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Happy as hell

November 10, 2012

Have you seen her?
She doesn’t look sad does she?
That’s because she’s not.
She doesn’t look like someone who got her heart broken and her life torn dozens of times does she?
She had… It doesn’t look like it now, but she got it badly, by almost all the “good people” she met.
That’s all okay now, because she’s happy.
Who cares if she’s more happier than she was with them, or less.
She doesn’t bother that at all.
Though, just for the record she is far happier than she ever was.
She lives fully for the moment.
She lives with no regrets.
She knows what she had with them was great by that time, something no one could feel except for the two of them.
Though they probably showed her more things when they actually walked out of her life…
She thank all of them.
She learned to be independent and even more determined; to only trust a few; to take the time to cherish others, and she finally learned how to be strong.
Nobody expected that she would turn into a fascinating happy and more beautiful lady because of the scars they left her with…
Now all she hopes for is for them to become better men, to show the world the goodness in their hearts that still left instead of this conflicted soul they insist in display to others.
Now look at her.
She doesn’t look sad, does she?
That’s because she’s not!
And the best part is to know that after all, she will never be sad again because she is now complete.

I was born to be HAPPY!

I was born to be LOVED!


P.S: Thanks Fra for being everything I always dreamed of. Thank you for taking me as I am.


Happy Birthday to Me!

August 15, 2012

I want more tattoos, and perhaps a new hair cut or get a bit tanned this summer…
I want to keep on travelling the world, I want a different dress for each day of the month and I want to use make up even if I’m not going anywhere special.
I want to feel and look pretty inside and out.
I want to walk around barefoot in the grass or along the beach every night of every summer for the rest of my life.
I want to for 5 minutes lie naked on the first night of snowing and watch shooting stars in the dark sky.
I want to be tall enough to taste the clouds, but small enough to crawl in bed and stay there for days.
I want to read tons of books, but I want to stay out late sometimes.
I want to make mistakes, a lot of them!
I want to spend a whole year learning and speaking a new language.
I want to write a book that no one is ever going to read.
I want to lose myself in someone’s skin.
I want to fall back in love with the same person for years to come.
I want to write letters that I’ll never going to send and I want to keep them for time enough to forget about the words I wrote down.
I want to cry my heart out for the wrong reasons, to start over a few times before I get it right.
I want to love it with everything I have.
I want to accept my imperfections.
I want scare strangers on the street, or simply to hug them for no reason.
I want to dye my hair two different colours and I want to paint my nails the colour of the sea.
I want to let myself angry and sad, and I want to cut myself open and tell the truth about it.
I want to take pictures of everyone, everything and everywhere I know.
I want to get a bus without knowing where its going to take me.
I want to stand on top of the rocks in the park and remember what it feels like to stand there for the very first time.
I want to sing out loud even when I’m not quite sure of what I’m singing.
I want to jump off bridges and survive and I’m going to write it all down in diaries.
This year I want to set my own North and live the way I want to.

.:It’s a good good life:.

Letters to Francesco | part II

May 11, 2012

I really admire you not because you’re someone I really love but as an individual.
I appreciate your entire being and the more I get to know you the more I respect you.
I want you to never doubt about how much I care and how much you’re important to me.
I want to be someone you can go to when you’re mad, disappointed, excited, happy or all the other emotions that are running through your mind.
I want you to always count on me.
I want to be there for you as much as you are there for me, always.
I want to be the one to keep you company yet give you the space you need.
I want to be able to always talk and express all my feelings and concerns to you because I feel you are able to help me and support me through it all. Although there are times where we may not be able to understand each other fully, we’ve to do our best to at least try to understand halfway rather than not at all.
I want us to put ourselves in each other’s shoes to relate and try to see through each other’s point of view of what’s going on.
I want to be able to talk things out before we’ve the chance to assume the worst of one another.
I want the two of us to carry on building not just a relationship but that kind of amazing friendship that’ll keep us very close.
Actually I want us to be a team instead of a couple.
I want to make you happy each and every day by putting a smile upon your face no matter how much this could cost me.
I know where my priorities belong but you are set among the list, just not as my first because my life would not revolve around you. However, since I first met you, you automatically became a part of my life, and I’d like to share that with you, together with all joys and sorrows.
I want to create thousands of remarkable moments with you; especially those special moments when it’s just us two.
And I don’t really care where we go, as long as I get to be with you because “home” is wherever I am with you.
I want to tell you the truth from the very beginning to all times, I’ve given my heart to you with no hesitations because I believe in you and I. And I hope we’ll last because we can conquer every situation as long as we’re able to talk it out and accept each other for who we are.
This time I don’t want a fairy tale love that is always so “lovey dovey”. I am not the princess who need to be saved… I am the troubled girl who makes somehow things happen, and I like being this way. Because along the years I noticed every time something seems so perfect, there must be at least one flaw that separates what we want as opposed to what we are afraid of and this sucks.
With you I want to be brave and fearless with an adventurous type of love where we’ll do as we desire as long as we set our minds upon it. I am in love with our adventure and I am certain that the way we are doing will take us far in life.
I’ll always support you and cheer you on with your ambitions and goals as much as I can just not because you do this to me but because you deserve my attention in whatever you propose yourself to do. I will criticize you if I have to and I expect from you no more and no less than this.
I want us to go hand in hand with a promise; not to leave one another behind.
I want to keep on trusting you with my eyes closed and my heart open and know that you won’t ever let me down because I won’t ever do that to you.
I want to create a bond where we would synchronize our minds and hearts as one. Yet I want the two of us to be as free as birds.
You deserve to be happy and loved and so do I, so let’s help one another.
I want to keep showing you how much I am worth to be with.
And I hope to always be your choice because you will always be mine.
I hope we can both build each other up and learn more about one another each and every day.
And even when I’m not that close to you, always know that I’m always thinking about you and how you’re doing.
Last but not least, if I had to die a thousand times a day I would do it for you!

Letters to Myself… | part IV

January 25, 2012

Dear future me,

Good luck with dating.
I hope when you have read this you aren’t feeling downtrodden, guilty or lonely anymore just because some asshole mucked things up in your past.
You’re better than that so don’t give a shit for what people’s saying and just carry on distracting yourself.
Do whatever you want to do and with whom you judge worthy of a piece of you!
You know, it might sound rough but I always knew that “monogamy and commitment” wasn’t quite for you…
However I am truly happy to see you taking your chances.
But more than that, I content and proud to see that you leave the past in the past.

– Forgive.
– Forget.
– Move on.

Yeah babe, that’s the way we rule!

the old you


From yesterday

January 23, 2012

Being single doesn’t mean being lonely and I guess I couldn’t be happier with the choices I’ve made.
Last night was far above my expectations (literally and figuratively).
This guy I met on a blind date was great, very talkative, open minded, new in town, completely cute, fucking handsome and hyper funny (yes, he made my cheeks hurt as I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing not even for a second).
His green-light-blue eyes wow caught me at first sight! It was indescribable, stronger than butterflies I guess… And it’s interesting because I risk saying that I already feel myself alive once again, which is all I needed.
Yeah, for some unknown reason this guy brought me back a part of my being that I’d thought was dead.
I have only reasons to thank him so far for his patience, for being himself surprising me in such a positive way, for being a gentleman despite his age but mainly for accepting this common agreement of “zero commitment”.
Indeed we just want someone to say things to, someone to kiss and hug and cuddle, someone to mimimi and all that teen stuff you know…
It’s a fresh feeling!
We are young, wild and we just want to have fun.
And to me all this sound like music to my ears… it’s now carnival in my heart.
So in order to enjoy life as much as possible I am going to live life in the fast lane, celebrating every single day till the day we decide to stop seeing each other. It can happens within a week, a month, a year who knows, who cares…
It’s simple, we have no strings attached and this is the beauty of us.

Presenting the guy

on the way back home

Letters to Myself… | part III

January 20, 2012

Dear future me,

I must say that in general I’m really proud of you.
I’m proud that you finally got the guts to spit out that lump in your throat and that you’ve cleaned your heart so well.
I’m proud that no matter the situation you find yourself, we always find a way to turning tables.
I’m proud to notice how strong you became.
You’d your heart broken and still you managed to change the both of us for better.
Thank you!
I wonder what we will be feeling in a few months from now…
I hope you are not kinda broken hearted anymore, because I am not!
I hope you have overcome the hurt and your heart is mended.
I hope you are playing around and having fun (lots of fun).
I hope you’ve learned once for all to do not handle out our heart so easily.
I hope you keep enjoying your life as much as I’m doing now.
I hope you stay true, seriously don’t bother about critics. People will end up judging us anyway, so please keep always saying out loud whatever comes to our minds.
I hope you don’t have so much sorrow or regrets.
(I know you’ll not but as usual I want to make sure you don’t forget it).
I want to believe that you have learned to love yourself and to put your wishes and desires in the first place.
By the way I’m glad you are NOT going to stick on with our plans about London, you deserve better of course you do!
I hope that after all you still live in Europe somewhere, but if not, Canada sounds also a great option to you and me and I will support you whatever the place you take us.
Remember LOVE YOURSELF and just enjoy life! You are young, smart and goooorgeous and nothing or nobody can’t stop you from getting what you want or being happy.
I love you!

– See you soon.




Letters to them… | part V

January 13, 2012

Yesterday, January 12, 2012 @19:25:11
To: my dearest new buddy.

My dear Paul,

I wish I could tell you everything in my head but I don’t quite know from where to start…
I guess thanking you would be a nice way to.
So thank you my lovely!
Thank you for everything you’ve done so far.
Every day, just texting and talking to you makes everything seem brighter.
And I don’t think you know exactly how much you already mean to me or how you’ve brought me back from the edge so many times.
You make me feel so happy and calm.
You make me forget about my problems and dramas… yeah, you have this effect on me and I knew that without a doubt on the night you sang beautifully to me.
Your voice, the way you looked… everything about you makes me feel comfortable and safe, even though save from myself.
I am so so sooooooo lucky to have been found! We had a great start and I love the way how you confuse me so much every time you say something extra cute and then re-phrase yourself.
You are awesome!
If I had one wish, it would be that your life brings you a taste of the happiness that you brought me.
I was a stranger and you welcomed me and there is no better feeling in the world that being picked up from the ground.
You gave (give) me basically everything I’ve needed so far.
You give me every day your full attention,
You give me hope for better days,
You give me the desire to look to the future…
You are one of the most beautiful person I know and I ever wish only the best to you.
Really looking forward to see you sometime soon.



Letters to Myself | part II

January 5, 2012

Dear future me,
I hope you are smiling and thinking actually how lucky you are to have the people around you that you do.
You are beautiful, sexy, remarkably smart and are able to get everything you deserve and want with or without any “fantastic guy who you love more than anything in life”.
Don’t bother, people sometimes act in a way which they will eventually regred for the rest of their lives.
Preserve yourself, don’t put all your faith in others.
You are awesomely goooorgeous, you are doing great and getting stronger every day.
So believe me when I say that you are allowed to be happy… and you shouldn’t feel any guilty about it!
Don’t let anyone to put you down.
Chin up girl!

p.s: If people want to step out of your life, be gentle and hold the door open for them.

the old you

I’m now in charge of our heart.

2012: We’re almost there!

December 31, 2011



Years always come and go, and this time I specially wish you a double dose of whatever you’ve wished for me!


+365 days to go…


Letters to Myself

December 20, 2011

Dear future me,
I will not deny that I’m quite confused about your future…
However I just wanted to say that whatever happens you’ll still have a way of fixing things.
There is always a way! You just need to calm down and see things get sorted out.
I believe in your high potential to make up things once again.
Don’t give up.
I trust you to make us happy!

the old you

That's the idea, not the ideal.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010

L.O.V.E for all those ones who know how to love…

G.R.A.C.E for who trust in fate and smile without thinking twice of the ‘unexpected’…

S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H for people like you and me that challenge the ‘impossible’ making it true and know how to enjoy it!

F.A.I.T.H for those ones who live their lifes like there is no tomorrow and believe in ‘second chances’…

M.U.C.H M.O.R.E for everyone that feels the same today and always!!!


“we are so good together”


February 12, 2010

I had spent my time counting days.
Yeap, I did it since that I came back from London last month and just for one special reason: to be with him again. Hmmmm thinking better I would venture myself to say with more than 100% of sure that we both had done the same (yes, we think so alike and we are perfect on our own way!).

I must to confess that he have the power to make my day worth with one simple ‘hello gorgeous’ and this is awesome!
Also he can always makes me happy even being faraway from me and smile lots (people usually say to me that I’m so pretty smiling…so this is good – I think). Anyway, I simply love myself when I’m okay!

Well and this is ‘why’ I have expecting for today anxiously. Really I cannot realize that in a few hours we will be together again after have been apart for a while:

1641600 seconds…
27360 minutes…
456 hours…
well 19 days…

I know that definitely wasn’t so much time but was enough to makes me miss him a lot! Never mind, the important thing is that he is coming to visit me!

For my luck during all those days seemed that we were ‘together’ even with 1.310km between us… Perhaps because we were in touch all the time, every single day and yes we are connected by many different ways so we can reach ourselves almost 24/7 (sometimes he need to sleep…but it’s ok).

I can’t wait to see again his beautiful smile, to look into his deep blue eyes, to have his touch, to listen he speaking to me with his British accent so hot, well to be on his arms – all this is so magnific! #blushing
I have no words to describe it and I say: I never ever felt myself this way before!
I’m very glad and grateful to had found him without looking for… and this is so cool!

I am convinced: I’m the most happiest girl ever… for me he is one in one million!!! Tks a lot boy just to be how you are! #L
So I will finish this post with one song that I like… ‘Come Together / Primal Scream‘ is really hot and also rock my world!

Enjoy the lyric:

“Kiss me, won’t you won’t you kiss me
Won’t you won’t you kiss me
Lift me right out of this world
Trip me, won’t you won’t you trip me
Won’t you won’t you trip me
Lift me ride me to the stars
I’m free you’re free
I want you to touch me
Come touch me
Now it’s all too much
All too much
All too much
Come together oh oh…”

My job, my life!

September 25, 2009
beautiful evening

beautiful evening

happy to make part of this!

happy to make part of this!

Have things that no need any explanation … my happiness with my job at the new agency TnT Model Management is one of these things!

Tks God for everything!!!

Last night

September 19, 2009

Well, tonight will be my last night at the old apartment…bad memories bye bye. A new life are coming and im feeling great!
From tomorrow will be a restart on my life! And you know what, tomorrow  20th of September, make exactly 1 year that I’m here in Italy! I can’t realize that when I saw it on my calendar… Bah, unbelievable I’m surprised! And its ok because I’ll be closing one cycle and is perfect think like this…
I’m loving my new lifestyle, so more exciting than before (for real!) …
Is unpriceless be myself!


I start to dicover a new city full of good possibilities, full of life, colors, sounds…
I don’t need anything more, my past I’ll keep away from me finally! Tks God for everything!
After tomorrow only good and new things will be part of my life. Only!
I’m self-confident that I’ll be ok by my self and anyway just in case, if maybe I need I knew how to made good friends! Thank you all I’m always thinking of you guys.
Very soon I’ll keep you in posted.
Cheers! Let’s celebrate!!!

Enjoy your life we only live once!

Enjoy your life we only live once!