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No regrets

December 15, 2011

“So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.”


The words I wanna hear…

October 1, 2010

“You are not perfect but that’s perfectly normal for me!
And no matter happens I’ll take you with all that you are.
With your complications…,
your uncertainties…,
your longings…,
your secrets…,
your past…,
your pain…,
your fears,
and dreams.
I wanna be your best companion, your unconditional love and friend.
I wanna take your breath away, make you cry with laughter tears of joy.
I wanna kiss you all over and tickle you till you scream!
I wanna surprise you by proving that I am not like all the boys before…
And what I wanna most is wrap you with my arms, care of you and make you happy.
I would love to have you here close to me the most of time…
Because is that what LOVE is about and I promise you I’ll will take you completely without exemptions!
Babe don’t push me away from you, please don’t play with my heart.
Believe me when I say those three little words…

Ps: I love you…


sometimes we have to be patient


#photo by skhizein, thanks for the cortesy!

Boys says… | Short Manual | part XV

July 10, 2010

The 40 things that Girls cannot even imagine being sexy…

1- Bra strap on display
2- Freckles on the face
3- Smudged mascara
4- Breasts that fills the hand – not too big, not too small
5- Messy hair on the morning
6- Radiant smile
Moan during sex
8- Biting lip and ‘frown’
9- Strong personality
Read lying on her stomach with the feet up
Pubic hair off
12- Haircut with bangs
13 – Intelligence, sympathy and self-sufficiency
14- Glasses
15- Flaccidity in the inner thigh (boys love to squeeze there!)
16- White t-shirt or dress
17- Jogging with headphones
18- Shake gently the hair with fingers while talk
19- Little feet
20- Skirt on the knees
21- Sweat gym class
22- Tie the hair anyway
23- Play and bit with the pen in the mouth
24- Hair in the wind
25- Cross-legged
26- String panties
27- Initiative / attitude in bed
28- Arranging the panties in the street and do that with charm to not let anyone see
29- Teddy bear
30- Read magazine or newspaper on the subway taking a coffee
31- Cry out of anger
32- Brush teeth
33- Eating and soiling
34- Funny pyjamas
35- Masturbation
36- Heels in the bed (outside either)
37- Look away and blush
38- Sexy lingerie and pantyhose
39- Wet hair
40- Cotton panties



#picture by perpetually

Falling in love vs. Staying in love

July 3, 2010

Short Manual | part XII

We all know that falling in love can be very easy sometimes; especially if you find someone whose has some of common points by your personality; and this could be the first step to start a relationship. But usually after a while people forget  about to ‘fall in love everyday’ by the same person and then things starts to complicate… so that’s the time to learn how to staying in love.
Between falling love and staying in love there is a abyss and sometimes we just cannot see that is two different situations, two different stages of feelings into the relationship…
Anyway what I’m trying to say is that knowing how to fall in love, and stay in love is not something that most people really understand, but is one of the most rewarding experiences that you get to enjoy in life!
Staying in love is something that takes work. Sometimes takes really hard-work for many different reasons… but it worth to!
Staying in love is only possible when you’ve find the person that is willing to accept you regardless of your flaws.
Staying in love is when you trust and care about your partner no matter happens.
Staying in love is when you do your best without request anything except ‘love’ in return; is when you wait for the something that you don’t know, and you still smiling without a reason!

Some useful tips to renew often your relationship and staying in love longer:

– First of all, throw away all the baggage of previous relationships! Moving forward and falling in love is impossible if you are not emotionally ready.
– Stay positive about the other person. This is not to say that you will ignore major problems. However, if you constantly complain about your significant other it will start to wear on the relationship. Negativity breeds unhappiness and resentment. It will not fix your partner. But if you focus on the positive things, the smaller annoyances about your partner will not eat away your love and will make sure him/her continue to feel loved.
– Do something where you are paying attention to each other. You both don’t need to properly being talking or hanging out; take a moment to just stay together just you and him/her like: lying on a bed (sofa), pick-nick on a park, watching movies… doesn’t matter.
– Be spontaneous. Be yourself! Show up at their place, surprise him/her with something new as much as possible. Keeping things interesting is the best way to keep your love alive.
– Don’t keep secrets or skeletons in your closet before you get serious with anyone. If you have a past problem, it will eventually come out. If you are not up front about it, it can kill your trust with one another. Be clear about everything with your partner, if he/she loves you there is nothing to afraid.
– Laugh together. Be silly. Love doesn’t have to be serious! Do something random that will make your partner laugh. You will be surprised how much these funny little things grow your love.
– Stay connected both physically and emotionally. Make a point to talk to your partner. Know what goes on in their lives. Also, use physical affirmation like kissing, making love and hugging… Without these connections love will slowly die. So go out of your way to connect.
– Spend quality time with your partner every single day that you can. It doesn’t mean stay together all the time but when you do that do with praise. Remember that also into relationships quality is better than quantity!
– Try to find out where your partner’s mind is, and support them in every way possible.
– Hold each other on a regular basis. Intimacy grows when you have emotional closeness. Even if you are not having sex, holding hands or kissing true love goes a long way towards safe.
– Finally but not last, encourage independence and individuality. Having a great relationship does not mean shedding your own identity. Be confident enough to be happy even when you are apart.

To make things work out perfectly, is better to keep in your mind: nobody is perfect! But apart from that is important to have someone who shares the same beliefs as you or, that will support you on yours. There is nothing better than be into a balanced relationship, founded on similar principles and intentions! Seriously, I think that people should stop to play around as we don’t want to have our hearts broken once again or just losing time with fail stories.

I’m pleased to have found someone else to shares my interests…someone who trust me and is totally able to make me happy even from faraway (when he wants to). I’m happy for has been found by someone who is able to handle my worst and make me laugh all the time.  Definitly is always a good thing when I’m with him, as we can have fun all the time. And babe, I cannot wait to see you again!

PS: If you are also willing to put forth some effort you can keep our love strong through the years,
and make part of this could be awesome for both of us!

Love is somewhere between cherries and miles away...

How to ‘read’ BOYS

June 9, 2010

When a Boy is quiet… he is just quiet.
When a Boy is not arguing… he thinks he is ‘right’ or he is just avoiding unnecessary troubles.
When a Boy looks at you with eyes full of questions… is beacuse he have many things to say to you but don’t had yet the courage to do; or he is just thinking about everything around him and that probably other things are envolved too, despite of you.
When a Boy answers I’m fine after a few seconds… he is definitely fine.
When a Boy does a question like Are you fine?… he is being kind and praying for one simple yes, I’m instead of hear lots of complains.
When a Boy doesn’t ask you anything… its because he trusts you and knows that you are pretty fine. Otherwise, if there is something wrong, Girls would starts to do lots of random questions…
When a Boy stares at you… it means he feels something for; it means he really can see you as you are for him.
When a Boy lays on your legs… he is wishing for you to be there quiet, enjoying this rare moment with him.
When a Boy says I will be waiting for you… it means well, I’m not sure but I’ll try to do that ok? or I still likes you, but you know sooner or later another one will appears and I will go after her (Girls don’t take so longer to get ready, to decide, or to come back to him… Sometimes it could be too late, Boys cannot wait forever; they don’t know how to do that!!!).
When a Boy wants to see you everyday… he is jealous and insecure or he is absolutely crazy for you.
When a Boy doesn’t make you lots of questions… it means he totally trust on you or are too busy to do that, or simply he doesn’t care anymore about anything.
When a Boy says I love you… he might doing some confusion between likes someone, and loves the one or he wants to make sex with you soon as possible no matters who you are or what he feels for you.
When a Boy says I miss you or I need you… it means that you can ‘brighten’ his world and sometimes means also I would love to make sex with you right now.
And as I’d said to Girls one time ago I’ll repeat now to you Boys:
Life only comes around once, so try to make sure that you’re spending it with the right person…
Go out, have fun and ‘fun’ (why not…); do whatever you want to do with no regrets; find someone else who… calls you when necessary, instead of 5 times a day.
Someone who calls you back when you hang up on them… and that start a descent conversation, instead of start to screaming at you without good reasons …
…who will stays awake just to watch you sleeping;
…who will wait for you late at night when you get back home from the office or from a pub;
…who will wants to hug you out when you were in your sweats without mind that much;
…who is constantly reminding you of how much she cares about but letting you free to hanging out with friends and to do ‘boys stuff’ since you respect her.
…who don’t make drama if you had a contretemps in a special day and cancel/change her plans.
…who don’t push you everyday to meet her parents as soon as possible.
…who can keep the relationship in privacy, instead of shows you to all her friends trying to make her friends jealous in case you are really really handsome, and cute, and gentle, the most perfect as no one has does before.

So Girls stop to wonder about boy’s reactions… Sometimes they are saying / doing exactly what they are meant to, so let’s relax. Don’t push them to high or too fast, enjoy what you have, don’t try never to change him , and remember: the important here isn’t about the future; is all about the present! About the future ‘nobody knows’ as they ussualy says…
But please Boys, do not start to abuse of our patience ok?!


do you still remember how?

#How to ‘read’ GIRLS

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Too much…

June 4, 2010

I’m such tired to be always [too much]

always [ ] sad,
always [ ] happy,
always [ ] careful and fearful,
always [ ] easy,
always [ ] complicated …
always [ ] pacient,
always [ ] hasty,
always [ ] brave and worried,
always [ ] ‘thinker’,
always [ ] ‘out of the world’,
always [ ] smart,
always [ ] stupid,
always [ ] clever,
always [ ] fool,
always [ ] perfect,
always [ ] me!

Note: now mark the options you think are correct… It’s about me, not you!

I wish I could quit...


You can found it at J>_<‘s Gallery on Flickr.

Lock me into your heart!

June 3, 2010


~ is the only prision where you can feel
yourself ‘happy’ for being within….
(note: it must be mutual to work out fine!)


take me or leave me: there's no other choice

*Note: this is a reblogged picture. The original you can
find at Guiilherme Monteiro’s Gallery on Flickr.
Tks a lot Gui for the cortesy!

Teenager notion of LOVE*

May 9, 2010

I had have read a lot those days, what is awesome.
But I had thought a lot too and this isn’t so cool [sometimes thinking is painful]…
And isn’t so wonderful at all have lots of up’s and down’s as I have!
Anyway let me talk about LOVE*
Well sometimes I just guess that I love so much that it hurts.
But I was realizing that exist many ways of love…
I known about a lot of different ways how to love but I only know one way to be loved and allow it without troubles and it might to be a little self-centered but work out very simple:
– I will give everything for the one I love, and I will not demand for anything else beyond what he couldn’t give me. But one thing that I will never accept is to be stolen from what I used to has before; and that means: if you gave me something pls. do not ever take it away from me! If you gave me that just keep doing that since you love me or just let me go. Give me always more, never less… And that’s my philosophy, very easy to understand, don’t you think?!
Apart from that I know people who want to steady, people who want to date…
Have ones that just want to get marry, others that just want to play around!
I know people that love someone so much but won’t express it kissing or hugging or saying…
Some go over boarder with that and showing their love in everywhere with affection.
I can say that I’m on the middle, split 50% for both sides.
For once I’m totally sure that this time I’ve found someone who sharing of the same opinion as me and this is perfect! We rarely disagree but sometimes we have some little mismatch dialog; unfortunately this happening because we are not close of each other all the time [I hate to have my babe living miles away from me]…
Love is a thing that affects to so many others. And I believe that if people are willing to open themselves up and let in that love, they are making a pact – a pact saying “I accept your way of love and I respect that you love me for everything I am. Love will work out great if be something reciprocal, we don’t need to feel like I HAVE to love you, or that you MUST to love me; we had chosen each other so let’s steak together!”
Love is wonderful and it sucks!
And it will take ages and forever and even beyond to understand why we love how we love and what it all means. Above of all, love is a lesson of acceptance, and as my boyfriend said today when we were talking about: ‘we cannot put the other under any kind of pressure to love in a specific way’ – that’s all true and is also something we teenagers, really need a lesson in! It’s easy to say but hard to be done.
I think we should to get back to school sometimes…

“I love the way you love me, but I hate the way I’m supposed to love you back”


Soon you will understand what tsurus means for me, for us...

I stole this photo from a Gallery on Flickr and I also allowed myself to re-edit,
just hope that she doesn’t mind that much!

just like the echoing sounds…

November 22, 2009

Sabem é engraçado e por vezes inacreditavél como as coisas realmente são…

just like the echoing sounds…

Eu já deveria estar acostumada, tudo é tão ridiculamente igual e fascinante. Previsível e nada mais.

just like the echoing sounds…

Eu tenho segredos que nem eu mesma deveria saber!

Eu sei de coisas que até Deus dúvidaria – e eu não teria porque achar diferente se, por algum motivo, alguém duvidasse de mim, só a minha certeza me basta. Eu não gosto de me enganar! E eu não preciso provar nada a ninguém.

just like the echoing sounds…

Como e por que? Ah, são duas coisas incompreensíveis e que por hora eu não posso explicar!

just like the echoing sounds…

trying to keep this quiet, trying to keep a secret

Hoje eu acordei com milhares de músicas na minha cabeça, cloquei alguns links no meu Twitter não resisti…já que  cada uma delas (em determinados trechos) relatam exatamente as coisas como elas são. Precisa ser sagaz pra conseguir ter a pegada do lance!

Não é tudo tão simples como parece – é muito mais complicado em si, ainda mais pra quem está de fora achando que sabe de alguma coisa (poor ones…eu me divirto!).

Como nos tempos de guerra se volta a trocar mensagens ocultas, disfarçadas e nada é mais o que parecer ser…

Eu tenho a mensagem, você sabe o código e essa é você:


AFI – Endlessly She Said

“Walked into our world and made
Horrible sounds.
I can still hear them today
[Strangely they seem
Beautiful now]
Though they outlast my love.

Still each time I always meant,
Every word,
Every one.
Though in time they finally bent,
Every word,
Every one.
Endlessly, She Said
not me

‘I wont wait for you’ She said…
Endlessly and never more
So spoke,

I got this fantastic img from Tino, a great photographer that gives me this pic! Follow the link to check it better

I got this fantastic img from Tino, a great photographer that gives me this pic! Tks a lot I loved

Curious?! So have a look on his gallery:

Tino’s Galery on Flickr