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The words I wanna hear…

October 1, 2010

“You are not perfect but that’s perfectly normal for me!
And no matter happens I’ll take you with all that you are.
With your complications…,
your uncertainties…,
your longings…,
your secrets…,
your past…,
your pain…,
your fears,
and dreams.
I wanna be your best companion, your unconditional love and friend.
I wanna take your breath away, make you cry with laughter tears of joy.
I wanna kiss you all over and tickle you till you scream!
I wanna surprise you by proving that I am not like all the boys before…
And what I wanna most is wrap you with my arms, care of you and make you happy.
I would love to have you here close to me the most of time…
Because is that what LOVE is about and I promise you I’ll will take you completely without exemptions!
Babe don’t push me away from you, please don’t play with my heart.
Believe me when I say those three little words…

Ps: I love you…


sometimes we have to be patient


#photo by skhizein, thanks for the cortesy!

They do really love each other?

June 23, 2010

The true is no, he doesn’t always make me happy!
There are times when I really just want to punch him in the face, get up and walk away because it seems so much easier.
But that’s not what true love is about. It’s about learning to forgive him for his mistakes; without anger or holding grudges neither trying to bring the past back.
Build a relationship is about learning to love and admire even more for all the small imperfections, because not one person on this earth is perfect.
It’s about discovering something new about each other every day, but without stalking each other.
It’s about trust in, with the eyes closed and the heart open.
It’s about care each other even from far away and falling in love all over again every time you look into his eyes.
It’s about hold for more and wait for something that might never comes without lose hope.
It’s about not give a shit about people gossips, but believe on things that they said to each other and nobody else.
It’s about understanding and working through problems, not just giving up when something goes wrong.
Is when one of them has a trouble that the true love will be shown off, shared and understood.
True love wasn’t meant to be easy, but it’s something definitely worth it.
And maybe this is the reason why we supposed to not say ‘I LOVE YOU’ without truly love each other.


Perhaps you're for me more than you should be...