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Short Manual | part XIII

July 8, 2010

Arguments & Misunderstandings

…definitely they are two things that everyone has, especially into relationships built on words in the wind
But you may still have time to wake-up if:

The more you do, the less you have.
The less you get, the more you fight.
The more you argues, the more you feels unsatisfeid, the less you understand or cares about.
Consequently, the more you have misunderstandings, the less you want to move further within.
What basicly means the less you feel motivated to love and be loved the more close to ending you are.

Yes, the truth is just simple like that: is never too late to change while you are alive! So stop to complain, rise your ass, do whatever must to be done and move on (in case you aren’t happy with who you are now). Ok, I know, sometimes the problem is to find out a way to realize it at time.

Yeah, the fucking damn problem is always try to racionalize feelings…
Well, good luck to you too!

P.s: The opposite apply perfect (the more you receive the more you do in return)!


I don't want to be part of a Statistic...


Argues: if it is unavoidable, always do your best!


What are you?

June 29, 2010

This morning I received a email from Greg, that was simply awesome! Give a look at what he sent me (yes, he knows “how much” I’m obsessed with charts/information).


And to be honest the email get me very inspired for my next post, so this is the reason why I decide to rebblog it here as a “preview” of.
Is pretty good to live with information around…
Enjoy and try “to find” yourself!

P.s: Ouiii thank you so much babe, I loved it.


What are you?

Note 1: this first chart is originally hosted at
SwissMiss Blog (and there it was also reblogged).


Note 2: the chart bellow is not so new, but it is also very interesting
(and the original source of, you can find at xkcd)

Geeks & Nerds

Short Manual | part IV

June 6, 2010

Based on the actions of boys and girls, because charts never lie!


~ Boys do cry:

(via Indexed)

~ Girls do fight:


But honestly, I think the charts above can have a dual function for both sides.  So, it’s up to you decide when and how to use it.


#all those charts are been inspired by This is Indexed.

Charts never lie part II

April 24, 2010

Sometimes images can say more than words… so pls. draw your own conclusions:


I'm fine but sometimes I would love to be great



less you feel loved, more you feel lost. It happens just because 1 < 2



easy to understand

~inspired by the blog