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March 25, 2013


“When the remembering was done, the forgetting could begin.”



Essa serie fotografica faz parte de um dos meus projetos de final de semestre no Master. Além desta sequencia existem ainda outras 4.

O projeto ainda nao tem um nome, mas penso que a ideia nao seja muito dificil de ser entendida (se voce se esforçar). Basicamente em poucas palavras eu jogo com o fato que a fotografia serve, desde a sua origem, como um registro da historia. Um registro de algo que, mesmo nao sendo por vezes 100% verdadeiro, é estato indiscutivelmente ali presente na frente da camera.

O fogo em inumeras culturas serve como elemento purificador, sendo assim o ato de queimar essas “memorias visivas” parece ganhar ainda mais força, atestando a superaçao de tal processo. No entento o twist desse projeto esta no ato de registrar tal açao. Enfatizando a nao mais existencia de tal memoria ou fato; uma lembrança de um esquecimento total. Um perfeito registro de uma açao cancelatoria, de uma segunda chance de re-escrever o passado, nessa continuaçao de sequencias que se repetem…


Back to School: the Monday after

September 24, 2012

I’ve never thought I would feel so tired for being back at the University after 5 years just travelling the world. Brazil, Chile, Antarctic Peninsula, Bolivia, Argentine, Paraguay, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and so on…  Today it feels like the tiredness of the world rests on me!

Nonetheless here I am, in Milan, starting my second week of a course that will last for at least the next two years, of course if the world doesn’t end first. And I will not deny that I’m already praying for God to get me through this alive and if possible with some vestige of social life – despite my natural awkwardness among people and rage against society I enjoy going out as weird as it sound.


Jokes apart, during the last week I spent 85% of my time at the Campus having lessons. With the remaining 15%, 10% I was studying at home and basically only 5% of it was dedicated for the basics stuff. Not even the weekend off I’d this time as I was at Bologna following my beloved in his family events… Although exhausted the truth is that I’m very satisfied of having a hectic routine once again! I wouldn’t dare to complaining a single word about anything. But I need to certainly and as soon as possible setting up my schedules and get used to this new life style of mine.

If ready to sacrifice a few things in order to a solid and better future well not so sure yet but no doubts a Master course in Cinema, Television and New Media will do only good to me and to my academic background full based in Social Communication focused in Photography and Multimedia production.

As usual, I’m aiming high and I can’t wait to see where this audacious choice will lead me.

Baby, you have to have guts and a good dose of craziness to do half of the things I do!