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Now I’m ready!

January 25, 2011

Hello there. I’m back! I know, it’s been a while… but my absence wasn’t a choice. From my side I’ve missed you all, although I’m not so sure if you noticed I wasn’t here or if you even missed me at all, but it’s all fine.

Well I don’t know where I should start this post, but I might just put it all together, short and in one…

A new whole year has just started.
So far everything seems to be in the right place this time, even though I do not believe very much in “right & wrong”.
Anyway, many things are still going to change, some others have already changed for the better and a few others remain the same as before, as it should be. I’m still living and working in Milan, the city that I chose to call my “home” at least during the past two years and a bit… Since November last year I’m living for the very first time in an apartment on my own. My flat is about 30m2, and is just beautiful and located in a good area of town, near the centre. And now I finally have everything I need, and that includes even the Internet! Being very honest with myself, it is definitely priceless that I can do whatever I want whenever I decide to!

Regarding my professional life, I am still on the same road. I’m still being a type of freelancer for the Fashion business, and from time to time I also work for a Photographic Studio, which is nice. I have my fabulous agenda with so many contacts and that’s what keeps me safe while I’m here. By the way, I have decided to finally start my “camera collection” and I already have 5 old cameras plus my precious Nikon D5000 (useless information, sorry about that. Wasn’t my intention to make you jealous).
Whatever, I think I’m doing very well and much better than last year, in the same season when everything was so unclear to me… Life is still uncertain, but now I know much more about my potential to “get what I want”. I really believe in the power of words and I’m sure that I was born to be and make people around me happy! I have no limits as I take every obstacle as a lesson. Of course I still have my flaws, I still make people cry, and obviously I am still getting hurt by that, but come on, the little “Me” without defects and flaws is as boring as any other normal girl and honestly I do not want to be like everyone else!
Let me see what else I can say here….
Well, a few months ago I found out that I’m going to be an A-U-N-T-I-E and that’s amazing, I mean, pretty new for me! My sister is pregnant (about 13 weeks now), my family is getting bigger and I’m so proud of them! But still I’m living my life abroad and I will not deny that I feel a little bit guilty about my “eternal absence”… I hope that somehow they understand my decision to pursue happiness this far from home. I really wish I could be there when the new baby is born, although I’ll be there in August for my birthday so not too bad and this time I’m not going back to Brazil alone! I feel very lucky to have my boyfriend going there with me, and perhaps this time I will not feel so lost. Fingers crossed…
Now talking about my dear boyfriend…It is still the same one I had last year and luckily we are becoming stronger than ever, building our solid relationship that has just passed its first anniversary! Who knew I was able to handle that for so long but the more time passes, the more we know what we want for the future. So I am positive that this time I’m not throwing away my youth or simply wasting my time with someone that doesn’t deserve my best, even when we are separated by miles. Everybody knows that he isn’t close to me all the time (physically speaking) but whenever I need him, he is the first to stand and be ready for me. He has been not only the love of my life, but he is also my best friend, and this is perfect because we can count on each other more than 100%. Of course we both have our “periods”, with ups and downs, but we’re doing very well with our relationship, even with these setbacks. And I really hope that this year I will be able to visit him more than I have done in the past.
Yet looking back in time, I venture to say that 2010 was a good year, but very strange in general. 2010 for me was full of ups and downs, victories and defeats, all or nothing but at the same timeI’m grateful, regardless of what happened, for what I have.
Now I am wishing for a wonderful 2011, full of new goals and a bit closer to those I care for the most, family, friends and the love of my life!

Cheers everyone! I’m ready, who’s coming with me?

Yeah, Yeah!

2010 Wishes

January 1, 2010

Eu quero continuar desejando o novo a todo instante…vivendo a vida como se não existisse amanhã.
Eu quero ser capaz de tornar realidade metade das coisas que eu desejo todos os dias.
Eu quero que nada nunca me falte, que quase tudo sempre me sobre e que tudo não seja ainda o bastante.
Eu quero tudo isso e muito mais pra mim e pra vc!

Eu quero me perder e me encontrar sem ter satisfação pra dar…
Eu quero paixões de cinema, com intervalo e sem continuação!
Eu quero continuar viva mesmo me sentindo um pouco morta.
E eu ainda quero morrer de novo outras mil vezes e ainda assim continuar viva!

Eu quero não precisar me explicar.
Eu quero um namorado sem ex-namorada …
Eu quero que as pessoas aprendam a caminhar sozinhas; que elas esqueçam do medo que as congelam; que criem coragem pra dizer na cara tudo aquilo que pensam e que possam sentir ainda aquele friozinho na barriga.
Eu quero sentir o calor do sol na minha pele, dentro de mim…
Eu quero sentir o vento que passa; a chuva que cai; o frio que surge de vez em quando.

Eu quero fazer barulho quando não puder, calar quando precisar falar e ser do contra quando der na telha…
Eu quero olhar além e me enxergar a frente!
Eu quero ainda continuar fazendo coisas das quais eu jamais vou me orgulhar, mas que sem dúvida, eu não arrependerei de provar!
Eu quero ser eu mesma e um outro alguém ao mesmo tempo.

Eu quero jamais deixar de acreditar e correr atrás daquilo que eu julgo ser verdade.
Eu quero continuar acreditando que lar é onde o nosso coração está.
Eu quero que o presente seja sempre muito bem vindo e que o passado esqueça o caminho de volta!
Eu quero paciência pra esperar pelo futuro…

Eu quero me atirar do lugar mais alto e voar de novo.
Eu quero caminhar pela rua sem saber onde vou chegar.
Eu quero ver o por do sol no alto do horizonte sem fim, ver a lua refletida num lago.
Eu quero cantar em voz alta…
Eu quero cair de bicicleta outra vez!

Eu quero me afogar na banheira, rir até perder o ar…
Eu quero passar horas deitada num parque olhando pro céu e pensando no nada.
Eu quero “querer” dar de novo o meu amor a alguém.
Eu quero fazer e acontecer.
Eu quero dançar e virar noites em claro…
Eu quero ser a minha melhor companhia pra sempre!

Eu quero fazer parte de um grupo mesmo não pertencendo a nada ou a ninguém…
Eu quero de novo pegar um avião pra qualquer lugar só pra ir ver um alguém.
Eu quero cair e me levantar,  olhar em volta e continuar.
Eu quero aprender sempre mais, errar ainda algumas vezes e testar tudo o bastante.
Eu quero entender o que não faz sentido!

Eu quero viver sem frescuras, sem limites…
Eu não quero ser lembrada, eu quero ser vivida!
Eu quero dar o meu melhor sorriso todas às manhãs na frente do espelho.
Eu quero acreditar que existe mesmo alguma coisa a mais, que as pessoas podem ser mesmo boas e que ainda existe salvação…
Eu quero que o fim seja de novo e mais uma vez a porta de entrada para um novo começo sempre!

2010 tô pronta, te quero muito e ai vou eu!