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Right measure

December 15, 2011

There are things we hardly forget.
People we think are easily replaceable.
Relationships we throw away because we think it’s not worth our time and effort.
Then there are those that we can’t let go at all, no matter how bad the memories were. We hang on to them because when all is said and done, when people finally left and relationships weaken, memories are all we would ever have.
But life is all about balance.
Too much and too little can hurt.
The best way to balance life is by setting your boundaries in learning to say enough.
Although, sometimes we keep going back to the one thing we need to get away from…

My Diagnostic Disorder…

August 2, 2009

I know some people that have the power to get you completely sick, paranoid and make you start to freaking out!

Be carefuller with this kind of people!!! Please.

I had made one analysis test and bellow are the result…Incredible hmmm, all my friends that know me ain’t believe on this post at the beginning…Because this is not me, is the reflex of someone else above me!

I have no words… I´m so unstable sometimes…and this is your fault Vitor Shalom because all that I needed was your attention…

CID 10 / CID F60.1 / ...

I´m getting crazy and I´m completely alone…    😦 but one thing is right, all that you babe made with me, someday will come back to you, even better or not!


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Me..

July 15, 2009

I’m a dreamer, a visionary…
Selfish and I never give up!
I’m originally from Brasilia but I call my hometown  Bsb City (I prefer this way!)
Even though I spend my time talking and complaining about everything… I’ll be 26 in the middle of August 09.
Yes, sometimes I can be cute enough to be a bitch and no doubt you’ll love me … I cannot be changed!
I get straight to the point ‘cuz I don’t like to waste my time with blablabla and mimimis.
I’m simple but not easy…
Unpredictable 100% and I like surprises! For my parents I never do “dangerous things”… And most of all I love tea and pancakes! By the way I’m addicted for internet, chewing gum and I can not live without music!
People say that I look so good when I’m smiling but I don’t smile with no reason and be ready ‘cuz my mood changes always so fast!
One of my favorite quotes is:

“life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of things that take our breath away”

I need to feel loved and sometimes EVERYTHING is not enough…
I don’t like to live on the edge…but every single day I cross the line (whatever this means…).
I hate to be disturbed lately at night, I hate to stay alone, I don’t need to sleep a lot, I only sing when I’m angry or kinda blue, because it makes me feel better, and I need my own space in my bed.
Most of time I don’t feel comfortable with my body or feel pretty, and I’m sure that I have no complexes! But for sure I have many paranoids!
People think that I’m gorgeous…people think that I’m an idiot too. People think a lot of things about me and, usually, I don’t care! I don’t give a shit for they ‘cuz I have my own style to live my life.
I’m completely senseless and incomparably beyond the reason and that’s what makes me so compelling… And I’m modest only when I want okay!
One of my favorite pastimes is take stupid pictures, write lines and lines that will never be published, listening loud music and walk around aimlessly.
Apart from that, I’m special and probably one of the sweetest girls that you’ll ever meet, luckily I make my dreams become true, I’d got married once but now I’m single again (tks God!) and I need to be loved to give love in return! (always).

So nice to meet you!
Hope you enjoy.