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Smiling without no reason…

December 23, 2009


Today I decided just walking around before come back to home and when I saw this bike on the street something has changed.
I could not resist and I took this picture.
I was feeling great and now I’m feeling even better!
I’m smiling without no reason (always and again).
I feel like I could float.
I miss you (…)  just for one day: TODAY
And it was just because that picture made me to reminds you…

É estranho...ter saudades do que eu nunca cheguei a ter.

[12-22-09 | 19h27]


note: I recomend this song to ‘feel’ the mood:

AIR / All I need

I don´t know what to do

August 1, 2009

I don’t feel alright in spite of these things that you make.

I don’t feel alright because you make promises that you break.

Into our house, why don’t we share our solitude?

Nothing is pure anymore…

This is not a war…this is love!

It’s hard to make sense, feels as if I’m you through this all.

Previously I never called it solitude.

And probably you know all the dirty shows I’ve put on.

I´m exhausted like anyone.

Honestly I tried to avoid it.

Honestly but I can´t because I still in love for you

Nobody has gained or accomplished anything.

So just back to me, back to ours lives…