she simply must have something, she buys it.

Miss star: she wants to be popular more than anything.

Miss stubborn: she is unstoppable. She doesn’t know when to quit.

Miss sunshine: she is the jolliest person you have ever met, seems that she is always in
holidays as she is the smiling all the time without care about problems.

Miss tidy: she loves to keep things neat and clean, she has this uncontrollable craze with her and other stuff.

Miss tiny: she isn’t just small, she’s tiny, and she is cute!

Miss tragedy: she is a prankster, she tried to be serious but nobody else gives any credibility to her, and she insists to doesn’t know the reason why it happens. She is almost all the time doing some ‘drama’.

Miss twins: she does everything in pairs, and says things twice.

Miss up: she is always awake day and night, she has a lot of energy.

Miss vain: her beauty is the most important thing for her and should be also for the rest of the world.

Miss whoops: well as her name suggests. She should claims for “trained professional” at everything she does instead of just do and get wrong.

Miss wise: she is always thinking and overthinking. She is wise as an owl, possibly two owls. Being so wise and sensible meant that she brushed her teeth every day, made her bed every day, tidied her house every day, and did lots of other wise and sensible things. She would like to be Miss Perfect but what she doesn’t know is that miss just a little to that.

Miss wrong: she tries but she always does things at the wrong way and at the wrong time.

Miss yes: she always agrees with everyone on everything.

Miss zero: she is properly a ‘squit’, she exist but unfortunately nobody notices
her… she is cold and quiet.

Miss ZzzZzzz: she is so sleepy… and lazy that  if she could choice probably she will choose for just sleep forever.


Note: This stupid post was inspired by a cartoon that I used to watch when I was young called “Mr. Men e Little Miss”. I do not know ‘why’ but I’ve been thinking so much about this lovely serie. Really that I don’t know, and I just remember that it was funny. Sighs from a good times that will never coming back…


Learned from the boys…

June 14, 2010

The most important thing that I have learned in life I have learned from boys.
Seriously and I’m not joking!
One, all boys are assholes, all without any exceptions; my father is, my best friends are, all my ex’s was and still being one; as I said, all boys are assholes unreservedly! But despite this little detail, I’ve still crushing for all them! Girls are addicted for Boys and vice-versa.
Two, sex is amazing! Make it whenever and with whoever you want to do. Be careful, protect and respect yourself, but foremost have fun.
Three, never invest yourself into an relationship with a boy. You don’t want to get hurt, right?
I have been friends with boys, worked with boys, lived with boys, dated and tried stable relationships with boys, and in all those cases, those three rules apply!
So think smart, be conscious that sometimes, you just have to stop caring and put yourself in the first place; others ones, you just need to let it go…
Be alert, notice the signs and leave them before you get left, looks difficult I know… as we Girls used to put our heart to think for ourselves. (crap!)
Anyway, I pray for the day we will do it easily, I pray for the day in which we learn to turn off all of our ‘emotion’ and ‘feelings’ to protect ourselves from getting hurt… Yes, I do.
Seriously, we should stop to care about what boys think about us or feels for, and start to be more independent, everybody should try to do that at least once, and I risk to say that I’m doing well, thanks.
Obviously sometimes our weakness prevents to do that completely and we choose to stay instead of just leave… and the price paid is have to put a fake smile on the face and keep pretending that everything is fine; even when it’s not!
Why do we do that? This I still don’t know…
Whatever, I’m convincing that the things I’ve said till now are the only way I know to protect ourselves from a broken heart! But in case, if you have any other good ‘theory’, please email me, will be a pleasure to compares the risks and the ‘pros and cons’… btw I’ve no problem in give in when I’m wrong, so feel free.

Well, you know what… once there was a girl.
A girl I know pretty well.
She used to be adorable but it was a long long time ago, that was before she had her heart broken…
After that, she became all fancy. Now she is fake; she still beautiful despite her scars but empty.
She shows off to the whole world as being stronger but she keeps living the ‘drama of growing up’ and she cries alone every night.
She has fear and she doesn’t know what she wants.
She says ‘no’ but her still believing deep inside about true love…
(Such a fool)
Anyway, now she is the one who are trying and I will be the one who says how this story will ends sooner or later…
I’m not a pessimist but I’m too realist and I walk with my feet on earth.
Everybody knows upfront that ‘love stories’ never changes, but what everybody does is keep watching the same film twice…
Why? That’s a thing called ‘hope’
Is sad have to sometimes see her getting hurt; see her often crying alone for somebody that is just another one who will break her lonely heart over and over because she allowed…
It’s rare but have days when the only thing she would love to do was to say aloud these words to him:

“I’m leaving… and I will not coming back. You broken my heart once and again”

But she doesn’t feel ready, she still seeing there something to fighting for, and this are the reasons why she insists in remain… She fools him but doing that, she also do the same to herself, she does it almost every single day and I feel so sorry for it.
Whatever, that’s not my road, not at all.
But one last thing is right, I would love to see her saying to him the words that I dared myself to put bellow:

“Before I go any further, I feel I need to let you know… it ends tonight.
I’ve waiting for so long, I tolerated the most as I could and now I cannot do that anymore.

These feelings… your acts, they are strangling me day by day.

Maybe it’s best you leave me alone. Once we’d were so close to make this right, but you just blew with everything, and now it’s too late to fight, so it ends tonight.

I’ve never said I love you so easily as I did with you. I still loving you even now and probably I will still doing that for a while. But the thing I most love was that girl I used to be… but to get it back, I’ve to leave you and you need to let me go. I’ve miss me and it hurts. I’m dying inside for being here with you. Please set me free because I almost done that today hopefully I’m too afraid to be dead that I prefer have to let you to go, because I’ll not stay. Bye”

Tonight I don’t know where is she… I have no idea what happened to him. The only thing I know is I could move on, and she survived to meet you.





Short Manual | part VIII

June 11, 2010

So are you looking for the right one?

I have just two important things to say; first of all, take a few minutes and have a look on the chart bellow:

. everybody else...


Second, since you cannot get all the time exactly what you want, my tip is: while the ‘right guy’* don’t comes, you better start to having fun with the ‘wrongs ones’. Dear, there’s no time for regrets; stop to complain! We just live once, life is too short and full of surprises so, take the risk as everybody does!

Note: Against my will I feel obliged to let you read guy* as girl, this depending on each case.


Perfect opposites | Short Manual | part VII

June 10, 2010

Boy meets girl…
Girl meets boy and things are good, but then there is a conflict.
(so predictable as 1+1=2)
I’ve never realized how many clichés can exist into relationships…
People say that I cannot generalize but yes, sure I can, because this is my point of view, this is my theory, my Blog, my life… my useless stuff!
Talking seriously now, I’m starting to get tired of certain things because at the end it is all the same shit; and always will be for both sides.
So Boys and Girls (especially you Girls) stop to believe in ‘love’, start to believe in ‘mutual interest’ (sounds rube but instead of that it is just, simple, it is being practical!).
And when things start to goes wrong take a deep breath and just turn around and say: thank you, but from now you are your own problem; you belongs to my past.
Anyway… if do you still believing in ‘love’ or ‘irrelevant whatever‘ you want to call this stupid feeling between two person, but find it too difficult to be explained well, sorry for save your time; sorry for finish with your delusion, but being honest, if science cannot do that till now, why are you still believing that you will make it? No honey, neither you can do anything, except enjoy your pain in the ass time from time or have fun with the misery of others!
(Ok… my apologies you all, I know today I’m a quite of acidic… yeah, yeah, I know.)


Usually what happens into an relationship:

~ Girls: more they ‘get’ more they will ‘keep doing’… and it sucks!

~ Boys: no matter how much Girls could have done things for him, they will be always expecting for more without have doing anything in return and then they will throw everything away without think twice… and it sucks too!

Any doubt? Question? Before start to shoot me with lots of questions on my inbox,  look at the charts bellow…



Today and Forever always the same... | Things that will never change part I



Things that will never change part II



Things that will never change part III


Note: Sometimes Boys can react/act as Girls and the opposit works on too very well.
This is the reasson why I called it as my perfect opposites!
Now is up to you to take your choice and ‘read’ the charts above…

#charts inspired by This is Indexed

How to ‘read’ BOYS

June 9, 2010

When a Boy is quiet… he is just quiet.
When a Boy is not arguing… he thinks he is ‘right’ or he is just avoiding unnecessary troubles.
When a Boy looks at you with eyes full of questions… is beacuse he have many things to say to you but don’t had yet the courage to do; or he is just thinking about everything around him and that probably other things are envolved too, despite of you.
When a Boy answers I’m fine after a few seconds… he is definitely fine.
When a Boy does a question like Are you fine?… he is being kind and praying for one simple yes, I’m instead of hear lots of complains.
When a Boy doesn’t ask you anything… its because he trusts you and knows that you are pretty fine. Otherwise, if there is something wrong, Girls would starts to do lots of random questions…
When a Boy stares at you… it means he feels something for; it means he really can see you as you are for him.
When a Boy lays on your legs… he is wishing for you to be there quiet, enjoying this rare moment with him.
When a Boy says I will be waiting for you… it means well, I’m not sure but I’ll try to do that ok? or I still likes you, but you know sooner or later another one will appears and I will go after her (Girls don’t take so longer to get ready, to decide, or to come back to him… Sometimes it could be too late, Boys cannot wait forever; they don’t know how to do that!!!).
When a Boy wants to see you everyday… he is jealous and insecure or he is absolutely crazy for you.
When a Boy doesn’t make you lots of questions… it means he totally trust on you or are too busy to do that, or simply he doesn’t care anymore about anything.
When a Boy says I love you… he might doing some confusion between likes someone, and loves the one or he wants to make sex with you soon as possible no matters who you are or what he feels for you.
When a Boy says I miss you or I need you… it means that you can ‘brighten’ his world and sometimes means also I would love to make sex with you right now.
And as I’d said to Girls one time ago I’ll repeat now to you Boys:
Life only comes around once, so try to make sure that you’re spending it with the right person…
Go out, have fun and ‘fun’ (why not…); do whatever you want to do with no regrets; find someone else who… calls you when necessary, instead of 5 times a day.
Someone who calls you back when you hang up on them… and that start a descent conversation, instead of start to screaming at you without good reasons …
…who will stays awake just to watch you sleeping;
…who will wait for you late at night when you get back home from the office or from a pub;
…who will wants to hug you out when you were in your sweats without mind that much;
…who is constantly reminding you of how much she cares about but letting you free to hanging out with friends and to do ‘boys stuff’ since you respect her.
…who don’t make drama if you had a contretemps in a special day and cancel/change her plans.
…who don’t push you everyday to meet her parents as soon as possible.
…who can keep the relationship in privacy, instead of shows you to all her friends trying to make her friends jealous in case you are really really handsome, and cute, and gentle, the most perfect as no one has does before.

So Girls stop to wonder about boy’s reactions… Sometimes they are saying / doing exactly what they are meant to, so let’s relax. Don’t push them to high or too fast, enjoy what you have, don’t try never to change him , and remember: the important here isn’t about the future; is all about the present! About the future ‘nobody knows’ as they ussualy says…
But please Boys, do not start to abuse of our patience ok?!


do you still remember how?

#How to ‘read’ GIRLS

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Short Manual | part VI

June 9, 2010

I might don’t know many things about boys… or neither about girls.
Actually, I do not know anything of anyone!
I guess that I just know about ‘Me’ and ‘Myself’, but apart from that, I just have a few theories about all the others. I will not be pretentious that much to think that I can change the world writing bullshits as I often do; or that my texts will change someone somehow. And no I’m not even pretending to have the power to change their beliefs; I don’t need those things, and I don’t want to do that, not yet, or perhaps never at all.
I’m conscious into myself that people are all the time changing and exchanging some ‘similar experiences’ (good and bad ones), also showing their wills and sharing their opinions… and I’m doing the same here, Im just expressing some of my thoughts for those who want to read it.
Well, is interesting to observe people, analyze those reactions and how they do has learned about something,
I’ve living to learn what I do not have learned before; to teach and be taught. I like to share my experiences, and to hear the others experiences and as this way I can try to dare myself to always do something new.
Anyway, this is not about me it’s about my short manual…

So, my ‘epic’ manual about boys and girls should be consider as a funny fiction story; a kind of tragic comics… as a play between boys vs. girls and obviously it’s too stupid to be taken 100% as serious or even real, but might to help you somehow (in case you agreed with me or especially if you believe in everything you read on internet).
My tip for you now, is go outside get what you really want; have fun; keep smiling (and learn most as you can!)
Never forget, we just live once so pls:

~You Boys: give the chance to girls makes you happy for long periods… we are not disposable; we have feelings and it’s idiocy from you to have girls just for ‘seasons’... Start to think about quality not quantity! We don’t want to be ‘the sunny summer girl’ or whatever, we just want to be your girlfriends, and your special ones for a while or forever as long it lasts. We want to be real girlfriends as meant to be and be that means at first and above of all to be your friend! So don’t cheat with us, don’t make us losing time and foremost don’t break our hearts!!!

~ We Girls: let’s try to forgive more and don’t take every stupid act as so provocative or personal; let’s take it easy with them and being patient most as we can. Let’s let them know how we feel but is important to have first learned how to explain that in a ‘simple way’… (unfortunately, boys are ‘steps back’ regarding ‘feelings’). So lets just count till ten again and have fun, because it’s a long way…

Useful tip: never forget life is too short to regret anything, so both of you just love with all your heart and cry with all your souls (if and when necessary)

Can we have a deal?
Let’s together make it worth!
Isn’t it so difficult right?!

Short Manual | part V

June 7, 2010

~Common point between Boys and Girls:


Thats true for both and you must to agree with me!


Its normal to be affraid...sometimes


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Short Manual | part IV

June 6, 2010

Based on the actions of boys and girls, because charts never lie!


~ Boys do cry:

(via Indexed)

~ Girls do fight:


But honestly, I think the charts above can have a dual function for both sides.  So, it’s up to you decide when and how to use it.


#all those charts are been inspired by This is Indexed.