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Crushed by you!

July 28, 2010

Your voice is so beautiful
I can listen to it all day
I love the way you, doing a few ‘pause’ …
It just sounds so wonderful
I don’t know what to say
I just love when at time my phone rings and is you

We talk and…
I feel calm
I feel weird in a good way
I feel warm
I even feel your troubling heart
As I hear that voice

I wish I could see you right now
And hold you too tight
I wish I could have you often around
Then I could to feel your comfort
To show what I feel
And feel what you feel…

I wish I could sweep you off my mind since we are not ready now
You have your panic
I have my secrets…
But I know that somehow you are that guy
And that can’t be beat
I’ve got a crush on you!

Hard work… Lov it!

September 22, 2009

I’m going very well on the new Agency.


The people on there already gave to me a lot of new responsabilities that I didn’t had before and I think that i’m doing my job well. Today I received my first compliment, they trust a lot on my potencial and this is great!


Now I have another mobile phone (one was not enough), I have my own keys to open and close the office…a freezer full of good meals desserts and I can eat when I want, cold drinks as well and the lunch time is very good. One of the best part: my desk is huge!!!

For the moment I have 9 models in town to take care and more will be coming soon…I started to working exactly one week before of the Fashion Week, so can you imagine??? YES, I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO ALL AT THE SAME TIME (and will be like this for the nexts 5 days). I completely know that I need to learn many things yet…

Emails, phone calls, emails, tickets flyght, comp cards, contracts, models, pictures, new proposals, sms, messenger, more phone calls, pictures again, clients, skype, castings, more models at the agency… I really lov my new life, my carreer is perfect!!!

I’m feeling like the person more realized in the world! Everything in my life are right and from now I can start to breathe again calmly…

Tks God for all!