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Letters to them… | part V

January 13, 2012

Yesterday, January 12, 2012 @19:25:11
To: my dearest new buddy.

My dear Paul,

I wish I could tell you everything in my head but I don’t quite know from where to start…
I guess thanking you would be a nice way to.
So thank you my lovely!
Thank you for everything you’ve done so far.
Every day, just texting and talking to you makes everything seem brighter.
And I don’t think you know exactly how much you already mean to me or how you’ve brought me back from the edge so many times.
You make me feel so happy and calm.
You make me forget about my problems and dramas… yeah, you have this effect on me and I knew that without a doubt on the night you sang beautifully to me.
Your voice, the way you looked… everything about you makes me feel comfortable and safe, even though save from myself.
I am so so sooooooo lucky to have been found! We had a great start and I love the way how you confuse me so much every time you say something extra cute and then re-phrase yourself.
You are awesome!
If I had one wish, it would be that your life brings you a taste of the happiness that you brought me.
I was a stranger and you welcomed me and there is no better feeling in the world that being picked up from the ground.
You gave (give) me basically everything I’ve needed so far.
You give me every day your full attention,
You give me hope for better days,
You give me the desire to look to the future…
You are one of the most beautiful person I know and I ever wish only the best to you.
Really looking forward to see you sometime soon.




Letters to them… | part IV

December 30, 2011

Friday, still December 2011 @03:25:11
To: my dearest ex-ex-ex-boyfriend also now ex-friend Diego.

I am sorry things between us did not work out how either of us would have preferred.
I know breaking ties is difficult, at least for me, but there are some differences that over time cannot be worked through, and some choices that cannot be taken back.
I am sorry that I cannot be the kind of friend you were expecting me to become.
I am sorry for the harsh words I sent you last night via IM.
I am truly sorry if I was always a way too practical with you.
And I am sorry for the shortest “goodbye” I’ve ever said…
We’ve tried too hard keep being friends and you should know that I’m glad it worked almost perfectly for many years.
But things are too different now…
It’s pointless to insist. I’m changed, and that is why I’m placing myself out of your life.
I can’t afford certain things and keep chasing people is something I’m determinate to stop doing.
So sorry to start with you though…
Perhaps in the future we might have our paths crossed once again, who knows but now I want you to realise that it’s going to be for the better.
Nevertheless, I’m thankful for everything since the day I met you on the Universaty Lab earlier 2003 but mainly I am thankful for the things you taught me along these years.
You taught me (and it seems finally to be learned) that I should follow my mind and not follow what I simply feel for others.
You taught me that trust is not something to throw around.
You taught me to be reserved.
You taught me that I should not try to forge or save relationships of any kind.
And the most important thing you have taught me was that bottling up emotions is the safest route.
Well, if you ever come across this letter, I am uncertain that you will but if you do, please accept my apologies.
I hope you live a great life, I hope you fight your demons and find all the happiness you deserve.

Penguin, the only ex-girlfriend that you’ve had.