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One day

December 15, 2011

I want you to look back and miss me.
Miss everything that we experienced, everything we’ve been through.
I want to stand out in your mind.
And although I told everyone that we would always be together, I know eventually we won’t.
But as long as I was the one that changed you, I know it will all be worth it.
In the end, everything is perfect.
I want you to look back and miss me.
And one day, you will.

I’m not like anyone you’ve ever known and maybe that scares you a little bit. Because here you are, with me, a girl that actually cares for you, and for once in your life, you don’t know how to deal with that taking this for granted…

Day thirteen

March 1, 2011

Misserable weather, 6°C very windy and raining in London but luckily boyfriend was/is around to warm me up and make me carry on with my stuff!
I am so thankful that G.N.B. has been an amazing bf to me and I risk to say that yes, we are getting completely comfortable with the other’s presence.


However, today I’ve got a couple of news, which was good although it’s yet too soon to celebrate something…
Oh Gosh, the more I think the less I know about what I should do… or as the youngster says maybe it’s just me worrying too much without a proper reason.
But honestly I can’t see any problem in seeing problems in almost everything!
Anyway tomorrow will be a brand new day and I’m praying for a better sign…
Night night my boyfriend is already waiting for me to publish this post and read me kid’s books till I fall asleep.

Letters to him | part IX

February 6, 2011

I wrote about pain and suffering for too long, because those were the only feelings I was used to feel.
I dreamt about a future filled with love and happiness, because those were the things I thought I’d never have.
I watched romantic movies and listened to love songs, hoping that I would have something similar to them.
Waiting, hoping and dreaming was all I did all my life.
Crying, cutting, hurting, bleeding were the only actions I knew how to do well.
But as I waited my hope faded.
As I waited my heart became cold and used to the loneliness.
As I waited I started to lose my dreams…
The dreams I had were slowly fading away into the forgetfulness, I fell myself more and more into a hole and started to not care about anything.
But then…
Then you came.
You came into my life as a familiar face, as a friend of a friend that I’d never known.
You seemed shy, but not too much.
You were open, but not too sharing.
You were kind but not too giving.
You were secretive with your actions, but your eyes told me a lot.
You were respectful, but still you gave me what I wanted in the first night.
You held me close, but not too tight.
You kept me away, but within reach of hands.
You studied me, in each word and each move that I’ve done since then.
You got to know me, as I was trying to teach you well.
Anyway, I think we have been doing better and better each time.
Since I only knew pain that was what was familiar to me.
You’re my harbor, my light, my sign of happiness and that kinda scare me sometimes.
I knew that I would give myself to you fully, because I trusted you, even before I’ve met you.
It was crazy I know…
I always knew I would love you, love you till the end.
Because I was read, I was waiting for someone like you during all my existence…
And you just came, with a cute smile on your face, with your sweet words and your warm heart.
I am glad and I just love the way as we accepted each other into our lives,
The way as we missed each other after 5 minutes of being away…
Now we are about to be together again, countdown.
Although you are with me all the time.
Me, the girl who only knew loneliness and pain, the girl who thought that warmth would only come from family and close friends, is now completely crazy in love.
Is now not so scared of being hurt because nothing matters, but you…
Nothing matters but your hands in mine,
Nothing matters but passion that we have, the fun we enjoy in secret, our inside jokes…
Nothing matters but your sweet voice…
Nothing matters but you keeping me warm and safe while I sleep close to you…
Nothing matters but the way you make me feel alive.
Nothing matters but the feelings I have for you!
You are the one who makes me smile, the one that gives me hope every morning,
You are the one that makes me strive, the one that I push myself hard extracting my best.
Isn’t easy all the time, but I try.
You are my reason, my being…
You made this girl smile even though she has deep cuts in her soul…
You taught this girl what means to be loved, what means to be happy…
You taught this girl that life worth living!
Thank you “my babe” for all those things you don’t understand…
I really thank you my one and only.

only you are capable of make me truly happy as I never was before

Letter to him | part VII

December 18, 2010


I’m waiting
Waiting for happiness,
For freedom…
I’m waiting for ‘hellos’,
And brief ‘goodbyes’
I’m holding waiting for someone,
Waiting for love and be loved,
I’m waiting for fire…
I have been waiting for him since we’ve met.
I love you G. and I miss you so…


I can’t wait to have you back to me…

Take me I’m yours…

October 10, 2010

I asked for love.
I asked for mercy.
I asked for patience but you’re already all of these things…
I asked for love.
I asked for mercy.
I asked you for the sunshine and then I begged you for the rain…
If I knew what I needed.
If I knew what was good for me I’d be down on my knees beggin please;
Let your light shine bright inside of me.



P.s: I do not own these lovely words or this image.

All I need, All I want

September 23, 2010

I need your light
I want your love…
I need your shadow
I want your anger…
I need your comfort
I want you close to me…
I need it to find myself among the others!
I want your protection…
I need your kindness
I wish you the best, as always!
And I’ve wonder for what you want,
What do you need now…
Because I need to get over it soon
I want to show you what you deserve…
I’m praying for mercy
I’m wishing your forgiveness…
I need to be brave
You must to be strong
Therefore I want you to love me more than I could do and much more than I would do for both of us!
I miss you day and night.

We are like day and night at the same, so different but beautiful when together


September 23, 2010

“Love? We think about it, sing about it, dream about it, and lose sleep worrying about it. When we don’t have it, we search for it; when we discover it, we don’t know what to do with it; when we have it, we fear losing it. It is the constant source of pleasure and pain. But we can’t predict which it will be from one moment to the next. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, impossible to live without.”


Trying to find an answer...

Perfect opposites | Short Manual | part VII

June 10, 2010

Boy meets girl…
Girl meets boy and things are good, but then there is a conflict.
(so predictable as 1+1=2)
I’ve never realized how many clichés can exist into relationships…
People say that I cannot generalize but yes, sure I can, because this is my point of view, this is my theory, my Blog, my life… my useless stuff!
Talking seriously now, I’m starting to get tired of certain things because at the end it is all the same shit; and always will be for both sides.
So Boys and Girls (especially you Girls) stop to believe in ‘love’, start to believe in ‘mutual interest’ (sounds rube but instead of that it is just, simple, it is being practical!).
And when things start to goes wrong take a deep breath and just turn around and say: thank you, but from now you are your own problem; you belongs to my past.
Anyway… if do you still believing in ‘love’ or ‘irrelevant whatever‘ you want to call this stupid feeling between two person, but find it too difficult to be explained well, sorry for save your time; sorry for finish with your delusion, but being honest, if science cannot do that till now, why are you still believing that you will make it? No honey, neither you can do anything, except enjoy your pain in the ass time from time or have fun with the misery of others!
(Ok… my apologies you all, I know today I’m a quite of acidic… yeah, yeah, I know.)


Usually what happens into an relationship:

~ Girls: more they ‘get’ more they will ‘keep doing’… and it sucks!

~ Boys: no matter how much Girls could have done things for him, they will be always expecting for more without have doing anything in return and then they will throw everything away without think twice… and it sucks too!

Any doubt? Question? Before start to shoot me with lots of questions on my inbox,  look at the charts bellow…



Today and Forever always the same... | Things that will never change part I



Things that will never change part II



Things that will never change part III


Note: Sometimes Boys can react/act as Girls and the opposit works on too very well.
This is the reasson why I called it as my perfect opposites!
Now is up to you to take your choice and ‘read’ the charts above…

#charts inspired by This is Indexed

Lock me into your heart!

June 3, 2010


~ is the only prision where you can feel
yourself ‘happy’ for being within….
(note: it must be mutual to work out fine!)


take me or leave me: there's no other choice

*Note: this is a reblogged picture. The original you can
find at Guiilherme Monteiro’s Gallery on Flickr.
Tks a lot Gui for the cortesy!

XX the XX

June 1, 2010

I have never known this kind of love before.
When I looked at him for the very first time I almost gasped with the effort to contain my feelings; a few months have passed but I still remember how it was, maybe because it just happened again about 10 days ago… and was lovely and perfect as always.
He was for my surprise exactly what I’d thought, perhaps much more!
And I do not know why, but I truly realized those days that we were together, that I love him.
I love him, through over the sense of reason, just like that!
And doesn’t matter if I don’t know him yet that much, or if we have an unusual relationship, (let’s say that we are ‘valentines’ which aren’t necessary together all the time – what do not means we have ‘open relashionship’! NEVER!!! Anyway, it just happen because he lives in London and I’m still here at Milan. Obviously sometimes I do things and he get jealous or sometimes he do things and I get upset or blue, but we are working on it and doing well tks!)
Last week, on the 22th, made four months that we belongs to each other! As they says so far, so good… But sometimes I miss him so much (I know that we are being strong no matter happening but I just needed more certain days…yeah I wish I could hug him more often).
Anyway I do love him so much, I feel what I feel and this is the only thing I know undoubtedly and without deny!
And I know that he loves me too.
Ok might be true that it happened in a such short time and I’ll confess that have to listened those three magic words was the heaven! I love his British accent, his voice…
All this ‘physical distance’ is sucks but maybe this has made our feelings growing even more and become so real (sound it weird I know…) and let’s also say that we both were needing an unusual relationship to heal our hearts and to teach us about what we don’t know yet.
Whatever, his young life outweighs my own will to rationalize anything! I’m totally in love… we had and still having a ‘crush’; we are totally crazy and with some luck for so long still we’ll can being this way.
I’m ok with that, he also and together we are so happy!
Now he is part of my world and since him entrance into my life I have begun to smile lots again (the ones who knows me well can imagine what exactly this means…)
Yes, only he knows how to get my best smile (yeap, he knows how to bring it out easily), how to make me happy with a quick ‘hello my gorgeous girl’ or one simple random photo.
My heart is open to experiencing everything with him, through him and for him.
And I’m so glad that I can risk saying that I’m the happiest girl in the entire world just because of him (even being a quiet sad for other reasons sometimes).
Well what matters is that he inspires me like no one else!
And as I said he brought shine to my life again.
Since I saw him I knew that I might give anything for his happiness…
Because is such adorable the way as him smile at me, and cares for me kindly, I adore the way as him please me, as he ‘melting’ for me…
Is simply perfect and rewarding the way as I can feel him, as I can kiss him and touch him…
I love the way as only him look over me, because seems that only him can see what no one else can catch; and it’s worth any effort to travel over there, any effort to keep me holding for more, for the ‘next time’ and for so long…
To say I love you is mediocre, insignificant at best. There are no words adequate enough or unique for when as we are together that could express well my feelings!
I am what I am because of him: sweet and fresh, fussy and unpredictable, funny and gorgeous…
(at least to his eyes, I guess…)
Thank you babe so much, for everything and more! I cannot wait to see you again!



Short Manual | part II

May 31, 2010

~Girls know that falling in love is a quite of easy to do sometimes
(especially if the boy is cute and nice)

~Boys knows that the challenge is staying together …
(no matter how interesting and ‘special’ she can be)

Both agree that: love is a ‘bittersweet’ lie, and life is just a game that they still don’t know how to play


sad but true...


1+1 = 2

May 13, 2010

…and there is no other answer that can satisfy me…

I love because I am loved.
I am loved because I love.
I love you because I need you.
I need you because I love you.


I do, and you?


I’m once again up during all night…Why I just do not know!
I have thinking of you a lot, even knowing that I shouldn’t!
5h57a.m bye bye I need to rest for a while…

Teenager notion of LOVE*

May 9, 2010

I had have read a lot those days, what is awesome.
But I had thought a lot too and this isn’t so cool [sometimes thinking is painful]…
And isn’t so wonderful at all have lots of up’s and down’s as I have!
Anyway let me talk about LOVE*
Well sometimes I just guess that I love so much that it hurts.
But I was realizing that exist many ways of love…
I known about a lot of different ways how to love but I only know one way to be loved and allow it without troubles and it might to be a little self-centered but work out very simple:
– I will give everything for the one I love, and I will not demand for anything else beyond what he couldn’t give me. But one thing that I will never accept is to be stolen from what I used to has before; and that means: if you gave me something pls. do not ever take it away from me! If you gave me that just keep doing that since you love me or just let me go. Give me always more, never less… And that’s my philosophy, very easy to understand, don’t you think?!
Apart from that I know people who want to steady, people who want to date…
Have ones that just want to get marry, others that just want to play around!
I know people that love someone so much but won’t express it kissing or hugging or saying…
Some go over boarder with that and showing their love in everywhere with affection.
I can say that I’m on the middle, split 50% for both sides.
For once I’m totally sure that this time I’ve found someone who sharing of the same opinion as me and this is perfect! We rarely disagree but sometimes we have some little mismatch dialog; unfortunately this happening because we are not close of each other all the time [I hate to have my babe living miles away from me]…
Love is a thing that affects to so many others. And I believe that if people are willing to open themselves up and let in that love, they are making a pact – a pact saying “I accept your way of love and I respect that you love me for everything I am. Love will work out great if be something reciprocal, we don’t need to feel like I HAVE to love you, or that you MUST to love me; we had chosen each other so let’s steak together!”
Love is wonderful and it sucks!
And it will take ages and forever and even beyond to understand why we love how we love and what it all means. Above of all, love is a lesson of acceptance, and as my boyfriend said today when we were talking about: ‘we cannot put the other under any kind of pressure to love in a specific way’ – that’s all true and is also something we teenagers, really need a lesson in! It’s easy to say but hard to be done.
I think we should to get back to school sometimes…

“I love the way you love me, but I hate the way I’m supposed to love you back”


Soon you will understand what tsurus means for me, for us...

I stole this photo from a Gallery on Flickr and I also allowed myself to re-edit,
just hope that she doesn’t mind that much!

Nerd Love*

April 25, 2010

Well as usual I were browsing on internet late at night when I found the lovely image bellow.
And as I’m being extremely geek those days, I felt forced to reblogged it! Really, I could not resist!
Btw, I risk to say with more than 100% sure (no charts this time) that my love will like it too just because he is also a convinced geek!

love in a diferent languages: we love it!


And yes, I stoled this from another interesting Blog to be followed
called The thinking Tank [hope that her don’t mind that much!]

Charts never lie part II

April 24, 2010

Sometimes images can say more than words… so pls. draw your own conclusions:


I'm fine but sometimes I would love to be great



less you feel loved, more you feel lost. It happens just because 1 < 2



easy to understand

~inspired by the blog