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March 9, 2010

I will not deny that I had a tough Monday. Yes, yesterday was terrible and I cannot hide it!
Three weeks have already passed by and I felt myself stuck in one moment that wasn’t mine – I was worried about what  was to come next.
I also felt jealous…
My sky was falling down and it was raining deep inside of me without any reason.

I wished I could back to the day that we first met, yes it would be easier if you were here with me. But even being apart you knew how to give me what I needed and then suddenly my doubts were gone. You showed me that somehow you will be there for me, and I am glad because I realized that you are able to make me breathe again if I drown myself.

I know that soon we will be back together but sometimes this waiting is painful! I want to believe that we will get through this, that we will be the same as before – Oh Gosh, I wish it and I want you so much! Sometimes seems that you were made especially for me, we are so alike…
There are more than 6,692,030,277 people in the world and very probably you are the one that I discovered so fast  that cares for me so much after such a short period of time! I think that I am lucky to have found you among so many other people…

I am daydreaming about next time, yes I am really looking forward to that moment!
And perhaps someday I’ll write “P.s. I love you forever and today, sincerely yours” and sign my name but for the moment the only thing that I allow myself to say to you is:

Thanks a lot babe for make me so happy like nobody else has made me before. You are my perfect guy!



Obs: This txt was reviewed by Greg.
You see, I told you he is definitely my perfect guy! Thanks again babe!