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Retrospective 2014

January 4, 2015

I’ll not deny that since I met the man I’m going to marry I can’t complain a thing about life. Every time I tried to give up on anything he is there supporting me and making me see through it all. Better than that 2014 was an intense and rewarding year by all meanings. Let’s remember it:

January: a cold month that was over before it really starts. The New Yearss Eve I spend with my lovely fiancée having dinner at a Japanese restaurant and then at home watching fireworks from our terrace with our cat, very cozy. Then after an entire semester away from University due to personal issues it was time to get back. It felt weird but it was the right thing to do.

February: I wasn’t sure if I was going on the right track with my professional life, business was going great but I was feeling terrible, thanks god I’ve a great fiancée and a very affectionate cat to look after me and put me up when the only thing I want to do is to go down. I started planning the wedding and I started by searching for my perfect gown to then decide the type and style of the ceremony.

March: Winter has finally arrived with a considerable delay this year. It was damn cold and that didn’t help…still I carried on with University and work and everything else. I did something I’ve never done before, I voluntarily booked flight tickets to visit my family in Brazil on the summer and I was excited about it.

April: After have technically found ‘the dress’ I spent basically the hole month in bed due to personal problem, which I guess is strongly related to some sort of stress bad management…Constantly visiting the E.R I was missing a lot of classes and jobs… Fianceé travelling a lot so thanks to my cat I could overcome depression.

May: Things were fabulous, I couldn’t complain. The wedding planning was going smooth; my future mother in law was helping me with tips of what to do and where to start. Then a new cat entry in our lives and it’s an adorable little female that fianceé and I decided to call “Mia” that means be mine in italian.

June: Well well my business wasn’t going as I was expecting… World Cup in Brazil… Finals at the University and getting closer to my graduation… At this point my diet was practically only chocolate and water which isn’t any good for anyone.

July: It started with the neutralization of Mia, Brazil losing the title to Germany and it was like 7×1… Despite that I was feeling great with myself and the rest of the world. I got my wedding shoes and right after that I decided to buy my stunning Inbal Dror wedding gown. Whoop! Whoop! Because I deserve haute couture.

August: The weather was crazy in Italy, it supposed to be hot as hell but it wasn’t. In any case it was time to spend short vacations in Brazil, this time under three weeks with some invitations to handle personally, family and friends to see and of course some documents to request as I’m going to get married abroad… I missed my lovely fiancée and cats a lot but was worth it. Best of all I enjoyed my family at its fullest this time.

September: And so I was back in Italy, to my fiancée arms and cats prrrrr. Everything seemed exactly as it was. New things to be done for the weeding, getting married is like the more I plan the more I have to plan and with that the month passed in a blink of an eye.

October: Bridal fairs and vendors to see, a few contracts started to be signed and a big gift from my in laws. They are amazing!

November: It was a bureaucratic month; that is all I can remember being in line here and there, taxes everywhere.

December: I guess this was the 3th best month of the year for so many reasons! I am now 97% done with University. It was my granny’s 84th and she is in great health. I decided to start treatments anti-aging and I’m loving it without mention the I’m very tempted to do some plastic surgery as well. My wedding gown arrived and other than met Randy Fenoli in person (yes the guy from the “Say yes to the dress” TV show) I could also give a small interview to Vogue Sposa. Very funny and frivolous this 5min of fame hahaha. But now as a bride to be I couldn’t be happier!!! Then I’d expectacular vacations and not even the extraction of my wisdom teeth (both superior and all at once) ruined it a bit. 2014 ended with a promise of actually better years to come and I’m excited as never before.

2015 I’m more than ready for you so don’t disappoint me!