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Letters I’ll never send | See you soon

December 23, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
To: the best boyfriend at the time (and not that ‘best’ after all)

G.N.B., you are annoying, stubborn, self righteous, self pitying, infuriating, extremely jealous, complicated, sometimes too girly and an utter pain in my ass, but I love you.
I love the way you smile; the way you rub your hand through your hair when you’re nervous; the way you tell me stories with utter excitement; the way you laugh; the way you get angry; the way you speak; the way you slightly walk like a duck when you wear shorts and flip flops; the way you would do that thing with your face when I say something ridiculous or while explaining me that word I didn’t knew.
I love your kindness, your strength, your dedication and even your “I just don’t care.”
I love that you make me laugh so hard I cry.
I love the way you look at me and say “You’re gooooorgeous.”
I love the way we sit in each others company in content silence for hours.
I love our walks along the canal during the weekends.
I love that you keep the stupid things I give to you.
I love that you don’t know how perfect you are.
I love that you cover me with a blanket when I’m sleeping.
I love the sounds you make over the night.
I love that no matter how much time we spend apart and whomever we see in-between, everything always falls perfectly back in place.
I love that I know you are in my future.
I love that I love you.
But mostly I love that when I leave and am a thousand miles away from you that you never said goodbye… only “see you soon”.


Day Thirty

March 15, 2011

Welcome Tuesday, welcome ghosts.
Today was not shining as yesterday a big storm started inside my head and till now I don’t know where I’m going to stop.
Seems that I’m diving, yeah it’s a long fall down but yet it is hard for me to accept that I am not okay.
Days are passing by, faster than before and after all those weeks living together I know exactly what I want, but more than ever everyone is telling me that it’s just a fairy tale…
I shouldn’t be but I am so scared about another test we will have up ahead!
Miles away, tears, time difference, 63 days apart, more tears…
Shit, it’s not fair!!!
Anyway, I hate when people discourage me about my choices, I hate most when I do the same thing with the one I love regarding the future by giving too much attention to what the others are saying.
I hate my vulnerability, I hate when I cannot keep thoughts just to myself and deal with them alone, I hate when I start to worry wondering that I am not good enough for anything or anybody…
I hate when I cannot find a place to fit in, I hate when I don’t know what is worse – my silence or my empty words…
I hate to distrust my feelings, I hate to put him in doubt!
I am really tired – tired of trying, tired of not doing anything. I feel like everyone around me can screw up and that’s OK, but if I screw up, its WW III.
Last night I went to bed crying then I had nightmares which is rare for someone like me that barely sleeps… I dreamt I was looking at the world from the other side of the window and all that I saw was people coming and going, the clouds moving across the sky too fast, ocean waves breaking on the beach, the birds flying in circles up high… I was alone.
I wish I could be a bird, I wish I could fly away, I wish the sky was the limit.
I wish I could be with you forever close to me…

“quero poder cuidar pra sempre”

Today is already Tomorrow…

July 6, 2010

Yesterday is gone…
Tomorrow never comes…
I’m tired.
But I’m just splited fifty-fifty, I cannot move myself and I do not know what to do without you here…
I’ve thought about you during all day, I miss you tonight.
I want to live a love, I want to live a dream…
I’m dreaming about it… but I want to do that always and with you close to me!
(It’s almost 5h00 and a lot of bullshit start to come out… sorry but my txt was true)




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Practice makes perfect!

April 15, 2010

Manage this equation isn’t so easy as looks like at the first sight and requires some practice…
To understand this formula we are doing intensive classes everyday
The important here is both keeping the constant efforts to learn more and more
We are doing very well, making progress little by little
What means that soon we will be able to solve this MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM!

1º ⇔

II we apart U weird < we together (tight)
II perfect U countdown = we together (balanced)
P(A) we get together # boring > weird + perfect (exceeded but not too much*)


It's all about Math!


2º I found the percentage for the time we spent together since the frist time till the actual day (reference used = 04 months or just 16 weeks, as you prefer): ±


sometimes it isn't as we would like to was...

*Note: I’m up all night now is about 4h50a.m and pretty soon I will need to really start my day, waking up (if I get sleep), go to work, etc…Well as the image above are saying: “sometimes it isn’t as we would like to was…” Really, that I would like to have a normal night and sleep as everyone else but I just cannot put me in my bed!!! And I  also would love to have my boyfriend close to me but unfortunately we have different plans for our lifes, for ours careers. We love each other (fact) but we also do love ourselves!  Whatever, this ‘outbreak’ for Math was totally inspired by the site Indexed and for my fixation in numbers and for have datas about everything ok, it maybe was completely useless I know… But sometimes I’m just so that GEEK [nerd] that I cannot control and I LOVE BEING THIS WAY!!!