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05th of July was a day…

July 5, 2010

Just a phrase about the concert:


great location (very near by my place – so convenient)
nice people
-and they were perfect playing live (despite of the long delay to start…)

Basic Space‘, ‘Stars has made me cry (ok, I’m joking…)! Well, it was just another big concert I had the opportunity to check while I’m living here in Milan.


'Night Time' moment...


ps: perhaps I’ll go to see them again in London…
and with my boyfriend this time (sighs)

‘Always for you’

March 4, 2010

2h46a.m and I just got home…

I have one indescribable feeling inside of me right now and that’s wonderful! Tonight I went on the “THE ALBUM LEAF” concert at Circolo Arci Magnolia – one place to get back there more times (thought). Ambient super underground with a such nice acoustic for presentations / shows and other good point: drinks on the bar aren’t expensive at all! Genial!

About the concert…wow the concert…I have no words to discribe the atmospheric, the sound, even the people there inside hmmm really was everything (almost) perfect. I had fun and enjoyed from the begining till the end! They played for aproximately for 2hours and just made an short break for 5min, nothing more nothing less than that! I were in good company – tks Marcelo for being there with me. But I will confess that I was thinking lots about someone else very special  I got my mind set all the time on my ‘boyfriend’ and definitely I would loved to have had shared this fantastic night with him… #sighs

No doubts one of the great moments was when they played “ALWAYS FOR YOU”! First of all because this song is one of my favorites and also because they played it with so energy was so powerful watch the live performace. The fans could felt the ‘mood’ and yes we all being singing, jumping, recording, making pictures during all the time – truely I  have been there present more than 100%!


Was fantastic!



…”all the memories will never fade
For years and years
In my heart you’ll stay”…