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Day Eighteen

March 6, 2011

Firstly I have no words to express how glad I’m for being here. More than never I’m convinced that God moves in a mysterious way… Definitely I was really needing to have a break, change the scenary you know, and staying in Malmesbury since last Wednesday evening till tonight was very refreshing! Of course that I haven’t ignored completely of all those things that I still have to solve in Italy but was possible to slow down a bit with everything.
So today was our last day in the countryside before we go back to London and during my stay with boyfriend’s parents I’ve made sure that I was offering the best of me and probably also getting the best of them!
I have been talking a lot with Tricia (boyfriend’s mother – yes, most of the time we are close to each other); today his brother and sister was more comfortable with my presence which means that we could also chat and laught a lot, and we all are planning to do something together during the summer, which sounds very exciting! Go to the chalet in Rosswald, the summer music festival in Nyon, Malmesbury again and so many other options…
Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so good during the whole day was very windy, cloudy and grey so after the lunch I  just helped them with a few things in the house.
The way back on the motorway was good and we didn’t take too long on our return. Loud and good music inside the car, another good surprise! Then just after our arrival we went downstairs for dinner and of course some wine!
I still have to wait about 18 hours from now before my boyfriend back to town but that’s perfectly fine because after these 3 and a half incredible days spent with his family I have no doubt about where I want to be. Yes, I already pressume where my future will lead me in a couple of years ahead and I’m not afraid of it, not at all, not anymore.
So thanks “dear Universe” for having shown me the right way to go.

Day Two

February 17, 2011

I’m still in London…

And I really wish the circumstances were like a “liddle bit” different. At least I’m not alone and eventually things will be sorted out quickly. I keep repeating to myself “just breathe, nothing happens without a reason…” So let me see what the others will say to me tomorrow and afterwards decide what I’m going to do. At the moment I’m waiting (but not so patiently) to find out what God prepared for me this time. Anyway as the optimists often say “if there is still hope, do not give up, just give a shit”
The hardest thing has being to keep calm, focused on my extra issue without losing faith or treating people badly around me!
But yeah, better winds are to come soon…

I am trying to…I really am

Letters to him | part VI

December 17, 2010

I will tell you a secret…

I want to stop feeling so alone all the time.
I want to be able to hold your hand every time I want to.
I want to be able to kiss you hello and goodbye, every single day.
I want to lie in my bed with you and listen to everything you have to say.
I want to have you whispering ‘night night my darling, sleep well. I love you’ close to my ears and neck, night after night for as long as we exist.
I want you to put me in bed, I want to fall asleep in peace, with my head in your chest…
I want you to cuddle with me in the winter to make me feel warm and safe.
I want to be able to tell you everything and more.
I want you to tell me everything too and all the time.
I want you to be my best friend.
I want to be your last girlfriend…
And I want us to keep doing well, chasing infinity and beyond.
I want to build castles of dreams with you.
I want to spend more time with you and I want that you want that too.
I want to make you feel special just as you do this to me.
I just need you ‘in quantity’.
I just need to know you want this too.
And as usual I still have so many things to say and no idea how to say them, and the only thing I know is that I love you so…


day and night…

I know but sometimes it’s hard to believe…

Take me I’m yours…

October 10, 2010

I asked for love.
I asked for mercy.
I asked for patience but you’re already all of these things…
I asked for love.
I asked for mercy.
I asked you for the sunshine and then I begged you for the rain…
If I knew what I needed.
If I knew what was good for me I’d be down on my knees beggin please;
Let your light shine bright inside of me.



P.s: I do not own these lovely words or this image.

The words I wanna hear…

October 1, 2010

“You are not perfect but that’s perfectly normal for me!
And no matter happens I’ll take you with all that you are.
With your complications…,
your uncertainties…,
your longings…,
your secrets…,
your past…,
your pain…,
your fears,
and dreams.
I wanna be your best companion, your unconditional love and friend.
I wanna take your breath away, make you cry with laughter tears of joy.
I wanna kiss you all over and tickle you till you scream!
I wanna surprise you by proving that I am not like all the boys before…
And what I wanna most is wrap you with my arms, care of you and make you happy.
I would love to have you here close to me the most of time…
Because is that what LOVE is about and I promise you I’ll will take you completely without exemptions!
Babe don’t push me away from you, please don’t play with my heart.
Believe me when I say those three little words…

Ps: I love you…


sometimes we have to be patient


#photo by skhizein, thanks for the cortesy!

All I need, All I want

September 23, 2010

I need your light
I want your love…
I need your shadow
I want your anger…
I need your comfort
I want you close to me…
I need it to find myself among the others!
I want your protection…
I need your kindness
I wish you the best, as always!
And I’ve wonder for what you want,
What do you need now…
Because I need to get over it soon
I want to show you what you deserve…
I’m praying for mercy
I’m wishing your forgiveness…
I need to be brave
You must to be strong
Therefore I want you to love me more than I could do and much more than I would do for both of us!
I miss you day and night.

We are like day and night at the same, so different but beautiful when together

Super quero…

March 1, 2010

Sim, eu super quero um amor assim, daqueles melhores do que os de cinema!
Um amor que chegue de mancinho e que tome conta de tudo e por completo, que seja lotado de histórias incríveis!
Quero um amor repleto de vontades e expectativas que possam ser satisfeitas, um amor com algumas frescuras e toleráveis contradições, cheio de carinho e desejos, com algumas pequenas diferenças e ainda assim com tantas similaridades.
Eu super quero um amor real, que seja vivo, que saiba e que goste de conversar sobre nada e sobre todas as outras coisas também…
Quero um amor que tenha paciência, que dê conta de esperar pelo ‘depois’, que consiga surpreender a si mesmo e ao outro, que saiba aprender e também que saiba e possa ensinar.
Eu quero um amor que conheça e faça bom uso da verdade sempre que preciso, que pense em si próprio, mas que jamais tire o outro do pensamento…
Que seja um amor intenso, suave, duradouro, divertido, honesto, convencido, cheio de manias e exageros, mas sem muitos medos ou vícios do passado!
Eu super quero um amor que saiba amar como se fosse essa a primeira vez! Que dê conta de compartilhar, que desconheça cobranças ou ciúmes.
Um amor que me tenha como única, que queira fazer parte dessa minha história, que saiba ver beleza e que aprecie conteúdo, que ame o novo mais do que tudo…
Eu quero um amor que acredite no impossível, que não canse de sonhar, que seja grande e que de tão grande não caiba em nenhum lugar exceto aqui dentro de nós mesmos!
Um amor que não tenha receio do desconhecido, que seja singular…
Eu super quero um amor que tenha paixão, que dê e que saiba merecer respeito, que consiga se fazer presente mesmo estando um pouco distante, que tenha fogo e que aqueça sem sufocar ou machucar.
Quero um amor que mostre aquilo que ambos precisam ver, que seja muito mais do que aquilo que se busca, que saiba comunicar através de gestos e olhares, que ultrapasse barreiras lingüísticas, que dê sinais e indique o caminho certo a se seguir…
Eu super quero um amor sem dúvidas e disposto a superar obstáculos se precisar sem perecer, um amor que seja louco, corajoso, esperto, dinâmico, presente, que me inspire e me traga sorte, que seja constante!
Um amor que seja ontem e hoje forte e que amanhã possa ser ainda mais do que hoje é e sempre melhor!


Isn’t true that you want it too?!