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Retrospective 2014

January 4, 2015

I’ll not deny that since I met the man I’m going to marry I can’t complain a thing about life. Every time I tried to give up on anything he is there supporting me and making me see through it all. Better than that 2014 was an intense and rewarding year by all meanings. Let’s remember it:

January: a cold month that was over before it really starts. The New Yearss Eve I spend with my lovely fiancée having dinner at a Japanese restaurant and then at home watching fireworks from our terrace with our cat, very cozy. Then after an entire semester away from University due to personal issues it was time to get back. It felt weird but it was the right thing to do.

February: I wasn’t sure if I was going on the right track with my professional life, business was going great but I was feeling terrible, thanks god I’ve a great fiancée and a very affectionate cat to look after me and put me up when the only thing I want to do is to go down. I started planning the wedding and I started by searching for my perfect gown to then decide the type and style of the ceremony.

March: Winter has finally arrived with a considerable delay this year. It was damn cold and that didn’t help…still I carried on with University and work and everything else. I did something I’ve never done before, I voluntarily booked flight tickets to visit my family in Brazil on the summer and I was excited about it.

April: After have technically found ‘the dress’ I spent basically the hole month in bed due to personal problem, which I guess is strongly related to some sort of stress bad management…Constantly visiting the E.R I was missing a lot of classes and jobs… Fianceé travelling a lot so thanks to my cat I could overcome depression.

May: Things were fabulous, I couldn’t complain. The wedding planning was going smooth; my future mother in law was helping me with tips of what to do and where to start. Then a new cat entry in our lives and it’s an adorable little female that fianceé and I decided to call “Mia” that means be mine in italian.

June: Well well my business wasn’t going as I was expecting… World Cup in Brazil… Finals at the University and getting closer to my graduation… At this point my diet was practically only chocolate and water which isn’t any good for anyone.

July: It started with the neutralization of Mia, Brazil losing the title to Germany and it was like 7×1… Despite that I was feeling great with myself and the rest of the world. I got my wedding shoes and right after that I decided to buy my stunning Inbal Dror wedding gown. Whoop! Whoop! Because I deserve haute couture.

August: The weather was crazy in Italy, it supposed to be hot as hell but it wasn’t. In any case it was time to spend short vacations in Brazil, this time under three weeks with some invitations to handle personally, family and friends to see and of course some documents to request as I’m going to get married abroad… I missed my lovely fiancée and cats a lot but was worth it. Best of all I enjoyed my family at its fullest this time.

September: And so I was back in Italy, to my fiancée arms and cats prrrrr. Everything seemed exactly as it was. New things to be done for the weeding, getting married is like the more I plan the more I have to plan and with that the month passed in a blink of an eye.

October: Bridal fairs and vendors to see, a few contracts started to be signed and a big gift from my in laws. They are amazing!

November: It was a bureaucratic month; that is all I can remember being in line here and there, taxes everywhere.

December: I guess this was the 3th best month of the year for so many reasons! I am now 97% done with University. It was my granny’s 84th and she is in great health. I decided to start treatments anti-aging and I’m loving it without mention the I’m very tempted to do some plastic surgery as well. My wedding gown arrived and other than met Randy Fenoli in person (yes the guy from the “Say yes to the dress” TV show) I could also give a small interview to Vogue Sposa. Very funny and frivolous this 5min of fame hahaha. But now as a bride to be I couldn’t be happier!!! Then I’d expectacular vacations and not even the extraction of my wisdom teeth (both superior and all at once) ruined it a bit. 2014 ended with a promise of actually better years to come and I’m excited as never before.

2015 I’m more than ready for you so don’t disappoint me!


Summer 2012

September 4, 2012

Should I apologise for the inconstancy of posting?
Nhannnn no, I guess I shouldn’t, not this time!
However, September began nicely but I’m still living in August…
A few weeks ago I turned 29, which was kind of surprising.
I spent my birthday in Rome. And despite have been living in Italy since 2008 this was my first time at the city (as airports does not actually count).
I couldn’t be in a better company, my lovely guy was there with me and he gave me the vacations of my dreams in all meanings!
After enjoyed an amazing week in Rome we went to the Maldives of Salento to continuing our vacation in total relax for another 10 more days in paradise. And as odd as it may sound I loved alot being at the beach.
Anyways, I could write down much more about our entire schedules, the places we saw, interesting things we did, places where we ate, what we ate, give away full tips about the “where to go & what to do” and so on but honestly who in the world would seriously cares about it without envy the life I conquered? Peace seems to finally be taking place on me and certain things were made to be kept on pvt, this lesson I learnt well. So for this reason I’ll dare to share only part of the story by using some of the pictures I took.
Have fun…

.: Rome :.

.: Le Maldives del Salento :.

Twenty secrets I’m willing to share

December 27, 2011

– I’m bisexual, yes I like being with boys and girls equally.
– I have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and I’m fine with that.
– I do drugs (sporadically) and my family knows that.
– I lie a lot and I’m pretty damn good at.
– Sometimes I purge/starve myself because the idea of getting fat freaks me out.
– I enjoy good porn.
– I often talk with strangers about everything and nothing.
– I’m fearless, I do EPIC SHIT and I feel proud most of time.
– Make up sex is awesome!
– It usually takes me ages to hate somebody but once it’s done it’s like FOREVER.
– I do shortcuts in life and I normally do not rationalise the consequences.
– I copy others as it please me.
– Sometimes I forget of having shower.
– I’m a bit stingy.
– I’m constantly planning revenge.
– I’m a over thinker and overreact to basically everything.
– I always forget names but not faces.
– I enjoy being in pain, it makes me feel alive.
– I’m addicted to internet and my favourite sport is arguing.
– I don’t believe in God but I accept the existence of Devil.



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05th of July was a day…

July 5, 2010

Just a phrase about the concert:


great location (very near by my place – so convenient)
nice people
-and they were perfect playing live (despite of the long delay to start…)

Basic Space‘, ‘Stars has made me cry (ok, I’m joking…)! Well, it was just another big concert I had the opportunity to check while I’m living here in Milan.


'Night Time' moment...


ps: perhaps I’ll go to see them again in London…
and with my boyfriend this time (sighs)

My Sweet ‘London Calling’

May 27, 2010

I will not say many words about how gone my trip to England this time…

I cannot say that was wonderful, because perfection still being much more than that (and in all general meanings!)
I cannot say that I thank them for everything, because words will do not express very well how glad I were…
I cannot say that once again I’d got the best of London and if perhaps I had disliked something a little, it doesn’t even matters, because all those days has gone really ‘good fun’ and I’d definitely enjoyed every single second with you all.

Have stayed at my boyfriend’s place’s (together again) was nothing but awesome and definitely I will do everything to put us happy together sometime soon…
– Because babe, I’m keep holding for more, even when I don’t believe that much in ‘tomorrows’.

Already missing you…and it hurts!






things I will never learn…

Especial ‘thanks’ to:
~Michael, my new best ‘imaginary’ friend for be a such cool guy addicted for coffee just like me (the best companion ever to go to Starbucks; so if you too go to London just call him!).
~Greg, my lovely boyfriend for loving me the way he do.
My thanks and greetings goes also to ~Warwick and Niki, cheers to our business partnership, and thanks for the opportunity.
IMG above reblogged…the source this time was WEHEARTIT.COM

Teenager notion of LOVE*

May 9, 2010

I had have read a lot those days, what is awesome.
But I had thought a lot too and this isn’t so cool [sometimes thinking is painful]…
And isn’t so wonderful at all have lots of up’s and down’s as I have!
Anyway let me talk about LOVE*
Well sometimes I just guess that I love so much that it hurts.
But I was realizing that exist many ways of love…
I known about a lot of different ways how to love but I only know one way to be loved and allow it without troubles and it might to be a little self-centered but work out very simple:
– I will give everything for the one I love, and I will not demand for anything else beyond what he couldn’t give me. But one thing that I will never accept is to be stolen from what I used to has before; and that means: if you gave me something pls. do not ever take it away from me! If you gave me that just keep doing that since you love me or just let me go. Give me always more, never less… And that’s my philosophy, very easy to understand, don’t you think?!
Apart from that I know people who want to steady, people who want to date…
Have ones that just want to get marry, others that just want to play around!
I know people that love someone so much but won’t express it kissing or hugging or saying…
Some go over boarder with that and showing their love in everywhere with affection.
I can say that I’m on the middle, split 50% for both sides.
For once I’m totally sure that this time I’ve found someone who sharing of the same opinion as me and this is perfect! We rarely disagree but sometimes we have some little mismatch dialog; unfortunately this happening because we are not close of each other all the time [I hate to have my babe living miles away from me]…
Love is a thing that affects to so many others. And I believe that if people are willing to open themselves up and let in that love, they are making a pact – a pact saying “I accept your way of love and I respect that you love me for everything I am. Love will work out great if be something reciprocal, we don’t need to feel like I HAVE to love you, or that you MUST to love me; we had chosen each other so let’s steak together!”
Love is wonderful and it sucks!
And it will take ages and forever and even beyond to understand why we love how we love and what it all means. Above of all, love is a lesson of acceptance, and as my boyfriend said today when we were talking about: ‘we cannot put the other under any kind of pressure to love in a specific way’ – that’s all true and is also something we teenagers, really need a lesson in! It’s easy to say but hard to be done.
I think we should to get back to school sometimes…

“I love the way you love me, but I hate the way I’m supposed to love you back”


Soon you will understand what tsurus means for me, for us...

I stole this photo from a Gallery on Flickr and I also allowed myself to re-edit,
just hope that she doesn’t mind that much!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010

L.O.V.E for all those ones who know how to love…

G.R.A.C.E for who trust in fate and smile without thinking twice of the ‘unexpected’…

S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H for people like you and me that challenge the ‘impossible’ making it true and know how to enjoy it!

F.A.I.T.H for those ones who live their lifes like there is no tomorrow and believe in ‘second chances’…

M.U.C.H M.O.R.E for everyone that feels the same today and always!!!


“we are so good together”

Hard work… Lov it!

September 22, 2009

I’m going very well on the new Agency.


The people on there already gave to me a lot of new responsabilities that I didn’t had before and I think that i’m doing my job well. Today I received my first compliment, they trust a lot on my potencial and this is great!


Now I have another mobile phone (one was not enough), I have my own keys to open and close the office…a freezer full of good meals desserts and I can eat when I want, cold drinks as well and the lunch time is very good. One of the best part: my desk is huge!!!

For the moment I have 9 models in town to take care and more will be coming soon…I started to working exactly one week before of the Fashion Week, so can you imagine??? YES, I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO ALL AT THE SAME TIME (and will be like this for the nexts 5 days). I completely know that I need to learn many things yet…

Emails, phone calls, emails, tickets flyght, comp cards, contracts, models, pictures, new proposals, sms, messenger, more phone calls, pictures again, clients, skype, castings, more models at the agency… I really lov my new life, my carreer is perfect!!!

I’m feeling like the person more realized in the world! Everything in my life are right and from now I can start to breathe again calmly…

Tks God for all!


September 17, 2009

Well my day was perfect, amazing really!
I have had a lot of good surprises today and I feel that is only the begining …
“If I can imagine so I can easily realize!” This is my new quote and I believe on this truely.

I wished have you here babe to share with you all my happiness!
But its ok, I need to understand…that´s complicated now, I made my choice to come back to Milan and I feel no regrets for this!
I´m a very luck person, definitely! And day by day I have more proud of myself.


Babe, next time just holding me tight  (L)

FRAGILE: now I'm on my own