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My dear…

June 27, 2010

My dear

You don’t need to believe as much as I believe.
You don’t need to fight as hard as i’m fighting.
You don’t need to do everything that I do.
You’ve just need to be okay with living a life, that is crazy, unpredictable and often not easy.

I tell you the truth, I believe you could be ALL these things and more, but not for my sake… or for sake of everyone else…

A little bit may not be perfectly enough to directly impact me, but a little bit is enough and was ALL I always wanted.

Ultimately though, I just want you to realize how I’m not a bad girl for telling those things, neither the the perfect one as you think I meant to be…
I want you to understand how to be happy with what you have and be aware of about what you might lose.

I hate to admit it but just keep going, because you are doing very well these days!
And I just wanted you to know that!

'I wish you lived down the street...'



Such a Small World

October 19, 2009

Today was another great day with a lot of good surprises in my life and one of those surprises that I found was this:

Well, I’ll try to explain in just a few words, maybe it isn’t necessary but anyway:

Samira (the blogger) of this wonderful page is kind of friend of mine, that I met by Facebook and yes, she became my partner as well. Through her I contacted other different agencies and models.

Another curious point, specifically about  this post is:  the team of photographers (2nd group of pics)  are my friends as well!!! Dudu Lima and Marco Mendez, two amazing people that I have the pleasure to have in my life as good friends and great professionals…

Really, till now i couldn’t realize in fact how exactly small the world is…this things make me scared and obviously surprised, but I love these coincidences!

The more I live, the more I want to discover new things… The more I live, the more I learn about how surprising the world is!

Congratxx for all of you!