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That is it…

November 16, 2011

I always thought my last public post would be something great, full of meaning etc.
Ha! typical… I guess I was wrong!
The truth is that Twitter is causing me troubles, WordPress is causing me troubles too, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Google+ and so on… So, well, seems that I must get over this shit for a while otherwise I won’t be able to save the “us” that still left between my boyfriend and I.
Of course I’m not going to be such an idiot to shutdown my public profiles but I will keep things quiet, I will keep thoughts and comments to myself because there’s nothing that I want more than put things back on track and set them happily in stone once for all as it’s clear for me that I do love him.
So I am happy to announce that this is done!

I’ve made my choice and my choice is to do whatever is possible to make us happy, because G.N.B. happy is Carol happy and vice-versa!

Letter to him | part VII

December 18, 2010


I’m waiting
Waiting for happiness,
For freedom…
I’m waiting for ‘hellos’,
And brief ‘goodbyes’
I’m holding waiting for someone,
Waiting for love and be loved,
I’m waiting for fire…
I have been waiting for him since we’ve met.
I love you G. and I miss you so…


I can’t wait to have you back to me…

XX the XX

June 1, 2010

I have never known this kind of love before.
When I looked at him for the very first time I almost gasped with the effort to contain my feelings; a few months have passed but I still remember how it was, maybe because it just happened again about 10 days ago… and was lovely and perfect as always.
He was for my surprise exactly what I’d thought, perhaps much more!
And I do not know why, but I truly realized those days that we were together, that I love him.
I love him, through over the sense of reason, just like that!
And doesn’t matter if I don’t know him yet that much, or if we have an unusual relationship, (let’s say that we are ‘valentines’ which aren’t necessary together all the time – what do not means we have ‘open relashionship’! NEVER!!! Anyway, it just happen because he lives in London and I’m still here at Milan. Obviously sometimes I do things and he get jealous or sometimes he do things and I get upset or blue, but we are working on it and doing well tks!)
Last week, on the 22th, made four months that we belongs to each other! As they says so far, so good… But sometimes I miss him so much (I know that we are being strong no matter happening but I just needed more certain days…yeah I wish I could hug him more often).
Anyway I do love him so much, I feel what I feel and this is the only thing I know undoubtedly and without deny!
And I know that he loves me too.
Ok might be true that it happened in a such short time and I’ll confess that have to listened those three magic words was the heaven! I love his British accent, his voice…
All this ‘physical distance’ is sucks but maybe this has made our feelings growing even more and become so real (sound it weird I know…) and let’s also say that we both were needing an unusual relationship to heal our hearts and to teach us about what we don’t know yet.
Whatever, his young life outweighs my own will to rationalize anything! I’m totally in love… we had and still having a ‘crush’; we are totally crazy and with some luck for so long still we’ll can being this way.
I’m ok with that, he also and together we are so happy!
Now he is part of my world and since him entrance into my life I have begun to smile lots again (the ones who knows me well can imagine what exactly this means…)
Yes, only he knows how to get my best smile (yeap, he knows how to bring it out easily), how to make me happy with a quick ‘hello my gorgeous girl’ or one simple random photo.
My heart is open to experiencing everything with him, through him and for him.
And I’m so glad that I can risk saying that I’m the happiest girl in the entire world just because of him (even being a quiet sad for other reasons sometimes).
Well what matters is that he inspires me like no one else!
And as I said he brought shine to my life again.
Since I saw him I knew that I might give anything for his happiness…
Because is such adorable the way as him smile at me, and cares for me kindly, I adore the way as him please me, as he ‘melting’ for me…
Is simply perfect and rewarding the way as I can feel him, as I can kiss him and touch him…
I love the way as only him look over me, because seems that only him can see what no one else can catch; and it’s worth any effort to travel over there, any effort to keep me holding for more, for the ‘next time’ and for so long…
To say I love you is mediocre, insignificant at best. There are no words adequate enough or unique for when as we are together that could express well my feelings!
I am what I am because of him: sweet and fresh, fussy and unpredictable, funny and gorgeous…
(at least to his eyes, I guess…)
Thank you babe so much, for everything and more! I cannot wait to see you again!



My Sweet ‘London Calling’

May 27, 2010

I will not say many words about how gone my trip to England this time…

I cannot say that was wonderful, because perfection still being much more than that (and in all general meanings!)
I cannot say that I thank them for everything, because words will do not express very well how glad I were…
I cannot say that once again I’d got the best of London and if perhaps I had disliked something a little, it doesn’t even matters, because all those days has gone really ‘good fun’ and I’d definitely enjoyed every single second with you all.

Have stayed at my boyfriend’s place’s (together again) was nothing but awesome and definitely I will do everything to put us happy together sometime soon…
– Because babe, I’m keep holding for more, even when I don’t believe that much in ‘tomorrows’.

Already missing you…and it hurts!






things I will never learn…

Especial ‘thanks’ to:
~Michael, my new best ‘imaginary’ friend for be a such cool guy addicted for coffee just like me (the best companion ever to go to Starbucks; so if you too go to London just call him!).
~Greg, my lovely boyfriend for loving me the way he do.
My thanks and greetings goes also to ~Warwick and Niki, cheers to our business partnership, and thanks for the opportunity.
IMG above reblogged…the source this time was WEHEARTIT.COM

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010

L.O.V.E for all those ones who know how to love…

G.R.A.C.E for who trust in fate and smile without thinking twice of the ‘unexpected’…

S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H for people like you and me that challenge the ‘impossible’ making it true and know how to enjoy it!

F.A.I.T.H for those ones who live their lifes like there is no tomorrow and believe in ‘second chances’…

M.U.C.H M.O.R.E for everyone that feels the same today and always!!!


“we are so good together”


February 12, 2010

I had spent my time counting days.
Yeap, I did it since that I came back from London last month and just for one special reason: to be with him again. Hmmmm thinking better I would venture myself to say with more than 100% of sure that we both had done the same (yes, we think so alike and we are perfect on our own way!).

I must to confess that he have the power to make my day worth with one simple ‘hello gorgeous’ and this is awesome!
Also he can always makes me happy even being faraway from me and smile lots (people usually say to me that I’m so pretty smiling…so this is good – I think). Anyway, I simply love myself when I’m okay!

Well and this is ‘why’ I have expecting for today anxiously. Really I cannot realize that in a few hours we will be together again after have been apart for a while:

1641600 seconds…
27360 minutes…
456 hours…
well 19 days…

I know that definitely wasn’t so much time but was enough to makes me miss him a lot! Never mind, the important thing is that he is coming to visit me!

For my luck during all those days seemed that we were ‘together’ even with 1.310km between us… Perhaps because we were in touch all the time, every single day and yes we are connected by many different ways so we can reach ourselves almost 24/7 (sometimes he need to sleep…but it’s ok).

I can’t wait to see again his beautiful smile, to look into his deep blue eyes, to have his touch, to listen he speaking to me with his British accent so hot, well to be on his arms – all this is so magnific! #blushing
I have no words to describe it and I say: I never ever felt myself this way before!
I’m very glad and grateful to had found him without looking for… and this is so cool!

I am convinced: I’m the most happiest girl ever… for me he is one in one million!!! Tks a lot boy just to be how you are! #L
So I will finish this post with one song that I like… ‘Come Together / Primal Scream‘ is really hot and also rock my world!

Enjoy the lyric:

“Kiss me, won’t you won’t you kiss me
Won’t you won’t you kiss me
Lift me right out of this world
Trip me, won’t you won’t you trip me
Won’t you won’t you trip me
Lift me ride me to the stars
I’m free you’re free
I want you to touch me
Come touch me
Now it’s all too much
All too much
All too much
Come together oh oh…”

Cables…paths crossed

February 6, 2010

A few days ago on Feb 02th, I was walking around very inspired and floating mind, seeing beauty in everywhere when I decided to ‘catch my mood’ and this is the reason why I made this lovely photo (pls. have a look bellow!)

I’m absolutely convinced that life must to have a purport and I really like when I do pictures with special meanings.  Photography is one of my passions and after had checking out the good result I felt more than obliged to publish it on my Flickr and also here with some txt to express myself better somehow…

The history behind the scene: I was thinking about someone else really special. Yeap, he is special for lots of simple reasons… First of all to be this amazing guy that he is – no doubts about it! And also because I think that he is very alike me! Well I think that our history started before we meet (uncommon)… In fact either I know exactly what happened or when exactly everything begun, you know, simply just might to be.

Fate, coincidence…this doesn’t matter – what really matter is that my feelings are real and truthful! And I risk saying that we are doing very well, seems that we are perfect together!

I won’t lie or deny anything more, he ‘rock’ my world and definitely I’m enjoying all of it! Because he brings me joy, happiness, love to my life again and most probably that he doesn’t really knows how glad I’m for that…

Is good to have my mind set on him all the time (YES, I LIKE HIM A LOT!) Now I’m NOT afraid anymore to let he knows that – because seems that we felt almost the same so I think that is okay…

Anyway I’m fascinating for everything regarding this ‘new and wonderful world’ that I’d found even without looking for it…

I probably would love him even more if I had his physical presence more effective but it’s okay we still perfect even being apart and space everybody needs sometimes!  Once for all our history ‘together’ is much more and better than many ‘popcorn romantic movie’ or ‘silly cases of ordinary life’, you know…

For us doesn’t exist half-measures! For us is now or never, here and there, now and again because tomorrow can be too late.

I’m crazy and this is the reason that I say:  I’m in love!


I jumped!

Let’s start from now another countdown…

January 27, 2010

Se eu estiver sonhando, por favor, não me acordem jamais, porque eu quero mais é aproveitar ao máximo esse sonho bom que me está acontecendo!

Cada vez mais eu me convenço de que minhas histórias são surreais!

Um dia quem sabe eu viro filme…Há pouco tempo atrás eu disse que “Happiness is one of the great feelings that I have inside of me now… #L” pois é, sinto que novamente tenho algo grande dentro de mim crescendo e isso é inexplicável, engraçado algo me diz que eu não estou sozinha nessa.

Meu coração agora está pronto a gostar de alguém de verdade outra vez e finalmente eu não tenho mais motivos, tempo e nem paciência para tristezas ou pra nada mais do meu passado. Eu estou fazendo o meu mundo girar, e eu tenho uma razão simples:

-Acho que isso é amor, ou então eu ainda não sei bem o que é…

Eu só sei que nós dois somos loucos, somos únicos, somos juntos tudo aquilo que desejamos ser: somos super!

E é, definitivamente pulamos sem pára-quedas! Eu confesso que me entreguei a essa paixão de olhos fechados e de coração aberto mesmo antes de conhecê-lo…

Me sinto com 12 anos de idade novamente e, primeiro amor a gente nunca esquece. Por isso, independentemente de como sejam os próximos capítulos da nossa historia, eu sei que desses dias perfeitos eu vou levar comigo e pra sempre a lembrança de momentos muito felizes!

Eu estou vivendo um presente maravilhoso, louco e muito perfeito e sobre o futuro… bem, o futuro é a gente quem o faz, e nós já o estamos fazendo!

Is lovely have you holding my hands...

Is lovely to have you holding my hands...