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Letters to Myself | part II

January 5, 2012

Dear future me,
I hope you are smiling and thinking actually how lucky you are to have the people around you that you do.
You are beautiful, sexy, remarkably smart and are able to get everything you deserve and want with or without any “fantastic guy who you love more than anything in life”.
Don’t bother, people sometimes act in a way which they will eventually regred for the rest of their lives.
Preserve yourself, don’t put all your faith in others.
You are awesomely goooorgeous, you are doing great and getting stronger every day.
So believe me when I say that you are allowed to be happy… and you shouldn’t feel any guilty about it!
Don’t let anyone to put you down.
Chin up girl!

p.s: If people want to step out of your life, be gentle and hold the door open for them.

the old you

I’m now in charge of our heart.

Walking away…

January 3, 2012

His mind was racing.
He wondered if she knew, how much he loved her and how sorry he was.
He could only think of how hard they’d worked to get to where they were.
He wished it was different.
She smiled, kissed his lips and said, “I know, me too.”
And left.


Twenty secrets I’m willing to share

December 27, 2011

– I’m bisexual, yes I like being with boys and girls equally.
– I have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and I’m fine with that.
– I do drugs (sporadically) and my family knows that.
– I lie a lot and I’m pretty damn good at.
– Sometimes I purge/starve myself because the idea of getting fat freaks me out.
– I enjoy good porn.
– I often talk with strangers about everything and nothing.
– I’m fearless, I do EPIC SHIT and I feel proud most of time.
– Make up sex is awesome!
– It usually takes me ages to hate somebody but once it’s done it’s like FOREVER.
– I do shortcuts in life and I normally do not rationalise the consequences.
– I copy others as it please me.
– Sometimes I forget of having shower.
– I’m a bit stingy.
– I’m constantly planning revenge.
– I’m a over thinker and overreact to basically everything.
– I always forget names but not faces.
– I enjoy being in pain, it makes me feel alive.
– I’m addicted to internet and my favourite sport is arguing.
– I don’t believe in God but I accept the existence of Devil.



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December 20, 2011


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That is it…

November 16, 2011

I always thought my last public post would be something great, full of meaning etc.
Ha! typical… I guess I was wrong!
The truth is that Twitter is causing me troubles, WordPress is causing me troubles too, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Google+ and so on… So, well, seems that I must get over this shit for a while otherwise I won’t be able to save the “us” that still left between my boyfriend and I.
Of course I’m not going to be such an idiot to shutdown my public profiles but I will keep things quiet, I will keep thoughts and comments to myself because there’s nothing that I want more than put things back on track and set them happily in stone once for all as it’s clear for me that I do love him.
So I am happy to announce that this is done!

I’ve made my choice and my choice is to do whatever is possible to make us happy, because G.N.B. happy is Carol happy and vice-versa!