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2012: We’re almost there!

December 31, 2011



Years always come and go, and this time I specially wish you a double dose of whatever you’ve wished for me!


+365 days to go…


I made it…

March 25, 2010

Well, I took one important decision and I will confess that wasn’t so difficult as I had thought. Yes, I choose again to take the risk to go outside,  to start to look for something better, to fight for something that I really believe accepting to pay the price. And I did it on stead of remain there with properly non future, without find any space to keep growing up, going against some of my principles (sorry but this I cannot do and were being too much for me). For my lucky I’m very optimist and I believe so much that everything always happens on the right time and only when it has to happen. For this reason, I’m sure that pretty soon I will be replaced again, doing what I like, I’m confident that soon I will be more than 100%  ‘OK’ and ready again to keep driving my road, but till there I will just close my eyes, make a wish and blow it away… because I believe in impossible things!

I’m a such lucky girl, remember…and I know that at the end everything is gone be alright so I will wait for my time to play again in a new team. Simple, like might to be!

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything! Thanks to all of you boys and girls that are being so nice with me…


Hope: making possible the 'impossible'!