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Boys says… | Short Manual | part XV

July 10, 2010

The 40 things that Girls cannot even imagine being sexy…

1- Bra strap on display
2- Freckles on the face
3- Smudged mascara
4- Breasts that fills the hand – not too big, not too small
5- Messy hair on the morning
6- Radiant smile
Moan during sex
8- Biting lip and ‘frown’
9- Strong personality
Read lying on her stomach with the feet up
Pubic hair off
12- Haircut with bangs
13 – Intelligence, sympathy and self-sufficiency
14- Glasses
15- Flaccidity in the inner thigh (boys love to squeeze there!)
16- White t-shirt or dress
17- Jogging with headphones
18- Shake gently the hair with fingers while talk
19- Little feet
20- Skirt on the knees
21- Sweat gym class
22- Tie the hair anyway
23- Play and bit with the pen in the mouth
24- Hair in the wind
25- Cross-legged
26- String panties
27- Initiative / attitude in bed
28- Arranging the panties in the street and do that with charm to not let anyone see
29- Teddy bear
30- Read magazine or newspaper on the subway taking a coffee
31- Cry out of anger
32- Brush teeth
33- Eating and soiling
34- Funny pyjamas
35- Masturbation
36- Heels in the bed (outside either)
37- Look away and blush
38- Sexy lingerie and pantyhose
39- Wet hair
40- Cotton panties



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Girl Power

July 9, 2010

Short Manual | part XIV
What every real girl should to know:

Random tips, good results

–             Show a Boy that you are not afraid of losing him. Doesn’t mean that you can replace him with any man, but that you will be fine without him. You don’t need him but you are there with him by choice. Boys respect independent Girls! Independent Girls are happier than all the others!!!
–             Never (I said N-E-V-E-R!) assume you are not attractive enough. Beauty is how you carry yourself. Being confident in your own skin KEEPS a Boy attention. Don’t be intimidated by another girl, you are enough. He can take it or leave it or better YOU can have him by your side ordon’t, i’ts your choise.
–             Don’t shout and be loud make out with drunk random boys, to grab his attention at a party, club or even into other social medias life. Be classy, a real girl just has to walk in and smile and know how to carry a conversation. So respect yourself.
–              During a break up NEVER, EVER chase a Boy! You are the Girl of the situation, he is the one who is suppose to be courting you!!!
–              Be passionate about your job, hobby, friends, etc… HAVE A LIFE. Don’t have your world revolve around a Boy. You are an individual!
–              Don’t answer last minute midnight calls. Don’t be available all the time to them, make them wait for you.
–              Be confident. Do what you want do without wait for nobody.
–              Develop a defense mechanism to absorb his stupidness and keep it from affecting your own behavior. Humor works well because it allows you to laugh off the things he says or do and make others laugh at the same time. Others believe that a humorous defense mechanism means you’re ‘thick skinned’ and nothing bothers you and it empowers you in a different way.
–              It’s a shock when a Boy says to a Girl, “quit your bitching”. At first, you should have to know how to avoid sort complaints in front of a Boy! For many reasons but especially because they don’t process the information in the same way Girls do. You have a right to express your opinions but without complain too much.
Well, enjoy and try to handle with that!

Still looking for more advices? Call me or send me an email! HuahUIHAUIhaUIHAuiahUIAH

XO lol

Falling in love vs. Staying in love

July 3, 2010

Short Manual | part XII

We all know that falling in love can be very easy sometimes; especially if you find someone whose has some of common points by your personality; and this could be the first step to start a relationship. But usually after a while people forget  about to ‘fall in love everyday’ by the same person and then things starts to complicate… so that’s the time to learn how to staying in love.
Between falling love and staying in love there is a abyss and sometimes we just cannot see that is two different situations, two different stages of feelings into the relationship…
Anyway what I’m trying to say is that knowing how to fall in love, and stay in love is not something that most people really understand, but is one of the most rewarding experiences that you get to enjoy in life!
Staying in love is something that takes work. Sometimes takes really hard-work for many different reasons… but it worth to!
Staying in love is only possible when you’ve find the person that is willing to accept you regardless of your flaws.
Staying in love is when you trust and care about your partner no matter happens.
Staying in love is when you do your best without request anything except ‘love’ in return; is when you wait for the something that you don’t know, and you still smiling without a reason!

Some useful tips to renew often your relationship and staying in love longer:

– First of all, throw away all the baggage of previous relationships! Moving forward and falling in love is impossible if you are not emotionally ready.
– Stay positive about the other person. This is not to say that you will ignore major problems. However, if you constantly complain about your significant other it will start to wear on the relationship. Negativity breeds unhappiness and resentment. It will not fix your partner. But if you focus on the positive things, the smaller annoyances about your partner will not eat away your love and will make sure him/her continue to feel loved.
– Do something where you are paying attention to each other. You both don’t need to properly being talking or hanging out; take a moment to just stay together just you and him/her like: lying on a bed (sofa), pick-nick on a park, watching movies… doesn’t matter.
– Be spontaneous. Be yourself! Show up at their place, surprise him/her with something new as much as possible. Keeping things interesting is the best way to keep your love alive.
– Don’t keep secrets or skeletons in your closet before you get serious with anyone. If you have a past problem, it will eventually come out. If you are not up front about it, it can kill your trust with one another. Be clear about everything with your partner, if he/she loves you there is nothing to afraid.
– Laugh together. Be silly. Love doesn’t have to be serious! Do something random that will make your partner laugh. You will be surprised how much these funny little things grow your love.
– Stay connected both physically and emotionally. Make a point to talk to your partner. Know what goes on in their lives. Also, use physical affirmation like kissing, making love and hugging… Without these connections love will slowly die. So go out of your way to connect.
– Spend quality time with your partner every single day that you can. It doesn’t mean stay together all the time but when you do that do with praise. Remember that also into relationships quality is better than quantity!
– Try to find out where your partner’s mind is, and support them in every way possible.
– Hold each other on a regular basis. Intimacy grows when you have emotional closeness. Even if you are not having sex, holding hands or kissing true love goes a long way towards safe.
– Finally but not last, encourage independence and individuality. Having a great relationship does not mean shedding your own identity. Be confident enough to be happy even when you are apart.

To make things work out perfectly, is better to keep in your mind: nobody is perfect! But apart from that is important to have someone who shares the same beliefs as you or, that will support you on yours. There is nothing better than be into a balanced relationship, founded on similar principles and intentions! Seriously, I think that people should stop to play around as we don’t want to have our hearts broken once again or just losing time with fail stories.

I’m pleased to have found someone else to shares my interests…someone who trust me and is totally able to make me happy even from faraway (when he wants to). I’m happy for has been found by someone who is able to handle my worst and make me laugh all the time.  Definitly is always a good thing when I’m with him, as we can have fun all the time. And babe, I cannot wait to see you again!

PS: If you are also willing to put forth some effort you can keep our love strong through the years,
and make part of this could be awesome for both of us!

Love is somewhere between cherries and miles away...

Short Manual | part XI

July 1, 2010

First of all I’m very pleased to start July updating my Short Manual About Boys and Girls’, uniting on this two subjects that interest me enough: theories regarding relationships and nerds stuff (although it was Brian idea, if you liked it, please thank him, not to me okay?!)
And btw before I forget, thank you so much Brian once again (whoever you are), for those genial words rebloged right below. Talking seriously, his Blog grabbed my attention at the first saw, so my compliments strange! You seem a nice person.



Of Startups and Girlfriends (by Brian Krausz)

I’ve often heard the saying ‘being married to your work’, and I frequently consider the similarities between startups and relationships. For one, on any given day I’m mulling around a few ideas for startups, and most days my thoughts also lead to my lack of a girlfriend and possibly solutions to that situation. There are many things that are nearly identical when it comes to the ‘game’ (as so many, excluding myself, like to call it) of dating and the process of forming a startup. Allow me to elaborate:

his idea, just with a 'small correction'

All joking aside, I do think that this is a notable thing: if you expect to have a steady relationship while working on a startup, 9 times out of 10 one of the two will fail. You need to have an amazing devotion to both, very understanding co-founders/significant other and full acceptance of the fact that your sleep will suffer double the amount it normally would. I do have a possible solution, though it takes a certain type: date your co-founder (or co-found with your significant other). This only works with 2 founders (being the 3rd+ wheel is never fun…). It seems to be a wonderful test of a relationship. If two people can spend nearly all day together with very little sleep working on what has been called ‘an emotional rollercoaster’ by many and not end up killing each other (sounds like a reality TV show…) it must speak volumes of their bond. Don’t we look for similar qualities from our co-founders and our significant others, trust, honesty, devotion, ability to put up with them for long periods of time, sense of humor.
The only difference from my point of view is whether or not gender plays a role. I even submit that there must be a certain chemistry between co-founders, similar to romance but without the lust. This does create a whole new slew of problems though. Double the stress, emotion, and time spent together, add a touch of competitiveness. Hell, while we’re at it, throw in some romance and programming. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘late night at the office’. So, any young entrepreneurial women looking for a good time co-founder?

Disclaimer for those looking to form a startup: The above was written with a strong sense of humor and mild sarcasm in mind. If you are offended by anything I say, or even consider, for a moment, taking me seriously, how can you ever expect to survive months working day and night with the same people (dating or otherwise)? Really, laugh a little, you’ll live longer.

Note: As I said, I do not own this post,
it belongs to its rightful owner! Yeah,  I was too lazy this time
to write my own one, so you can give a look if you want,
at the original source right here:

XO, Me and Myself

Different ‘types’ of Boys | Short manual part X:

June 21, 2010

Mr. awesome: he is always in good humor and everything most part of the time is simply ‘awesome’. – Started to rain, he says ‘awesome’, – being stucked in traffic jam for him is ‘awesome’, – has bills to pay ‘awesome’

Mr. bounce: He often speaks quickly and walks fast. His catchphrase is, “Hello! Goodbye!”

Mr. bump: can’t help himself having accidents. Simple things become a nightmare and he is all the time repeating to himself “You’ll never learn.”

Mr. busy: he can’t stop rushing around, always up to something, never sitting still. He is not only always up to something but he has no time for nobody.

Mr. cheeky: he has a sassy attitude what is ‘interesting’…

Mr. cheerful: he is always happy and his happiness is contagious.

Mr. clever: he is one of the smartest people in the world and he is conscientious about himself and the others.

Mr. clumsy: always breaks things or knocks things over. He is a disaster in everything and with everyone!

Mr. cool: is the coolest person in the world; he is almost the perfect guy except for his ‘intelligence’…

Mr. daydream: he is a nice boy, and he likes to daydream a lot. He says has been daydreaming all the time, then he realized daydreaming is more fun than the real life

Mr. dizzy: he believes in everything, cheat him is easy as everybody is clever except him.

Mr. expert: he knows almost about everything and he does that very well!

Mr. extreme: he rox, he goes till the end, he has no limits he might doesn’t know he just do.

Mr. forgetful: he has a short memory, and ppl usually get upset with him for a reasonable reason!

Mr funny: no one has a sense of humour like him and ppl loves him easily as he is able to make them feels good.

Mr. fussy: is a perfectionist. He would not tolerate anything imperfect. He is also very clean and will not tolerate anything dirty as well as being fussy about details.

Mr geek: he is the new nerds, he is cool, such clever, love geek stuff and have always a good argument.

Mr. good: well he is good in general meanings, he is a big big heart.

Mr. greedy: he loves money and for him everything must to be in overstatement.

Mr. grumble: he is the grumpiest guy in the world. Bah! he hates laughter, talking and he hates singing he hates everything and he is all the time complaining! Grrrrr he sucks!

Mr. grumpy: is the grouchiest person in the world. He’s always in a bad mood, hating anyone or anything he comes across he is practically the Mr. Grumble a little worst. His catchphrase: “Go Away!”

Mr. happy: he is smilling lots, full of joy always. He knows how to easily motivate people around. His catchphrase is: “wonderful”. He is similar the Mr. Awesome but without the ‘irony’.

Mr. impossible: nothing is impossible to him. He can do anything. He proves he can do anything in some amazing ways!

Mr. jelly: is afraid of everything, such as the snapping of a twig. He often hides under the covers. He doesn’t face the real world. His catchphrases: “Oh, no no no no no no!”

Mr. lazy: he needs to sleep more than every other guy. He is tired even before start to do things. His catchprase is “tomorrow I will do”

Mr. meaning: he needs a reason for everything!

Mr. messy: is not only messy but unclean and unhygienic also, notably more than he is messy.

Mr. mischief: he plays tricks on everybody, he doesn’t know the limit at the others what make him a kind of cruel.

Mr. miserable: he sucks! He complains lots about everything and everyone…

Mr. muddle: he gets the simplest things messed up.

Mr. no: always disagrees with everyone and everything.

Mr. noisy: he is always loud. He doesn’t talk he scream all the time… and it’s annoying.

Mr. nonsense: he will gives you the most random answers for your questions. He will do things completely unexpected.

Mr. opposite: he does everything the wrong way around.

Mr. perfect: everything about him is just perfect. He never has a bad day or anything.

Mr. quiet: he doesn’t speak that much, he is shy and scared.

Mr. rude: as his name suggests, is rude to everyone. He insults a man with a big nose or an overweight woman without even care about their feelings. He doesn’t take care about anything or anyone. He is very selfish.

Mr. rush: is always in a rush but he never does anything properly.

Mr. scatterbrain: he lives on his own world he concerns about it but he cannot be changed; this is the reason why instead of apologize himself he just saying “Where’s my head?”

Mr. silly: he is such goofy, happy but too immature at the same time.

Mr. slow: takes so long to do everything. It took him until New Year to open his Christmas presents, and until Easter to write his thank-yous.

Mr. stubborn: he often assumes others are wrong, even when it is obvious that he is wrong.

Mr. stupid: he is goofy, rude, sarcastic, nonsense and practical at the same time.

Mr. tickle: he has a simplistic character and he is determined to tickle everyone he interacts with. He enjoy this ‘fight’ as heis very ticklish, usually he is smiling all the time.

Mr. uppity: he is rude to everybody and is always challenging with ppl around.

Mr. valiant: he has a lot of courage for everything, if there is something that must to be done, he goes there and get done.

Mr. worry: he worries about everything. If it rains, he worries that his roof will leak, if there is no rain, he worries that all of his plants will die. When there is nothing to worry about, Mr. worry start to worried about not having anything to worry about.

Mr. wrong: he does everything wrong. He tends to do everything in his life the wrong way.

Perfect opposites | Short Manual | part VII

June 10, 2010

Boy meets girl…
Girl meets boy and things are good, but then there is a conflict.
(so predictable as 1+1=2)
I’ve never realized how many clichés can exist into relationships…
People say that I cannot generalize but yes, sure I can, because this is my point of view, this is my theory, my Blog, my life… my useless stuff!
Talking seriously now, I’m starting to get tired of certain things because at the end it is all the same shit; and always will be for both sides.
So Boys and Girls (especially you Girls) stop to believe in ‘love’, start to believe in ‘mutual interest’ (sounds rube but instead of that it is just, simple, it is being practical!).
And when things start to goes wrong take a deep breath and just turn around and say: thank you, but from now you are your own problem; you belongs to my past.
Anyway… if do you still believing in ‘love’ or ‘irrelevant whatever‘ you want to call this stupid feeling between two person, but find it too difficult to be explained well, sorry for save your time; sorry for finish with your delusion, but being honest, if science cannot do that till now, why are you still believing that you will make it? No honey, neither you can do anything, except enjoy your pain in the ass time from time or have fun with the misery of others!
(Ok… my apologies you all, I know today I’m a quite of acidic… yeah, yeah, I know.)


Usually what happens into an relationship:

~ Girls: more they ‘get’ more they will ‘keep doing’… and it sucks!

~ Boys: no matter how much Girls could have done things for him, they will be always expecting for more without have doing anything in return and then they will throw everything away without think twice… and it sucks too!

Any doubt? Question? Before start to shoot me with lots of questions on my inbox,  look at the charts bellow…



Today and Forever always the same... | Things that will never change part I



Things that will never change part II



Things that will never change part III


Note: Sometimes Boys can react/act as Girls and the opposit works on too very well.
This is the reasson why I called it as my perfect opposites!
Now is up to you to take your choice and ‘read’ the charts above…

#charts inspired by This is Indexed

How to ‘read’ BOYS

June 9, 2010

When a Boy is quiet… he is just quiet.
When a Boy is not arguing… he thinks he is ‘right’ or he is just avoiding unnecessary troubles.
When a Boy looks at you with eyes full of questions… is beacuse he have many things to say to you but don’t had yet the courage to do; or he is just thinking about everything around him and that probably other things are envolved too, despite of you.
When a Boy answers I’m fine after a few seconds… he is definitely fine.
When a Boy does a question like Are you fine?… he is being kind and praying for one simple yes, I’m instead of hear lots of complains.
When a Boy doesn’t ask you anything… its because he trusts you and knows that you are pretty fine. Otherwise, if there is something wrong, Girls would starts to do lots of random questions…
When a Boy stares at you… it means he feels something for; it means he really can see you as you are for him.
When a Boy lays on your legs… he is wishing for you to be there quiet, enjoying this rare moment with him.
When a Boy says I will be waiting for you… it means well, I’m not sure but I’ll try to do that ok? or I still likes you, but you know sooner or later another one will appears and I will go after her (Girls don’t take so longer to get ready, to decide, or to come back to him… Sometimes it could be too late, Boys cannot wait forever; they don’t know how to do that!!!).
When a Boy wants to see you everyday… he is jealous and insecure or he is absolutely crazy for you.
When a Boy doesn’t make you lots of questions… it means he totally trust on you or are too busy to do that, or simply he doesn’t care anymore about anything.
When a Boy says I love you… he might doing some confusion between likes someone, and loves the one or he wants to make sex with you soon as possible no matters who you are or what he feels for you.
When a Boy says I miss you or I need you… it means that you can ‘brighten’ his world and sometimes means also I would love to make sex with you right now.
And as I’d said to Girls one time ago I’ll repeat now to you Boys:
Life only comes around once, so try to make sure that you’re spending it with the right person…
Go out, have fun and ‘fun’ (why not…); do whatever you want to do with no regrets; find someone else who… calls you when necessary, instead of 5 times a day.
Someone who calls you back when you hang up on them… and that start a descent conversation, instead of start to screaming at you without good reasons …
…who will stays awake just to watch you sleeping;
…who will wait for you late at night when you get back home from the office or from a pub;
…who will wants to hug you out when you were in your sweats without mind that much;
…who is constantly reminding you of how much she cares about but letting you free to hanging out with friends and to do ‘boys stuff’ since you respect her.
…who don’t make drama if you had a contretemps in a special day and cancel/change her plans.
…who don’t push you everyday to meet her parents as soon as possible.
…who can keep the relationship in privacy, instead of shows you to all her friends trying to make her friends jealous in case you are really really handsome, and cute, and gentle, the most perfect as no one has does before.

So Girls stop to wonder about boy’s reactions… Sometimes they are saying / doing exactly what they are meant to, so let’s relax. Don’t push them to high or too fast, enjoy what you have, don’t try never to change him , and remember: the important here isn’t about the future; is all about the present! About the future ‘nobody knows’ as they ussualy says…
But please Boys, do not start to abuse of our patience ok?!


do you still remember how?

#How to ‘read’ GIRLS

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Short Manual | part VI

June 9, 2010

I might don’t know many things about boys… or neither about girls.
Actually, I do not know anything of anyone!
I guess that I just know about ‘Me’ and ‘Myself’, but apart from that, I just have a few theories about all the others. I will not be pretentious that much to think that I can change the world writing bullshits as I often do; or that my texts will change someone somehow. And no I’m not even pretending to have the power to change their beliefs; I don’t need those things, and I don’t want to do that, not yet, or perhaps never at all.
I’m conscious into myself that people are all the time changing and exchanging some ‘similar experiences’ (good and bad ones), also showing their wills and sharing their opinions… and I’m doing the same here, Im just expressing some of my thoughts for those who want to read it.
Well, is interesting to observe people, analyze those reactions and how they do has learned about something,
I’ve living to learn what I do not have learned before; to teach and be taught. I like to share my experiences, and to hear the others experiences and as this way I can try to dare myself to always do something new.
Anyway, this is not about me it’s about my short manual…

So, my ‘epic’ manual about boys and girls should be consider as a funny fiction story; a kind of tragic comics… as a play between boys vs. girls and obviously it’s too stupid to be taken 100% as serious or even real, but might to help you somehow (in case you agreed with me or especially if you believe in everything you read on internet).
My tip for you now, is go outside get what you really want; have fun; keep smiling (and learn most as you can!)
Never forget, we just live once so pls:

~You Boys: give the chance to girls makes you happy for long periods… we are not disposable; we have feelings and it’s idiocy from you to have girls just for ‘seasons’... Start to think about quality not quantity! We don’t want to be ‘the sunny summer girl’ or whatever, we just want to be your girlfriends, and your special ones for a while or forever as long it lasts. We want to be real girlfriends as meant to be and be that means at first and above of all to be your friend! So don’t cheat with us, don’t make us losing time and foremost don’t break our hearts!!!

~ We Girls: let’s try to forgive more and don’t take every stupid act as so provocative or personal; let’s take it easy with them and being patient most as we can. Let’s let them know how we feel but is important to have first learned how to explain that in a ‘simple way’… (unfortunately, boys are ‘steps back’ regarding ‘feelings’). So lets just count till ten again and have fun, because it’s a long way…

Useful tip: never forget life is too short to regret anything, so both of you just love with all your heart and cry with all your souls (if and when necessary)

Can we have a deal?
Let’s together make it worth!
Isn’t it so difficult right?!