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La Dolce Vita

September 25, 2010

Sweet you and I...

Insieme a te tutto sembra molto piu bello…
Mi manchi cosi tanto che a volte vorei proprio tirarti fuori dei miei sogni per riabbracciarci davvero.

All I need, All I want

September 23, 2010

I need your light
I want your love…
I need your shadow
I want your anger…
I need your comfort
I want you close to me…
I need it to find myself among the others!
I want your protection…
I need your kindness
I wish you the best, as always!
And I’ve wonder for what you want,
What do you need now…
Because I need to get over it soon
I want to show you what you deserve…
I’m praying for mercy
I’m wishing your forgiveness…
I need to be brave
You must to be strong
Therefore I want you to love me more than I could do and much more than I would do for both of us!
I miss you day and night.

We are like day and night at the same, so different but beautiful when together

The Secret Diary of my second life | part II

August 8, 2010

I sat here and started at an empty page for a good amount of time, trying to think of a confession to type up that do not involve you or that do not will hurt anyone else more than I’ve done.
And I will start with the fact that I couldn’t come up with anything…
I should deal with my silence, with my abstinence of you, with my fear to be all alone.
But I can’t and I hate to admit it!
I still think about you a lot, and I have no clue why!
Well, thinking better, I will allow myself to suppose the damn reason why…
It could be perhaps because I knew that we wasn’t meant to be,
Or because you don’t want me anymore.
Or ok, it’s perhaps because now I know deep inside how much I still hurt someone else with all this shit and I feel so sorry for him, at the same way as I feel so sorry for myself but especially for you as it was that kind of thing I couldn’t control at first.
[In fact I’ve never wanted, to be very honest…]
All this time since the last morning you were here with me I had lots of things that come and still in my mind now, what makes me instantly reminds me of you; and of those three wonderful nights we were together; and about the things I wished have happened between you and I.
Tonight I’m feeling like a bitch and I feel like everybody knows that!
But despite of the fact I have a bf; and despite the fact things I usually do isn’t so ‘right’ but not so certain ‘wrong too’ I keep going…
Well, I from tomorrow I will try to be the same I always was and do once again my best without the fear to be ‘ME’.
Whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore.
You has changed my life even being here with me just for a single while;
You changed me even without realize the power you had over me!
I wished you didn’t take advantage of everything, and I wished things were different now and ever.
Half of me will always wished have never met you and the other fifty percent is really glad to and will never forget you.
I’m splited as always, since I knew that I want all the time much more than I can take for myself.
Life isn’t so unfair at the end, the main problem is my excess of everything!
I wasn’t 100% honest at first and I wasn’t totally loyal with the one who seems to really love me, but I’m proud of my person to have had always the courage of telling the half of truth I can say to everybody.
From tonight to forever I’ve realized, I cannot have you to call ‘mine’; you always knew that I could never be only ‘yours’ more than I was. And we never have promise to each other impossible things and although I failed foresmost with myself since I still with my thoughts on you; keeping your taste in my mouth; your funny and good smell under my skin and it doesn’t help me to move forward and get back to my way because I’m not with you but you are all the time with me…
I hate myself but I will respect your decision even if it kills me a bit, I will do that also for the others happiness.
I’m reapeating to me “it will be simple, if you don’t want me anymore I cannot want you to want me too”…
One thing I have and I’m totally aware of, and it calls self-respect.
Good luck with everything because even if we don’t talk or want to see me never again, I know that you was really special into my weird way to living my life and deep inside of me…

Well, I always knew that you could never be more than just a few amazing nights.
Thanks Ale anyway for messing up my life and my bed with me!

I'll miss his green eyes, and funny smell and the way he talked with me... but now the thing I most miss is the girl I used to be before have met him.


#15/07 we first meet, you smiled at me and I could not believe you were there for me.
#19/07 you called me around midnight and came to my place, it was the first time we were together for a long period and I could watching you during all night while you were sleeping close to me. You kissed my nose and I ‘fell’ for you…
#23/07 you make me fool but I pretended I was ‘okay’, I waited for you for hours and you even cared.
#25/07 I made a wish for the Universe: you!
#28/07 you called me at 4h39am you couldn’t sleep alone, you were needing me and I said ‘come, I need you too’ and I have no regrets for all the things we did.
#01/08 I broke the rules and I sent you a message then you called me and I heared your voice…I didn’t knew yet it was the last time.
#07/08 the day I’ve decided to get up & go. From now I must to start definitly try to forget you forever, will be better for everybody!

Long hello, short goodbye I should know and from now I don’t need to cry for you anymore. In somehow you helped me to be even more stronger and sweet…

ti penso troppo…

July 21, 2010

…e questo è vero.
Non lo so cosa me hai fatto, non riesco ad capire fino adesso cosa commina su di me a essere cosi, e ne anche perche.
Sei diverso, sei speciale… come pocchi che ho avuto nella mia vità fino ad allora. Magari impossibile che succeda qualcosa reale, lo so… perche è cosi, ciò è, che capita sempre a me.
Ho trascorso i miei giorni ricordando gli cose sulla mia testa, nel mio pensieri, nei miei sogni… dove ci sei spesso, anzi sempre!
Sei stato la mia meglio sorpresa sui questi giorni e io sono da vero molto contenta con tutto quello che non è “niente”. Comunque… senza problemi, visto che la tua presenza gia è tanto per me. Ero stanca di sentirsi sola anche se circondata di persone tutto il tempo!
Tutti mi dicono che sono pazza, che sono fuori; e può darse che sia proprio cosi.
Loro mi dicono che io sbaglio di brutto, ma ti pensando meglio, forse se non c’erano dei sbagli, la vità non sarebbe cosi bella come è adesso!

N.B: Grazie mille, per tutto ciò che non è ancora in grado di immaginare, ma mi hai cambiato un sacco! =]



“Tonight I’m tangled in my blanket of clouds
Dreaming aloud
Things just won’t do without you, matter of fact
I’m on your back
If you walk out on me
I’m walking after you
If you walk out on me
I’m walking after you
If you’d accept surrender, I’ll give up some more
Weren’t you adored
I cannot be without you, matter of fact
I’m on your back
If you walk out on me
I’m walking after you
If you walk out on me
I’m walking after you
Another heart is cracked in two
I’m on your back
I cannot be without you, matter of fact
I’m on your back
If you walk out on me
I’m walking after you
If you walk out on me
I’m walking after you
If you walk out on me
I’m walking after you
Another heart is cracked in two”
Walking After You (Foo Fighters)

‘Always for you’

March 4, 2010

2h46a.m and I just got home…

I have one indescribable feeling inside of me right now and that’s wonderful! Tonight I went on the “THE ALBUM LEAF” concert at Circolo Arci Magnolia – one place to get back there more times (thought). Ambient super underground with a such nice acoustic for presentations / shows and other good point: drinks on the bar aren’t expensive at all! Genial!

About the concert…wow the concert…I have no words to discribe the atmospheric, the sound, even the people there inside hmmm really was everything (almost) perfect. I had fun and enjoyed from the begining till the end! They played for aproximately for 2hours and just made an short break for 5min, nothing more nothing less than that! I were in good company – tks Marcelo for being there with me. But I will confess that I was thinking lots about someone else very special  I got my mind set all the time on my ‘boyfriend’ and definitely I would loved to have had shared this fantastic night with him… #sighs

No doubts one of the great moments was when they played “ALWAYS FOR YOU”! First of all because this song is one of my favorites and also because they played it with so energy was so powerful watch the live performace. The fans could felt the ‘mood’ and yes we all being singing, jumping, recording, making pictures during all the time – truely I  have been there present more than 100%!


Was fantastic!



…”all the memories will never fade
For years and years
In my heart you’ll stay”…


February 12, 2010

I had spent my time counting days.
Yeap, I did it since that I came back from London last month and just for one special reason: to be with him again. Hmmmm thinking better I would venture myself to say with more than 100% of sure that we both had done the same (yes, we think so alike and we are perfect on our own way!).

I must to confess that he have the power to make my day worth with one simple ‘hello gorgeous’ and this is awesome!
Also he can always makes me happy even being faraway from me and smile lots (people usually say to me that I’m so pretty smiling…so this is good – I think). Anyway, I simply love myself when I’m okay!

Well and this is ‘why’ I have expecting for today anxiously. Really I cannot realize that in a few hours we will be together again after have been apart for a while:

1641600 seconds…
27360 minutes…
456 hours…
well 19 days…

I know that definitely wasn’t so much time but was enough to makes me miss him a lot! Never mind, the important thing is that he is coming to visit me!

For my luck during all those days seemed that we were ‘together’ even with 1.310km between us… Perhaps because we were in touch all the time, every single day and yes we are connected by many different ways so we can reach ourselves almost 24/7 (sometimes he need to sleep…but it’s ok).

I can’t wait to see again his beautiful smile, to look into his deep blue eyes, to have his touch, to listen he speaking to me with his British accent so hot, well to be on his arms – all this is so magnific! #blushing
I have no words to describe it and I say: I never ever felt myself this way before!
I’m very glad and grateful to had found him without looking for… and this is so cool!

I am convinced: I’m the most happiest girl ever… for me he is one in one million!!! Tks a lot boy just to be how you are! #L
So I will finish this post with one song that I like… ‘Come Together / Primal Scream‘ is really hot and also rock my world!

Enjoy the lyric:

“Kiss me, won’t you won’t you kiss me
Won’t you won’t you kiss me
Lift me right out of this world
Trip me, won’t you won’t you trip me
Won’t you won’t you trip me
Lift me ride me to the stars
I’m free you’re free
I want you to touch me
Come touch me
Now it’s all too much
All too much
All too much
Come together oh oh…”

Cables…paths crossed

February 6, 2010

A few days ago on Feb 02th, I was walking around very inspired and floating mind, seeing beauty in everywhere when I decided to ‘catch my mood’ and this is the reason why I made this lovely photo (pls. have a look bellow!)

I’m absolutely convinced that life must to have a purport and I really like when I do pictures with special meanings.  Photography is one of my passions and after had checking out the good result I felt more than obliged to publish it on my Flickr and also here with some txt to express myself better somehow…

The history behind the scene: I was thinking about someone else really special. Yeap, he is special for lots of simple reasons… First of all to be this amazing guy that he is – no doubts about it! And also because I think that he is very alike me! Well I think that our history started before we meet (uncommon)… In fact either I know exactly what happened or when exactly everything begun, you know, simply just might to be.

Fate, coincidence…this doesn’t matter – what really matter is that my feelings are real and truthful! And I risk saying that we are doing very well, seems that we are perfect together!

I won’t lie or deny anything more, he ‘rock’ my world and definitely I’m enjoying all of it! Because he brings me joy, happiness, love to my life again and most probably that he doesn’t really knows how glad I’m for that…

Is good to have my mind set on him all the time (YES, I LIKE HIM A LOT!) Now I’m NOT afraid anymore to let he knows that – because seems that we felt almost the same so I think that is okay…

Anyway I’m fascinating for everything regarding this ‘new and wonderful world’ that I’d found even without looking for it…

I probably would love him even more if I had his physical presence more effective but it’s okay we still perfect even being apart and space everybody needs sometimes!  Once for all our history ‘together’ is much more and better than many ‘popcorn romantic movie’ or ‘silly cases of ordinary life’, you know…

For us doesn’t exist half-measures! For us is now or never, here and there, now and again because tomorrow can be too late.

I’m crazy and this is the reason that I say:  I’m in love!


I jumped!

Smiling without no reason…

December 23, 2009


Today I decided just walking around before come back to home and when I saw this bike on the street something has changed.
I could not resist and I took this picture.
I was feeling great and now I’m feeling even better!
I’m smiling without no reason (always and again).
I feel like I could float.
I miss you (…)  just for one day: TODAY
And it was just because that picture made me to reminds you…

É estranho...ter saudades do que eu nunca cheguei a ter.

[12-22-09 | 19h27]


note: I recomend this song to ‘feel’ the mood:

AIR / All I need

My job, my life!

September 25, 2009
beautiful evening

beautiful evening

happy to make part of this!

happy to make part of this!

Have things that no need any explanation … my happiness with my job at the new agency TnT Model Management is one of these things!

Tks God for everything!!!

Hard work… Lov it!

September 22, 2009

I’m going very well on the new Agency.


The people on there already gave to me a lot of new responsabilities that I didn’t had before and I think that i’m doing my job well. Today I received my first compliment, they trust a lot on my potencial and this is great!


Now I have another mobile phone (one was not enough), I have my own keys to open and close the office…a freezer full of good meals desserts and I can eat when I want, cold drinks as well and the lunch time is very good. One of the best part: my desk is huge!!!

For the moment I have 9 models in town to take care and more will be coming soon…I started to working exactly one week before of the Fashion Week, so can you imagine??? YES, I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO ALL AT THE SAME TIME (and will be like this for the nexts 5 days). I completely know that I need to learn many things yet…

Emails, phone calls, emails, tickets flyght, comp cards, contracts, models, pictures, new proposals, sms, messenger, more phone calls, pictures again, clients, skype, castings, more models at the agency… I really lov my new life, my carreer is perfect!!!

I’m feeling like the person more realized in the world! Everything in my life are right and from now I can start to breathe again calmly…

Tks God for all!

Last night

September 19, 2009

Well, tonight will be my last night at the old apartment…bad memories bye bye. A new life are coming and im feeling great!
From tomorrow will be a restart on my life! And you know what, tomorrow  20th of September, make exactly 1 year that I’m here in Italy! I can’t realize that when I saw it on my calendar… Bah, unbelievable I’m surprised! And its ok because I’ll be closing one cycle and is perfect think like this…
I’m loving my new lifestyle, so more exciting than before (for real!) …
Is unpriceless be myself!


I start to dicover a new city full of good possibilities, full of life, colors, sounds…
I don’t need anything more, my past I’ll keep away from me finally! Tks God for everything!
After tomorrow only good and new things will be part of my life. Only!
I’m self-confident that I’ll be ok by my self and anyway just in case, if maybe I need I knew how to made good friends! Thank you all I’m always thinking of you guys.
Very soon I’ll keep you in posted.
Cheers! Let’s celebrate!!!

Enjoy your life we only live once!

Enjoy your life we only live once!

La mia bella Milano…

September 14, 2009

Milano tá diferente…porque eu tô diferente.

Tá mais bonita, mais cheia de graça, lotada de vida!

Eu voltei… e agora eu quero descobrir cada pedacinho dessa cidade, desse lugar, que pode sim, ser maravilhoso.

Eu quero continuar fazendo, só que aqui – o que eu nunca fiz; eu quero e vou aprender a gostar mais do lugar que eu escolhi pra chamar de lar.

Sabem, eu aprendi que não dá pra passar uma borracha no passado e esquecer o que de ruim passou, mas dá sim e fácil, pra comprar um novo caderno e recomeçar hoje a escrever uma nova história!



Babe, eu continuo me surpreendendo comigo mesma…

Cuidado com Ele!

August 22, 2009

Originalidade não é o ponto forte DELE, tanto é que a mesma história se repetiu já inúmeras vezes!

Esta duvidando? Boa sorte se você for a próxima namorada de Vitor Shalom (o fotógrafo).

Só não venha depois dizer que a gente não te avisou!

A quem possa interessar:

“Ele não vai começar te cantando, ele vai começar te encantando. Isto mesmo, um encanto daquele dos contos.

Ele vai te mandar vários scraps, os mais fofos do mundo; ele vai conversar com você por depoimento; ele vai te escrever cada coisa perfeita no msn, que você ficará por alguns momentos sem sentir o chão. Vai colocar uma foto de vocês dois no MSN dele e até o nick vai mudar. Em breve te ligará e conversará com você por muitas horas, um papo tão delicioso que, você vai querer que isto aconteça sempre, toda hora sem prazo determinado para desligar.

Ele vai te convidar para jantar, e vai insistir se você não aceitar. Você vai aceitar, porque o convite para o jantar foi da maneira mais delicada do mundo, do tipo irrecusável…E ele irá te buscar em casa, mesmo que você more em outro estado!

Ele faz o tipo “garotos-romanticos-que-já-não-existem-mais”, vai abrir a porta do carro para você entrar, puxar a cadeira do restaurante para você sentar…É ele vai te levar para restaurantes incríveis que você jamais pensou em ir, cada coisa diferente num universo completamente novo.

Ele vai fazer você provar coisas deliciosas e se cuide, você pode e vai ganhar alguns quilinhos!

Ele vai te levar para um circo ou uma exposição muito interessante que está acontecendo na cidade e vai fazer o tipo “garotos-romanticos-que-já-não-existem-mais” sempre, não só no primeiro encontro. Logo (logo mesmo) ele dirá: Eu te amo! Provavelmente será por esta linguagem: T.A

Vocês terão finais de semanas incríveis, daqueles dias perfeitos que deveriam até ser decretados feriados. Você vai ficar fascinada. Provavelmente, ele te dará um cartão quase todas as vezes que vocês se encontrarem; um ursinho fofo, uma singular lembrança. Além disto, fará o papel do gênio da lâmpada mágica, vai realizar os seus desejos mais mágicos e os mais bobos também!

Ele vai te esperar sair do serviço nem que você saia de madrugada. Ele vai te dar tudo que você precisar, ele é mestre nisto, e você sentirá a pessoa mais amada do mundo. Vai te apresentar a família dele e você vai gostar muito disto.

Você passará domingos com ele assistindo filmes incríveis (e que ele vai locar exageradamente), vocês vão comprar coisas gostosas pra beliscar…Ele vai te “roubar” no meio do seu trabalho, ou em plena madrugada só para dizer que te ama e te entregar uma foto, uma flor com uns chocolates.

Ele vai tirar fotos com você e provavelmente colocará na mesa do escritório em um porta-retrato que, deve servir para isto mesmo, muda a garota-muda-a-foto!

Ele fará um vídeo de você…e postara pra todo mundo ver como se fosse a coisa mais encantadora do universo. Se você ficar doente, ele mandará entregar para você uma caixinha linda cheia de remédios, balinhas e afins. Ele insistirá muito para você namorar ele, e você vai dizer não, mas logo dirá sim.

Ele te ligará todos os dias quando ele acordar te desejando um bom dia. Mandará você fechar os olhos e do nada aparecerá com um enorme buquê. Vai dizer: “te amo simples assim” (afinal, eu que ensinei isto a ele, ‘Aline’).

E espero que ele nunca te diga: “cuida bem de você para mim”, eu espero isto do fundo do coração… (mas ele usou e certamente usará novamente… ‘Carol’). Vai mandar trechos de músicas em inglês que combinem com vocês. Vai gravar um cd de músicas que pareçam com vocês para vocês ouvirem juntos no carro ou então para você ouvir no seu trabalho.

Estar com ele vai ter gosto de liberdade. E você vai abrir mão de muitas coisas para estar com ele. E isto valerá a pena, mas depois,  será subversivo!


Ele vai te convidar para uma viagem inesquecível e você vai topar. Você terá com ele dias memoráveis, os melhores talvez da sua vida, você saberá o que é amar com ele e depois dele nada será como antes (não mesmo!).  Você adorará a família dele, e vai querer fazer parte dela. Em datas comemorativas, será afável e cortês com seus amigos e família. Te acompanhará nas festas e, com ele, você aprenderá a fazer o social direitinho!

Pronto, você já está envolvida e literalmente perdidamente apaixonada, mas a saga não acaba por aqui…


Ele viajará a trabalho e nem vai ter tempo de dar um sinal de vida, ele começará a trabalhar demais, mas você vai entender BLÁ,BLÁ,BLÁ e você vai entender! E blábláblá Você entederá sempre e sempre pois você o ama! (e amar é isso é abrir mão, é entender!).

Repentinamente, subverte o que era o amor, começa o jogo e o jogo muda…


Do nada o amor acaba e começam as brigas sem motivos e as desculpas. E ele vai armar o jogo (e vai se recusar a admitir isso ou qualquer outra coisa mau feita). Vai fazer você achá-lo insuportável e mais cedo ou mais tarde você dirá eu te odeio e dai, ele vai começar a te falar sobre cobranças, o sexo entre vocês diminuirá, e ele montará inúmeras e desagradáveis situação e vai fazer com que vocês terminem por telefone, ou pior, ele terminará com você por email ou msn!!!

O Vitor Shalom não é homem, não o suficiente, para olhar no seu olho e dizer que não dá mais, que enjoou de você ou que os relacionamentos dele são perecíveis ao tempo…que têm prazo de validade marcada…

Vocês se encontraram novamente, em um evento ou não importa onde, e ele, vai fingir que não te conhece, e se prepare porque isto vai doer! Você se culpará e se martirizará, se sentirá a bosta-do-cavalo-com-diarréia e, em pouquíssimo tempo o status de relacionamento dele será “namorando” novamente… E toda esta história se repetirá como foi antes de mim, como foi com a antes de antes de mim; como foi com a depois de mim e com a depois.

É uma saga. Você amará ou odiará fazer parte dela!”

Esse texto não foi escrito por mim, mas fiz algumas pequenas inclusões. A fonte original você pode encontrar aqui:

Nós Ex´s resolvemos nos unir e esperamos que o AVISO se propague para que você não venha a ser a próxima na lista dele!

Fazemos isso não por vingança ou muito menos despeito, mas como Utilidade Pública mesmo!

Também porque eu (Carol Vallu), Raquel Pellicano, Aline Guimarães, Karina Kremer e Vivian Cerimele, não desejamos os momentos ruins que passamos ao lado de Vitor Shalom a ninguém, a ninguém mesmo! Porque as feridas e cicatrizes serão visivéis e te acompanharão por um bom tempo na sua vida…

“PRA SER LOUCA BASTA SER EX-NAMORADA DELE!” – Será o seu rótulo depois do fim…

Acostume-se ou então faça melhor, fique esperta e não faço o mesmo que fizemos!

A Shinaida Guerra foi esperta ela leu o texto, aprendeu e se divertiu com ele e nao sofreu!