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Such a Small World

October 19, 2009

Today was another great day with a lot of good surprises in my life and one of those surprises that I found was this:

Well, I’ll try to explain in just a few words, maybe it isn’t necessary but anyway:

Samira (the blogger) of this wonderful page is kind of friend of mine, that I met by Facebook and yes, she became my partner as well. Through her I contacted other different agencies and models.

Another curious point, specifically about  this post is:  the team of photographers (2nd group of pics)  are my friends as well!!! Dudu Lima and Marco Mendez, two amazing people that I have the pleasure to have in my life as good friends and great professionals…

Really, till now i couldn’t realize in fact how exactly small the world is…this things make me scared and obviously surprised, but I love these coincidences!

The more I live, the more I want to discover new things… The more I live, the more I learn about how surprising the world is!

Congratxx for all of you!

Last night

September 19, 2009

Well, tonight will be my last night at the old apartment…bad memories bye bye. A new life are coming and im feeling great!
From tomorrow will be a restart on my life! And you know what, tomorrow  20th of September, make exactly 1 year that I’m here in Italy! I can’t realize that when I saw it on my calendar… Bah, unbelievable I’m surprised! And its ok because I’ll be closing one cycle and is perfect think like this…
I’m loving my new lifestyle, so more exciting than before (for real!) …
Is unpriceless be myself!


I start to dicover a new city full of good possibilities, full of life, colors, sounds…
I don’t need anything more, my past I’ll keep away from me finally! Tks God for everything!
After tomorrow only good and new things will be part of my life. Only!
I’m self-confident that I’ll be ok by my self and anyway just in case, if maybe I need I knew how to made good friends! Thank you all I’m always thinking of you guys.
Very soon I’ll keep you in posted.
Cheers! Let’s celebrate!!!

Enjoy your life we only live once!

Enjoy your life we only live once!


September 17, 2009

Well my day was perfect, amazing really!
I have had a lot of good surprises today and I feel that is only the begining …
“If I can imagine so I can easily realize!” This is my new quote and I believe on this truely.

I wished have you here babe to share with you all my happiness!
But its ok, I need to understand…that´s complicated now, I made my choice to come back to Milan and I feel no regrets for this!
I´m a very luck person, definitely! And day by day I have more proud of myself.


Babe, next time just holding me tight  (L)

FRAGILE: now I'm on my own